At, one of our primary objectives is to ensure a responsible gaming environment. While it is extremely important for us to provide to our players, an online poker experience like no other, that is not enough. Being the providers of a powerful means of entertainment, we also have a duty: to prevent under-age individuals from accessing our online poker products.

As an online gaming company aimed at bringing online poker entertainment to India, we fully understand the moral obligations and responsibilities that must be fulfilled by us. is a completely legal online gaming site, licensed to host online poker games where Indian players may also play with full sanction of the law. However, it is important to us that youngsters and impressionable minds should not have access to our online gaming platform. 

Online poker is a skill game, but it is also a pursuit that involves money actively changing hands among participants. This requires a level of maturity and level-headedness that younger people may often lack. 

The maturity factor also leads to the possibility of under-age individuals spending too much time playing online poker, as compared to players who know when to take a break. Thus, it is important to us that all players registered on must be of age 18 years or above on the date of registration. This helps us ensure that our online gaming products do not serve to act as a distraction of any sort to those pursuing basic or undergraduate education. 

In order to enforce our policy of only allowing players above the age of 18 to play real money and play money poker games on, we have put in some checks in place. Players may thus be requested for proof of age in order to continue. If such a request is received by you, you must send us a scanned copy of a government issued photo-ID which also mentions your DoB. In absence of such a response from your end, your account would have to be terminated. 

If you are a parent, and especially if your child accesses the Internet using the same computer system as you do, we urge you to exercise caution. 

The following points must be taken care of: 

  • Do not use the save password feature. Use a strong password that is not easy to guess and does not contain any personal information such as your date of birth or name.
  • Do not leave the computer switched on if you are logged in to, and in case that is unavoidable, please make sure that you log out. 

Our online poker site and software are not designed to attract minors.