What is Freecell Solitaire?

FreeCell is a solitaire card game that uses a 52-card deck. All cards are dealt face-up from the start, and this makes the Freecell solitaire game way easier to solve when compared to other types of solitaire games.

Freecell Solitaire Online

Have you played a game of solitaire in your free time? These card games are a great way to kill some time and freshen up yourself. Freecell Solitaire card game, Klondike Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire are a few types of Solitaire card games that you can play. Here, we will be discussing the Freecell Solitaire game. Read ahead to know How to Play Freecell Solitaire.

Read ahead to know How to Play Freecell Solitaire.

How to Play Freecell Solitaire Game?

In Freecell Solitaire, there are three types of piles. They are as follows:

A 52-card deck is used to play freecell card game online.

Jokers are excluded. Let us understand how to play the Freecell solitaire game by having a look at the setup of the game.

Set up of Freecell Solitaire

  • All the cards in the Freecell solitaire game are dealt face-up, right from the beginning. 
  • There are 8 piles on the Freecell solitaire board. It is a board known as the tableau. Piles 1-4 have seven cards, whereas piles 5-8 have six cards. 
  • The players can stack their cards in numerical order but alternating colors on the tableau. 
  • You can stack a lower card on a higher card in the free cell card game online, but you cannot keep a higher card on a lower card.
  • For example, the Eight of Spades can be kept on 9 of Diamonds. In this case, one is 8 of Spades is a black suit and lower than 9 of Diamonds is a red suit.
  • There are four free cells on the left. Players can move their cards to and from the free cells, but they cannot stack their cards in the free cells. These free cells are the temporary holders. Only a single card can be placed on the free cell. 
  • To the right of these free cell piles, there are what are known as foundation piles. There are four foundation piles for each suit, such as Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, and Clubs. The goal of the players is to move all the cards from ace to king in the foundation piles.  

Let us now have a look at how to make moves in the Freecell solitaire game.

How to Make Moves in Freecell Solitaire

  • You will need to develop a free cell solitaire strategy and make a few moves in advance of the game starting. 
  • You will be able to plan how to arrange cards in the tableau columns so that they can be moved to the foundation, a free cell, or below another card. 
  • There are three rules for moving a card from one location to another in the tableau:
  1. It must be the uncovered last card in the column.
  2. The card you want to place on must also be the uncovered final card in the column.
  3. The card you move must be one card lower and be of a different color from the one you intend to place it beneath.

As an illustration, you can put the seven of Spades below the eight of Hearts if the eight of Hearts are in one column and the seven of Spades are in the other. On the other hand, you cannot move the seven Diamonds on top of the eight hearts because they are the same color, A red card must be placed beneath each black card, and it must be a card of lower rank, for example, if you had to place Queen of Spades, you can place it on King of Hearts or Diamonds.

  • You will encounter a situation where you successfully eliminate an entire column from the tableau board and are left with seven or fewer cards. Any free card can then be taken and placed in an open column space. It doesn't matter what card it is as long as it is a free one.
  • The freecell solitaire game's advantage is that all cards are exposed, so there won't be any shocks and you can make extensive plans. Since the cards are dealt at random, there may be times when you are left with no choices or moves. There are steps you can take to avoid this, but if you're unsuccessful, restart the game and try again.

To win Freecell, you must place all of your cards on the Foundations. The Foundations are sorted by card suit and rank; each Foundation has one suit, and the cards must be arranged in the following order: Ace 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Jack, Queen, and King. You can accomplish this by employing the following moves listed below in the form of rules.

Freecell Solitaire Rules

Have a look at the moves that are allowed in the Freecell Solitaire game.

1.  Transfer One or More Cards from one Tableau Stack to Another.

  • You can move the top card of one Tableau pile to another if the top card of the other pile is one higher and a different color than the moved card.
  • For instance, you could swap a red 6 for a black 7.
  • If the top cards on a Tableau pile are ordered, for example, red 6, black 5, or red 4, you can click the red 6 and drag all of them to another Tableau pile that has a black 7 as its top card.
  • However, there is a limit to the number of ordered cards that can be moved at the same time.
  • The number of cards that can be moved together is equal to the number of empty free cells and empty tableaus multiplied by one.
  • So, if you have two empty free cells, you can move three cards together.
  • You can move 5 cards if all four free cells are empty. You can move 8 cards together if you have 3 free cells and 4 empty tableaus.

2.  Moving a Large Number of Cards Together is Essentially a Convenience Provided by the Game.

  • In the strictest sense, you should always move one card at a time, but if you have four ordered cards and three free cells, you could move the top three ordered cards to the free cells.
  • Then move the fourth card, and then move the three cards from the free cells back onto the fourth card.
  • As a result, the game allows you to move n+1 cards together for convenience, where n is the number of free cells.

3.  You Can Move Any Card to an Empty Tableau Pile If You Have One.

  • Place one card on a Free Cell. If a Free Cell is empty, you can always move the top card of any Tableau Pile, Free Cell, or Foundation onto it.
  • A single card can be held by a Free Cell at a time.

4.  Take a Card from a Free Cell and Move it.

  • A card from a Free Cell can be moved to a Foundation if it is of the same suit and one higher than the Foundation's top card.
  • You can also move a card from a Free Cell to a Tableau pile if it is one lower and a different color than the top card of the Tableau pile.

5.  A Tableau Card can be Moved to the Foundations.

  • You can either drag the cards to the Foundation or double-click them to have them go there on their own.
  • When the Free Cells are empty and all cards on the Tableau are arranged in four piles, each of which is ordered in descending order with alternating red/black cards, the Tableau will clear itself, as you are guaranteed to win the game at that point.

6.  You have the Option to Undo as Many Times as You Want.

  • The Freecell game online allows for an unlimited number of undos.
  • However, each Undo counts as a new move, so if you want to win the game in as few moves as possible, you should be cautious about how many undos you use.

7. Time and Moves in Freecell Solitaire

  • The game tracks your moves and the time it takes to complete the game, allowing you to compete against your previous best games if you so desire.
  • This data is not currently saved anywhere; however, in the future, I may include some sort of high score.
  • You can play freecell online or offline games.

How to Win Freecell Solitaire?

  • You can play this card games online or offline games.
  • Before making a move, go over the tableau and the cards that were dealt. Like in chess, you must use strategy and plan out your moves in advance.
  • The initial few movements you make should not involve transferring cards to a Freecell or requiring a card to be in a Freecell. Instead, they should be brief.
  • If possible, place a long, descending card sequence that begins with a King in an empty column.
  • A column should be cleared as soon as possible because doing so will typically boost your chances of winning a game of Freecell.
  • Put the empty cells to good use. They let you keep cards that interfere with the game's actual play.
  • If the Ace and two cards are buried deep within a tableau, try to liberate them first. Failure to do so may drastically restrict your options and may even make it impossible to win a game that would otherwise be playable.
  • The undo button can be used without feeling guilty. Even the best-laid ideas occasionally don't work out as you had hoped. In these situations, going back a few steps rather than beginning from scratch is preferable.
  • If you become stuck, try not to worry yourself. Instead, reverse a few actions and figure out what went wrong.
  •  Similar to other puzzle games like Sudoku and crosswords, it can be helpful to step back and do something different after playing freecell card game online for a while. This offers you the option to revisit the issue with a new perspective.
  • Move only Aces and Twos into the home cells at the beginning to be safe. Avoid attempting to move every card at once because you could require them as a stand-in for other cards deep in the tableau.

Scoring in the Freecell Solitaire Game

There is no scoring set for the Freecell solitaire game. Players aim to win the maximum number of Freecell solitaire games, and that is known as a streak.

Poker Vs Freecell Solitaire

Poker Games

Freecell Solitaire

  • Game Adults and children both can enjoy Freecell play online or offline.
  • Freecell Solitaire is usually played if you have some time to kill.
  • Freecell Solitaire is an indoor game. You can play the game online on your computer or offline with a deck of 52 cards.
  • You can play free freecell game online.

Freecell card game online or online poker are both entertaining.

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Freecell  Solitaire FAQs – h3

Q.1) How to play Freecell?

  • A standard 52 card deck is used to play Freecell.
  • Foundations, Free Cells, Tableau are the three piles in a freecell solitaire card game.
  • Tableau piles are numbered from 1 to 8, with piles 1-4 starting with 7 cards and piles 5-8 starting with 6 cards.
  • To play FreeCell, you must place all of your cards on boxes called Foundations.
  • You can sort the Foundations by suit and rank.
  • Each Foundation has one suit, and the cards must be arranged in the following order: Ace 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Jack, Queen, and King.

Q.2) Are there different versions of FreeCell?

  • Bakers Game.
  • Bakers Dozen.
  • Beleaguered Castle.
  • Relaxed Freecell.
  • Seahaven Towers.
  • Penguin.
  • Stalactites.

Q.3) How to set up and deal FreeCell?

  • Arrange the 52 cards in Tableau piles that are numbered from 1 to 8, with piles 1-4 starting with 7 cards and piles 5-8 starting with 6 cards. 
  • There are four free cells on the top left. You can place free cards in these cells.
  • To win FreeCell, you must place all of your cards on boxes called Foundations Pile. Each Foundation has one suit, and the cards must be arranged in the following order: Ace 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Jack, Queen, and King.

Q.4) How many FreeCell games are there?
There are 32000 Freecell games.