Straight Poker

One term every poker novice is very well aware of, is that of poker hand rankings. Essentially, there are 10 different poker hand rankings and a variety of different formations for each of those.

These include the Royal Flush, the Straight Flush, the Four of a Kind, the Full House, the Flush, the Straight, the Three of a Kind, the Two Pair, the Pair, and the High Card.

No points for guessing, but today, we will be learning in-depth about the Straight Poker hand ranking. Hand rankings in poker are the ultimate move to win the prize.

They act as equipment in the game of cards, and while their existence in one’s corner may be often credited to luck, their application is pure skill. By getting your basics right about the straight, you add another key to your arsenal that could help you unlock the pot in the end.

Significance of the Straight Poker Hand 

As we have already stated, every poker beginner is bombarded with information about poker hand rankings, and it still is almost never enough. This is because at its core, poker is about forming the right poker hand and that alone is what gets you the pot.

These poker hands are used and understood best at Texas Hold’em poker, the most popular poker variant that is apt for beginners while also being a skillful battleground for experts.

Advanced players have an instinct for matching the appropriate poker hands despite the pressure at the table and the stakes being high.

Beginners, on the other hand, tend to get confused about the use of these hands and the seemingly endless possibilities of their formations.

A straight poker hand is one that is well-regarded as it is not very uncommon, yet highly effective, especially if known how and when to use.

Having five cards in a sequence from any suit gives you the poker in straight order. While playing Texas Holdem, if you at any point hold a combination such as 2s-3h-4d-5s-6c then you have a straight hand for yourself. 

Illustration to Make and Use a Straight in a Real Poker Game

  • Imagine being in the middle of a No Limit Holdem game on Spartan Poker. You have with you a pair of pocket Aces at your disposal.
  • The flop arrives with a King of Diamonds, a Jack of Spades, and a Queen of Clubs.
  • Now, the turn brings along with it the 10 of Hearts which leads to you having an Ace-high straight since your hand now reads as 10-J-Q-K-A. 

Basic Rules of a 'Straight in Poker' 

1. Suits are Irrelevant

While playing most variants of poker, you will come upon the realization that suits hardly ever matter; they only provide variety if anything else.

When it comes to the straight, there are no exceptions. Straights refer to having five cards in a sequence. However, there are no restrictions to the suits as this five-card poker hand ranking could be made in any combination of all four suits.

Having a straight from the same suit will result in a much higher and stronger hand which is called the Straight Flush.

2. Ranking the Straight in Poker

For most of the famous and highly played variants of poker such as Holdem and Omaha poker, the 52-card French deck is used. In such a deck, there are 10,200 possibilities of the straight.

The Ace-high straight, also known as the Broadway is considered to be the highest-ranking of them all. Poker Straight rules state that In case of a tie between two or more players at the showdown holding straights, then it is always the denominations that determine the winner.

Meaning, the player with the higher card ranking between the two straights wins the pot. Flushes rank above straights and thus putting them in the number five spot of the poker hand rankings table.

Even though at the fifth position, straight make for a competitive and tough fight at the river by being able to beat the rankings beneath it.

Probabilities of Making a Straight in Poker

Taking the example of Texas Hold’em, and by using the pre-flop, flop, turn, and river rounds for demonstration, here are the probabilities for you to make a straight in your next poker game.

  • Pre-flop: 0.39% (when a 52-card deck is used to randomly draw five cards).
  • Flop: 1.30% (when two connected cards are held from J-10 through 5-4).
  • Turn: 16.90% (open-ended straight-draw on flop).
  • River: 17.20% (using an open-ended-straight-draw).

There you go! That’s the Straight hand ranking in poker. Simple to understand, wasn’t it? You will find much simpler explanations for all your poker questions on Spartan Poker.

Once clear of all doubts, you can head over to our website and register yourself to start your journey with the game of cards.

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