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Samay Modi
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Samay Modi

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Playing poker on Spartan is perfectly legal and the prize money you win comes to you after deduction of taxes. There are restrictions on setting the pot limit and you’re free to bet and raise during the game.


Spartan is India's first online card room to offer a rake-based online poker model. Our software, certified by Australia based iTech Labs, provides fair gameplay by ensuring that game events stay absolutely random


We maintain segregated accounts for our players. We do this for security and to fulfil our monetary obligations towards you upon winning. All personal and financial information provided is held completely confidential.


We provide players with support and tools to play poker online responsibly and within budget. Our deposit guidelines factor in things like the country you are dealing from and the type of funding you have opted for.


Our independent verification ensures the authenticity of the game. Playing a licensed game guarantees the fairest experience for all players. Our services are held to the highest standard to ensure you enjoy every game.


Poker is a skill-based game that garnered fame by inserting itself into popular culture and cultivating a large fan base that spans numerous countries all over the world.

Poker is a card game of skill that is played all around the world and those who play poker games also adopt life skills over time. Ever since its rise to popularity, poker has branched out into several variations like Texas Hold'em, Omaha Poker, and Pineapple; Texas Hold'em is the most popular way to play poker game online.

The objective of the poker game is to win the "pot" with the help of a poker strategy and find the perfect ways to bluff your opponents into parting with their poker chips. There is a whole section on Spartan Poker that talks about poker strategy and how to win at poker.

The trend of playing cards in India developed because of the influence of Eastern and Western cultures. Games such as Teen Patti and Rummy are popular in India. Poker games started gaining popularity in India recently. Hollywood and pop culture are two main reasons why the game became popular worldwide.



10th Century

According to popular belief, the play of live poker games originated in china and stemmed from the development of Mahjong.

16th Century

Aas Nas; a Persian version of the game was developed alongside a Spanish version of poker called Primero. The French and German games called poque and pochen were influenced by Primero.


Poque was spread in the United States by merchants along the Mississippi river and eventually got called poker. This was after Thomas Jefferson purchased the port of New Orleans from the French.


People started to play live poker games in New Orleans which was introduced by French Settlers.


The deck of cards (originally made up of 20 cards) was changed to now have 52 cards. This is the same deck that is used today by poker players.


The 'straight' was added to the hand rankings.


Poker was played by rebel and federal soldiers during large stretches and downtime in the United States.


Public Gaming Act was passed to punish players who play poker live games in public.


The longest poker game started in 1881 and lasted 8 years, 5 months, and 3 days. Over $ 10 million exchanged hands during this time and 10% of it went to the Bird Cage.


Poker was considered a lawless game before the World Series of Poker (WSOP) was established in 1970.


The first time a poker live game was televised. This was a revolutionary moment that classified poker as a sport. The first time that this WSOP game was a turning point in the poker world.


The first time a WSOP poker game match has a prize pool of $1 million.


With the invention of the live poker camera, the game evolved into a spectator sport that could be viewed live. The camera discreetly captures the player's hole cards and broadcasts them.


The first hand of poker was dealt on an online website called Planet Poker. After this poker game turned into a global sensation. On Jan 1st, 1998 the first online poker game was played.


Poker was classified as a skill-based game by the Bangalore High Court. Although online poker is legal in most states in India, playing online poker is still considered illegal in the states of Nagaland, Assam, Odisha, Andra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana. Poker online games however were not mentioned. 


The significant rise in the number of online poker players worldwide is due to a pandemic.

Origin of Poker

According to several claims, the earliest instances of poker stem from ancient China and seem to have been adapted from the age-old game of Mahjong game.

Although it was known by many names as it spread throughout Asia and parts of Europe, one thing about the earliest poker game remained the same. The game was played with 20 cards, and it was very different from Texas Hold'em poker game that we all love so much.

This skill game was brought to the United States during the time of Thomas Jefferson and eventually spread by merchants along the Mississippi river. This was when live poker metamorphosized and people started to play live poker with 52 cards. A new poker online hierarchy of winning hands was established after poker's introduction to the west.

After years of evolution, to play poker games online, most people choose Texas Hold'em poker games online variant as well as the most popular one. Omaha comes in second to play poker game online and variants like OFC follow suit.

The poker game is considered a game of chance in many countries. However, in India, it is considered a game of skill. At first glance, online poker games may seem purely based on luck, but that would be like downplaying the amount of time, effort, and practice that poker players put in. The dedication of a poker player focuses on honing skills like bankroll management, reading the room, knowing when to fold, and so on.

Here are Some Skills that Poker Teaches You:

  1. Bankroll Management: The poker player needs to be aware of their financial bandwidth before making a large bet. When practicing playing poker you can learn effective ways to plan and distribute your funds.
  2. Emotional Control: One of the skills of poker that are hardest to master is maintaining a poker face. This means that you have to develop your focus and also learn how to play poker like a winner even though you have a losing hand. So in other words, emotional control is one of the best skills you can learn when you play poker.
  3. Risk Management: Every decision you make has consequences. That holds especially true in poker! This means that every decision you make has a financial impact. So being able to discern between risk and reward moves comes in handy when you play poker as well as when you are making real-life decisions.
  4. Reading People and Empathy: These two skills are so important when you live in a society where people depend on one another. Poker game players are constantly studying their opponents to gauge what kind of bets are safe to make. These bets usually change the flow of the game. So it is important to read other players and identify their ticks.

Despite its popularity and prominence in the world of online real money games, many people still regard poker as a taboo game. The simple truth is that people have their own opinions, and sometimes it's hard to distance yourself from prejudice to see this wonderful game of poker as the skill-based game it is. Poker may involve winning and losing cash money, but in no way does it come close to games based on dumb luck.

Let us have a Glimpse at three Important Questions related to this:

  • How to develop your poker skills?
  • What is the Indian Government say about poker games?
  • What is the status of online poker as per Indian law?

Let’s Discover the details below: -

1) How to Develop your Poker Skills?

Poker skills are like jazz. You can improvise them with experience. As you play more and more games, you will get better at this card game:

  • Beginners can start with free games. Use Poker freerolls and Welcome Bonus on gaming websites.
  • Amateurs can play games at smaller stakes to understand player psychology.
  • Professional players undergo extensive physical and mental training to become efficient. Professionals are often sponsored by established online gaming platforms. For example, the professional poker player Nikita Luther is sponsored by Spartan Poker.

2) What is the Indian Government say About Poker Games?

Winning in these games requires good mental skills. That is the reason why the Supreme Court of India recognized poker as a card game of skill. By law, gambling is not legal in India. This means that any card game, that can be won by luck or chance, is prohibited. Since the players need a high level of mental prowess to win in the game, poker is classified as a ‘card game of skill’. Therefore, it is considered legal to play poker in India.The authority of allowing online casino games are given to the Indian states. Some states such as Assam, Telangana, Nagaland, and Odisha have restrictive poker laws. Whereas states such as Goa and Sikkim are popular casino destinations for enthusiasts.

3) What is the status of online poker as per Indian law?

When it comes to online gaming in India, poker is considered a legal card game. The laws about online poker games are vague. As per our law, people are free to participate in poker games as they are classified as a game of skills. There is no special law for online poker games as such.

About the influence of Hollywood and Pop Culture:

Actors in Hollywood movies are often shown playing poker in casinos. The suited cards A-K-Q-J-10 are popular in movies and TV shows. You must have watched a James Bond movie that shows a royal flush like ♡A ♡K ♡Q ♡J ♡10 or ♤A ♤K ♤Q ♤J ♤10. Such instances of showing the game in movies and TV shows made poker a popular sport

As poker spread around the world, several variations arose based on the region and political climate at the time. Here are some of the most popular variations of poker played today.

Omaha Poker: Poker is a fairly simple game to play, and the Omaha poker game is one of the simplest. The game begins with each player being dealt four cards and making their best hand using exactly two of them, plus exactly three of the five community cards. In order to win the Omaha poker game, the player has to have the highest poker hand ranking with a combination of hole cards and community cards.

Texas Hold’em Poker: Also known as the most popular poker game played, Texas Hold’em is played with 2 hole cards and 5 community cards, which are dealt in 3 stages. Players have to rely on their poker skills throughout the game and gauge which poker action suits them best. 

OFC Poker: Open-face Chinese poker, sometimes referred to as "open-face Chinese" or "OFC," is a variation of the game. In the OFC poker game, each player is dealt five cards, to begin with, followed by one card at a time until they have either a legal or invalid 13-card hand. To win, all the sets you make need to be higher than your opponents'.

5 Card Draw: The 5 Card Draw poker game is one of the most popular kinds of poker hands is the five-card draw. Five cards are dealt to each participant, after which there is a round of betting. Following that, each player may discard up to three cards while receiving the same number of cards back. In order to win 5 card draw, the player has to have the best hand according to the poker hand rankings.

7 Card Stud: Seven-card stud differs significantly from Texas Hold'em or Omaha because it does not involve a flop and, in many situations, does not even involve community cards. The game can be played with two to eight players. The 7 Card Stud poker game is played very differently from the other poker games, so the dealing and rules may also vary.

Razz Poker: In the Razz poker game, each player is given seven cards, but only the best five-card low hand that can be made by that player is considered to determine the winner.

Here’s How Online Poker Games Made Everyone’s Life Easier

Only a few places in India have physical casinos that host big tournaments. Previously, someone who wanted to participate in big poker tournaments had to travel to Goa. Now, you can play online poker games 24*7 from the comfort of your home. The credit goes to the internet. A good number of people use poker as a means of earning a side income. The reason is the flexible nature of online games. People can play any games they want from anywhere in India, and they do not have to spend a single buck for traveling. Online players can simply register on a poker website to play and win. They would not have to pay for flight tickets to participate in the biggest poker tournaments, such as the IPC (Indian Poker Championship).

Everyone can Participate in Online Poker Tournaments and Win Big Prizes if they have:

  • A strong and reliable internet connection.
  • A computer or smartphone.

Players can easily participate in daily, weekly, and, fortnightly online poker tournaments with an internet connection and a system to play. For example, our online platform has around 249 tables for players. You can choose tournaments you want and play poker 24*7. This flexibility of online gaming platforms makes online poker popular in India.

  1. Baby Straight- A baby straight is formed by A, 2, 3, 4, and 5 offsuit or suited.
  2. Dealer- The person who handles the dealing of the cards.
  3. Small Blind- The smallest bet that kicks off a poker game pre-flop betting round.
  4. Big Blind- The big blind bet follows the small blind and is usually 2x the SB amount.
  5. Bankroll- This is the management of the poker game chips that the player holds.
  6. Fold- When a player wants to tap out of the game, they fold their cards.
  7. Call- When a player wants to match a bet or a raise.
  8. Raise- When a player wants to increase the bet amount during the current betting round.
  9. Check- To pass the action to the player on the left without making a wager.
  10. All In- To put all of the chips in the pot.
  11. Ante- This is the mandatory bet a poker player plays in every hand.
  12. Kicker- It is the card that is used to break a tie between hands.
  13. Flop- This is the second betting round during a Texas Hold’em or Omaha poker game.
  14. Pre-Flop- This is the first betting round of a poker game.
  15. Turn- This is the third poker betting round for Texas Hold’em and Omaha.
  16. River- This is the final betting round in a poker game.
  17. Showdown- When 2 or more players remain after the last poker betting round.
  18. Suited/Suit- When both hole cards are of the same suit.
  19. Unsuited/Off-Suit- When both hole cards are of different suits.
  20. Community Cards- The cards that are placed in the centre of the table.
  21. Hole Cards- The cards dealt to the players.

Poker Hand Ranking


Hands Representation

Royal Flush

AceHearts, KingHearts, QueenHearts, Jack Heartsand 10Hearts of a suit. A Royal flush is an unbeatable hand.

Straight Flush


Straight Flush is a Five cards in numerical order, all of the identical suits.

Four of a Kind
AClubsAHeartsADiamondsASpadesK Clubs

Four similar ranking cards from 4 different suits are called Four of a Kind.

Full House

A hand that contains three cards of one rank and two cards of another rank


Any five cards of the same suit that are not consecutive manner is called Flush.


Any five consecutive cards from different suits.

Three of a kind

A hand that contains three cards of one rank and two cards of two other ranks is called Three of a kind.

Two Pair

A hand that contains two cards of one rank, two cards of a different rank, and one card of a third rank.



A poker hand in which you have two cards with identical ranks.

High Card

A hand that is neither a straight nor a flush. the lowest poker hand that can win.

Hello there! Learning how to play online poker can seem confusing if you are watching a youtube video or just staring at a poker table surrounded by pros. So here is a step-by-step guide to help you learn how to play poker game the Spartan way.

Step 1: Know your poker hand rankings when you play live poker.

Before you begin to play a poker game, you need to know the poker hand rankings since it's the main determinant of how you will place your bets. For ex- If you are dealt an AClubs and JClubs, and on the flop KClubs, QClubs, and 10Clubs are revealed, you need to be aware that you can win the hand by means of Royal Flush, which is an unbeatable hand. This would help you raise the table stakes to suit your favor.

Step 2: Set up the game

Before you play a poker game you need to have a few things in place.
a. A poker set of cards and coins
b. A good dealer
c. A poker table or any substitute.
d. 3-4 min poker players

When you have all this in place, it is time to sit down and play the game.

Step 3: Deal the cards

Each player is dealt a certain number of poker cards, depending on which poker game is being played. For ex- If a Texas Hold'em poker game is being played, then the players will be dealt 2 hole cards. An Omaha card game would need 4 hole cards to be dealt to each player.

Once the cards have been dealt, it's time to move on to the next step.

Step 4: Betting Round

After the hole cards are dealt, the players go through a round of betting. After the big blind and small blind are played, the players will get to choose any one action: fold, call, or raise.

  • Fold is when the player wished to end their turn and place no further bets in that game.
  • Call is when the person agrees with the previously set bet amount and does not wish to raise their bet.
  • Raise is when a poker player wants to raise the limit of the bet in order to better suit their interest in winning a pot. We suggest that you only raise your bets when you are confident with your bet, or when you are using a strategy.

Step 5: Flop

When the first 3 cards are revealed on the flop, each player needs to check their cards and all players may use ( with the hole cards) to make a 5-card winning hand.

Step 6: Turn

It's called the "Turn" because this round is the ” Hail Mary" that can change a player's standing in the poker game. 

Step 7: River

This is the round in which the fourth community card is revealed. This is a pivotal point in the game. 

Step 8: Showdown

After the final community card is revealed, all the players will decide whether to bet or fold. The last remaining players will have to show their cards to see who won the pot.

It would be a feat to rank the greatest professional poker players of all time, and if you started to it would probably confuse you. Because you need to answer an important question before compiling your list, and that question would be  “What constitutes a successful poker player?” Although their victories can be used to rate them, we believe that a strong poker player is defined by more than just their bankroll.

Let us take a look at some of the top poker players and how much they won:


Over 50 years ago, Doyle Brunson began playing poker professionally. Throughout the course of his prodigious career, Brunson is a poker player who also won 10 World Series of Poker bracelets and Main Event titles in 1976 and 1977. Even at the age of 84, he played in a World Series of Poker final table, and in 2004, at the age of 71, he set a record by becoming the oldest Poker Tour winner.

He later rose to prominence as one of the greatest poker players in history. His tournament earnings over his career total $6.2 million.


One of the biggest names in the game right now is Phil Hellmuth. With his exceptional knowledge, he is regarded as one of the toughest players on the poker circuit. His expertise is indisputable, especially since he has earned 15 World Series of Poker bracelets and nearly $23 million in earnings. In Las Vegas in 1989 and in Europe in 2012, he won the WSOP Main Event.


This poker genius hails from Canada and has devoted a lot of his time and energy to mastering the poker game. Daniel loves to play poker game online as well as play live poker. Since he has some of the best poker skills in the world it is no wonder he won six WSOP bracelets and 2 WPT (World Poker Tour) Championship games. In 2014, this poker genius was known as a poker genius by the Global Poker Index, and that speaks volumes about the poker skills that this expert poker player possesses. 


Born in 1972, Carlos is an Ecuadorian professional poker player of Danish descent and the first South American Main Event winner of the WSOP. He loves to play poker games live and he also enjoys online poker games similar to the poker games online on the Spartan poker India App. He is often identified by his fellow poker players as a “Bluff Master” with his interesting chip-stacking style and loose play. 


As an American professional poker player, Micheal has proved his mettle in the poker world and earned the nickname “The Grinder”. He loves to play poker games in his spare time and his genius probably lies in the number of years he has had to perfect himself to play poker online. At 13 years old, Micheal found online poker games and has been playing ever since; learning new skills and evolving along with the players around his table.

  1. The poker game was played with 20 cards. That's right! Before the standard 52-card deck came into circulation, poker was played using only 20 cards. The players would be dealt 5 cards each, and the betting would be based on who had the best hand according to the poker hand rankings chart.
  2. Poker Chips were not always made of clay. During its initial days, the poker game used gold coins, gold nuggets, and also gold dust to bet and wager. This made it incredibly easy to loot other players or even lose a large fortune. Since there were no standard units of measure at the time, the saloons and poker houses came up with an incredible solution: poker chips.
  3. There are more than 300 million different 7-card hand combinations in the poker game.
  4. Professional poker players stack their chips to humiliate their rivals.
  5. The "staring technique" is a common tactic used by bluffers to ruin your game.
  6. A strong hand is indicated by a forward or backward lean by the respective poker player.
  7. Some of the superstitious players participate in the poker game while dressing immodestly. These poker players believe that this is the most effective strategy to win poker game.
  8. The longest poker game started in 1881 and lasted 8 years, 5 months, and 3 days. According to legend, more than $10 million was exchanged over the course of eight years, with 10% going to the Bird Cage.
  9. The 1993 WSOP Main Event was the first poker tournament to have a prize pool of $1 million.
  10. Antonia Esfandiari walked away with the biggest prize in poker to date. He played the 2012 WSOP Big One for One Drop with a $1 million buy-in, and he walked away with an $18.3 million cash prize.

Time gets precious as you get older! Maintaining the perfect work-life balance is hard and an extremely important milestone when you are adulting. With jam-packed schedules, it becomes a little strenuous to fit your favorite poker games into your schedule. With everyone in your poker group having clashing schedules, it becomes a task to bring everyone to the table.

This is the problem that playing online poker completely eradicates.

Now that poker has become such a popular online skill game, it is played more than live poker. This is mostly because of the freedom that players have to play on the go, and choose the games they wish to play with the click of a button. There are various other reasons why online poker is the popular version, and you can check out all the reasons here on Spartan Poker India.

Is online poker safe in India?

Most people have reservations about anything that goes on in the online world, and since poker is considered taboo, it faces the most scrutiny from people all over India. Since there are so many phony sites that are continually luring players in with false promises, it has been difficult to certify online poker sites so they can offer a consistently outstanding poker experience.

As a result, there is a lot of suspicion in the poker community.

Ever since the rise of online poker in India, the government as well as several poker companies have toiled away to make poker a safe and easy-to-play skill game that can be played by anyone. This means that there were standards and systems set up to avoid any untoward practices in the online gaming industry.

How to make money on Spartan Poker?

This skill-based game is easy to learn, yet difficult to master! While Spartan Poker India provides a space where you can educate yourself about the different formats, you can also play some of your favorite real money poker games on the Spartan Poker site.

You can participate in the Cash Games or register for tournaments to win huge poker rewards.

That’s a rhetorical question! Because why not choose Spartan Poker!!

Irrespective of the game, players can access a safe and secure premium gaming experience through the Spartan Poker App.

The #1 poker and skill-based games website also has the best 24x7 customer service for a myriad of player services. The platform was created to provide a seamless and sophisticated experience to spontaneous players who do not want to wait at cash game tables. You can also register and plan ahead for your ideal poker game, all you need to do is choose a game and time.

The Spartan Poker App features easy gameplay, a variety of poker formats, big winning tournaments, special gifts for players, and so much more.

Most sites claim to provide the top-notch service that the Spartan Poker App provides. But in truth, the Spartan App is always looking for ways to improve UX by enhancing games and providing special bonus codes and rewards to players. Spartan Poker India also has a VIP club that players are automatically initiated into by simply playing on the Spartan Poker App. The rewards for each tier exceed those of its predecessor and provide huge payouts after tournaments. 

But aside from being India's #1 poker app, Spartan Poker also boasts an index of some of the top online games to play as well as online card games. You can check the website to educate yourself about poker and other Casino games, Card games, Board games, and Table games as well. 

Besides the standard games and tournaments, Spartan Poker comes up with some of the most ingenious promotional offers and games.

Why choose one when you can have it all on the Spartan Poker App?

The poker game has been afoot for a while now, and everyone is looking for the easiest game to play, the one that will help you earn the most amount of money, But the best way to play poker is obviously for fun, and the best place to play is on the Spartan Poker App. So what is the best online poker game to play!! Let’s take a look at the different poker formats you can play on the App.

Texas Hold’em Poker on the Spartan Poker App

One of the favorites of players all across the App, there is no shortage of Texas Hold’em poker tournaments, and every table always have a game going. The best part about playing Texas Holdem poker on the Spartan Poker App is that you can do a late registration and still get into an ongoing game. This allows you to enter a table of your choice and enjoy a game with fellow poker players.

Omaha Poker on the Spartan Poker App

Omaha poker is unquestionably a favourite pastime. With the Spartan Poker App, you can now play with your friends while you are in different locations, or you can also gather indoors and play your game just like you would around a real poker table.

OFC Poker on the Spartan Poker App

The Chinese poker games are fewer as compared to the other games. However, the OFC poker players always seem to fill up every poker table available on the Spartan Poker App, just so they can get in on the action too. 

India's Biggest Online Poker Website

Get, Set, Play! on Spartan Poker and enjoy the ultimate experience. Spartan has emerged as one of the fastest-growing poker websites. Our world-class game room is available across all online platforms, so our esteemed users can play their favorite poker tournaments whenever they want, in a safe, thrilling, and secure environment. All our poker tournaments are aimed at rewarding our players in the best possible way. Spartan Poker has transformed the way you play poker online. It gives access to some of the most thrilling formats in a whole new avatar with exciting promotions to boost the zeal of players. So, what are you waiting for? Come, join us in the fun and treat yourself to some fun.

Why Play Poker Online at Spartan Poker?

Here are the ten reasons to play poker online at Spartan Poker:

  • Whether you are just starting to play poker in India online, or you have been playing it for years, Spartan Poker brings you some of the most exciting games and tournaments so you can play poker online.
  • Spartan is the biggest and best platform to play online poker in India. At Spartan, you will learn all the best poker tips and tricks and stand a chance to take home big prize money. Compete with the finest players in our tournaments and play poker games online, with guaranteed prize money at stake!
  • If you want the royal treatment, join our VIP Club and unlock amazing rewards. At Spartan Poker, we make champions, and you can be the next!
  • With our simple 3-step registration process and our welcome bonus, you can be up and playing in no time at all in some of the finest poker tournaments around.
  • Whether you want to play Texas Hold’em, 7-Card Stud, or Omaha Poker, our game rooms will cater to your choice of game. Easy to use, fast, safe, and with a community of players ranging from beginners to pros, Spartan Poker delivers an unbeatable gaming experience.
  • Spartan Poker aims to bring the sophistication and quality of world-class online gaming to the growing band of enthusiasts in India. Our technology, software, service, and security are unmatched to play poker games online.
  • The reason why this game is growing in popularity is that it is a game of skill. Yes, there is an element of chance involved when it comes to the cards you are dealt. But to win the pot, you have to be able to read the game, decide if you want to match the bet, and play your cards accordingly. Players with skill, experience, and practice tend to perform better over the long run. But no matter what your skill level, Spartan offers you exciting game rooms to win rewards as well as get better at the game.
  • The best way to develop your skill is to play poker, as many live games as you can. If you need help, we have a lot of online poker tips, strategies on how to play poker, and even a poker dictionary that will help you better understand poker hands and what terms like hole cards, wild cards or full house means.
  • If you need more reasons to join now, allow us to sweeten the pot with a welcome bonus. Sign up and complete a simple KYC and you win 1000+ welcome bonus points that you can use to play free poker games on Spartan Poker. What’s more, bring your friends along to earn some cool rewards.
  • Our unique referral system ensures maximum benefits, for both you and your friends. So, it’s a win-win all around.

Cash Games

Spartan poker has a number of poker cash games available for all poker players' convenience. The buy-in starts as low as ₹1 and only goes higher from there.

OFC Games

The OFC poker game, which is played similarly to Omaha and Texas, has its own difficulties and obstacles, but a truly competent poker player knows how to negotiate these perilous tables and yet come out on top. You can check out the poker strategies you can use to win a game of OFC poker with the Spartan Poker App as well. Maybe it’s your turn to shine at the tables.


With every day being different from the last, each tournament is better than the previous one as well. You have the option of playing in Spartan Poker Tournaments with large buy-ins or even competing in satellite tournaments for a chance to win a spot in one of the large tournaments that the Spartan Poker App often hosts.

Free To Win

With absolutely no investment required, the free poker games are meant to help players work on their poker skills and improve their game so they can win tournaments or bigger poker games. The best part about free-to-win games is that they are always available and will provide hours of non-stop entertainment even if your poker wallet is empty.

Throughout the year, Spartan Poker sponsors a variety of events, and each tournament produces new champions. The IPC and IOPC events feature enormous prize pools amid the height of the poker craze. The IPC and IOPC's objective for 2023 is still to give poker players everywhere an outstanding poker service experience. The 2023 tournaments IPC and IOPC established the standard for all Spartan Poker events in the months that followed with a total prize pool of ₹50 Crore.

IPC: The India Poker Championship is the biggest biannual poker event, and it is hosted by Spartan Poker. This 5-day event is usually held in an offshore casino (Big Daddy)  in Goa where players from all over the country gather to prove themselves worthy of prestigious trophies and titles. 

IOPC: Nipping at IPC’s heels, this online poker event launches shortly after India's biggest live poker event. The India Online Poker Championship, hosted by Spartan Poker, is without a doubt the largest online poker event in the country. The previous editions guaranteed a huge payout of 33 crores, which was surpassed, and we achieved a record-breaking prize pool of 36 crores. This high-profile event is accessible through small buy-ins as well as large buy-ins. It is accessible to all types of players. Players have opportunities to also play at satellite tournaments hosted on the Spartan Poker App to get their foot in the door for the high-value IOPC events. 

Top Poker Tournaments

  1. Legend Series:  With a combined prize pool of ₹ 75 Lakh, this tournament goes on for 2 weeks. This online poker series attracts some of the most enthusiastic poker players who display a myriad of skills and poker strategies at the table. The players can enter the marquee tournaments in the Legend Series through Sattelite poker games that have relatively lower buy-ins.
  2. XXX Series: Also known as the Xtraa, Xtreme & Xperience Series, this tournament is available to poker players of all stack sizes. When the buy-in starts as low as ₹110 and there are 70+ tournaments for poker players to participate in. Spartan Poker also hosts satellite events worth ₹61 lakh to enter the XXX Series.
  3. FTS: This tournament takes place in early November and encourages players to #GOBEYONDLIMITS to achieve their poker goals. With 12 Feature Tournaments and leaderboard prizes of ₹50 lakh, this is one of the most awaited tournaments before IOPC begins.
  4. Diwali Celebration: 37 Diwali Celebration Series tournaments worth ₹1.3 crores were organized to being this tournament to life. This tournament marks the celebration of Diwali in India and was engineered to suit the needs of all the family members gathering together for the festival of lights.
  5. Summer Celebration: The Summer Celebration series hopes to help poker players beat the heat while enjoying their favorite online poker game. With a combined prize pool of  ₹8.5 crores spread over 10 days. Spartan poker players can gain access to these tournaments through the Spartan Poker App and also gain entry into the higher stakes tournaments through buy-ins or satellites. 

Types of Tournaments

Re-Buy Tournaments: If a player runs out of chips while playing, they can re-buy them within a set time range in a re-buy tournament. You can continue playing the tournament by purchasing extra chips. This re-buy cost is normally the same as the buy-in amount for the tournament.
Re-Buy Limit: According to tournament rules, a player can only rebuy a set number of times.

Unlimited Re-Buy: A player may re-buy an unlimited number of times throughout the re-buy period.

Freeze-Out Competition: In this format, the player cannot re-buy. A participant pays the buy-in to enter the event with a stack of chips and exits when his chips are depleted. He is unable to re-buy to increase his stack and continue the game. The WSOP, WPT, and numerous gaming websites use this game type.

Re-Entry Tournament: A player may re-enter the tournament after getting busted out. He can re-pay the buy-in and start over as a new player. He can only enter the competition until the late registration deadline, which varies with every tournament. After this time, the player will be unable to re-enter the competition.

Satellite Competition: You can compete in satellite tournaments to win tickets to larger online or offline events. Major poker events with huge cash prizes usually have high buy-ins, but by winning the qualifying tournament, a player can enter the event without having to pay the entrance fee (satellite).

Daily Poker Tournaments: Spartan Poker provides a daily dose of guaranteed big-money events so you can play poker all day, every day. It includes a number of freeroll tournaments throughout the day and is the best app for earning money without making an investment.

With buy-ins as low as ₹22 and prize money as high as ₹35 lakh GTD, every player may hit the tables, and if you miss the action, you'll have an hour to register again. 


Luther's greatness comes from her instinct, natural feel for the game, and experience of seeing thousands of hands over the years. As a Spartan Poker Pro player, Luther has accumulated earnings of over $133,654. She pioneered the road for other young Indian women to pursue poker as one of the first to thrive at the game, and her commitment is apparent in the multiple workshops she offers for women just like herself. She is the only woman to win a WSOP bracelet and has been associated with Spartan Poker as our Spartan pro since June 2020.


Zarvan Tumboli is a Spartan Pro who has carved his way into the poker world through the poker skills he developed over the years. Zarvan ranks 22nd on India's all-time wealth list with $303,435 in total live earnings and $131,394 in best live cash.

Play games on the Spartan Poker app and rack up VIP points. The deal is that 5 rake points equal 1 VIP point. 
The more you win at online poker games on the Spartan Poker App, the more rake you generate, which then increases your VIP points as well. The more VIP points you collect, the higher you level up.

You can Claim Your VIP Points here- Claim VIP Points

Why Should You Be A Part of the Spartan Poker VIP Club?

The best part about the VIP Club is that you have complete control over which rewards you receive. Check out the VIP tiers to view the various points Spartan Poker has for its players in different VIP tiers.  Players can ascend to a new tier by gathering sufficient points through rake generation. Let's look at the different tiers and the number of points you can earn per 50 rakes generated in online poker games. 

  • Level 1 – Recruit- 1pt /50 rake.
  • Level 2 – Fighter-2pt /50 rake.
  • Level 3 – Warrior- 2.5 pt /50 rake.
  • Level 4 – Gladiator- 4pt /50 rake.
  • Level 5 – Elite- 6pt /50 rake.

When you generate enough points, you can head to the VIP Rewards page and claim your online poker games prizes, like Spartan poker t-shirts and cards, based on the number of points you have gathered. 

Playing poker online can be intriguing and challenging at the same time. But, downloading the software is a piece of cake, and guess what, you get to eat it too! Now, you get to play online poker for real money poker with a swift poker game download only on in just 4 quick and easy steps. Follow these uncomplicated steps to download poker app on your device and enter the thrilling arena of Spartan Poker.

Step to Step Guide How to Download Spartan Poker App to Play Poker in India


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 SP1 or newer

  1. At least 1 GHz processor or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64).
  2. 4 GB RAM (32- bit) or 8 GB Ram (64-bit).
  3. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2.
  4. A program to work with .xls files.
  • Step 1 - Download the software
  • Step 2 - Run the .exe file
  • Step 3 - Install software to play online poker
  • Step 4 - Logging in to play online poker


  • Step 1: Go on the Spartan Poker India Website.
  • Step 2: Click on the green ‘Download App’ option to download the poker app.
  • Step 3: Follow the instructions to install the Spartan Poker app on your phone or tablet.
  • Step 4: Allow third-party App permission if you are downloading to play poker India on your Phone.
  • Step 5: Enter a promo code to get a sign-up bonus.
  • Step 6: Signup on the App with your Username, Email, and Password.

Poker apps are simple to use if you want to play poker online. Spartan Poker is the best poker app, and you can play on your phone anytime and anywhere you choose.

Every 15 minutes there is a freeroll being launched on the Spartan Poker App and players from all over India leap at the opportunity to improve their online poker games online for free. Spartan Poker India provides the most number of poker freeroll tournaments as compared to other poker websites and that says a lot about the kind of experience that Spartan Poker India wishes for its players. Given that there is no financial investment necessary to take part in freeroll tournaments, this offers players the chance to improve their poker skills without taking any risks and with all of the rewards. Click here to get more information on freeroll tournaments.

Why am I not winning at Spartan Poker?

There’s no reason to feel down just because you hit a few bad hands. Spartan Poker India has a few tricks and tips that will help you learn how to play poker game online like a pro in no time. You can even learn about the poker online rules and poker strategies that poker experts use to become better at the game.

So start reading up today and watch your poker online game improve.

Is Spartan Poker online rigged?

Spartan Poker uses a randomizer as well as AI to provide people who play poker game online with a seamless experience.  When you play poker online, there are a number of factors that could be harmful, but with Spartan Poker's top-of-the-line security systems, constantly upgraded software, and easy cash-out procedures, playing poker has become hassle-free as well as convenient. 

Are online poker sites legal in India?

Online Poker was classified as a skill-based game in 2007 by the Bangalore High Court, and this makes playing online poker 100% legal in most states in India. This currently excludes Nagaland, Assam, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana. Although live poker games are only allowed to be played offshore in India, there are a lot of players who prefer to play these live poker games over online poker games.

How do online poker bonuses work?

Poker bonuses are special rewards given to people who sign up on poker sites or even deposit real money.

Can I play in online tournaments from India?

Yes, Indian citizens are free to play poker games and tournaments on poker websites. There are no laws that restrict practices like player bets, the number of chips you possess/encash, or other aspects of the game. Yes, You can Play online poker now because it has been recognized as a skill-based game, so when you play poker online, it is considered legal in most of the Indian states (Except Nagaland, Assam, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana). To play online poker in India is such a big craze that even the IOPC event by Spartan Poker India is generally a bigger event than a live IPC event where players come to play live poker. 

What variations of poker can I play on Spartan Poker App?

You can play OFC, Texas Hold’em, and Omaha Poker on the Spartan Poker App. These online poker game formats are some of the most played online poker Indian games in the world, and having everything just a click away makes the Spartan Poker App the best place to quench your poker online thirst on days you like including some variety in your poker games online App diet.

What are the benefits of VIP Club at Spartan Poker?

The VIP Club allows you to redeem VIP points and claim rewards and prizes in exchange for points. With exclusive access to tournaments, generous cashback, TDS free withdrawals, and many other exciting features, the VIP Club is not to be missed out on!


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