Everyone understands that to win a game in online poker; the ultimate move is to have the best possible poker hand. Despite executing the best of strategies and being able to bluff at a master level, you still will have to hold a decent hand in the game to win the pot. Now, while it isn’t practical to expect a royal flush every time you play the game, there are certain other hands that you are likely to make. The Four of a Kind (also known as Quads) is one of the highest-ranking poker hands that a person could have and a rare one to make as well. In the 10 possible five-card poker hand rankings, the quad ranks at number three which places it above the full house and below the straight flush.

Nature of the Quad

Quads are poker hands that consist of four cards of the same rank and a kicker. For example, holding four queen cards gives you a quad, where the fifth card acts as a kicker card Naturally, suits are irrelevant for this poker hand ranking, and they are ranked as per their quad denomination. For example, Qd-Qs-Qh-Qc-2s is a quad hand but ranks better than 8s-8d-8h-8c-10h in case of a tie at the showdown. Often beginners encounter the opportunity of making a quad, but they are unaware of going through with it. Quads are highly effective among all of the poker hand rankings, and owning them puts you at a higher position.

Four of a Kind in Poker

Most poker games are played with the 52-card French deck. In this pack, there are 624 possibilities to form the four of a kind in poker. Among these, there are 156 different ranks that quads can have. Quads may consist of four cards of the same rank, but since poker hands are made with five cards; the kicker is important as well. In games like Texas Hold’em poker, the quad is a powerful poker card combination to hold and is almost unbeatable at the river. Holding four Aces is the best four of a kind in poker. Seven poker hands rank below the quad including its close relative, the three of a kind which puts it in a very formidable position to claim.

Probabilities of the Quad

Poker probabilities are important for all players to learn. Hence, taking into consideration the pre-flop, flop, turn, and river, here are the poker odds of making a four of a kind in poker for the game of Texas Hold’em.

  • Pre-flop 0.02% (5 cards drawn at random from a full 52-card deck)
  • Flop 0.25% (If you hold a pair)
  • Turn 2.12% (1 ranked card in a flop)
  • River 2.17% (1 ranked card on board)

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