Poker Players: An Introduction to glory

If you are looking for the best poker players, you have landed in the right place. We have compiled a list of hardworking and really smart poker players that you can learn everything about. These people love playing the game and their journeys have inspired dozens of WSOP participants.

To be a poker player means that you understand the game fully and are totally aware of all the poker rules and strategies that exist in the world. In the game of poker knowledge is power and ignorance can land you in a position where you run out of poker chips. So learning about the top poker players and understanding a little about their journeys can help any person improve their poker game.

There is a lot of money to be made if you play poker well. Poker is a game that has a lot of great players who have worked their way up the ranks and made a tonne of money. People all over the world are very good at playing poker.

How Important is the Role of Poker Players in This Card Game?

Poker players can be important for a number of reasons. Depending on their role, they can serve as great teachers, entertainers, or even someone who helps with the economic elements.

As stated, poker accepts people from all walks of life and does not categorise them by their professional careers or how serious or not they are in regards to this card game.

Skilled poker players can exhibit appealing gameplay and incorporate strategies that a casual player might not even think of. Their body language is another feature that draws people to watch them play, as their charisma is one-of-a-kind.

Additionally, some thinkers use their creative skills to arrive at decisions that pull them out of a tough spot in the game. Similarly, their strategic techniques can torment their opponents sending them into a state of panic, even forcing some to rage quit.

But gameplay is not the only place where they incorporate their thinking. Their ability comes in handy even while managing in-game finances and reading their opponents throughout the duration of the game.

Poker is also a multimillion-dollar industry and many players contribute financially to its growth. These individuals are the ones who can create an economic impact on the game as well as for their contentment.

They are the centre of attraction in major tournaments organised by conglomerates as a way to promote their brand. These people also successfully attract sponsorship deals as a result of their unique skills.

Finally, popular poker players can also serve as role models for those who wish to succeed in their own careers.

Let's look at some of the best poker legends out there:

Renowned Male Poker Players in the World

You can play poker as a leisure activity as well as take it up professionally. Below are some of the best poker players and richest poker players who rose to prominence through this card game –

1. Daniel Negreanu:

Total Earnings: $42.2 million

Daniel Negreanu is one of the top 10 poker players in the world. This Canada-born player started playing the card game at a very young age and went on to win World Series of Poker six times as well as two World Poker Tour titles.

His popularity has also led him to feature in several TV shows such as The Big Game and High Stakes Poker. Negreanu’s net worth is estimated at $60 million

Daniel "Kid Poker" Negreanu was at the top of the all-time money list for a long time until the 2018 WSOP, when he came in second. For example, in 2001 and 2015, he finished 11th in the WSOP Main Events.

He has six WSOP bracelets, 38 final tables, and has made 108 money moves. Negreanu has an uncanny ability to read his opponents with incredible accuracy, which has undoubtedly helped him become one of the best poker players of all time.

2. Phil Ivey:

Phil Ivey is another renowned name in poker circuits having won numerous major poker tournaments as well as ten World Series of Poker bracelets.

Ivey has been notorious for participating in several high stakes poker tournament, including ones as high as $1 million per hand. His current net worth is estimated to be at $100 million

3. Doyle Brunson:

Doyle Brunson is a celebrated figure in poker world, known for winning two World Series of Poker Main Event championships, 10 WSOP bracelets and many other major poker tournaments.

Brunson is especially famous for helping no-limit Texas. His books ‘Super/System’ and ‘Super/System 2’ have earned laurels for helping serious players through the guidelines they contain. His net worth is estimated at $75 million

4. Phil Hellmuth:

Phil Hellmuth’s name is in the record books for winning the most number of WSOP bracelets (16). Hellmuth is especially known for his skills of reading his opponents as well as aggressive gameplay.

He has also infamously earned the moniker of “Poker Brat”, thanks to his explosions at the poker table. As of 2023, Hellmuth’s net worth is said to be at $20 million

5. Phil Laak:

If you check out the list of eccentric poker players, Phil Laak’s name is sure to pop up. Born in Dublin, Ireland, but raised in the United States, Laak is best known for endurance in regards to consecutive hours of poker played.

He once played poker for 115 hours straight, a feat that earned him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

His love for the game has led to him winning numerous poker tournaments and WSOP Europe. Laak is a respected personality in the world of poker and is estimated to be worth $18 million

6. Tom Dwan:

When it comes to online poker players, Tom Dwan is someone who gets featured often. Dwan rose to prominence due to his aggressive and unpredictable style of play.

In online poker, his name usually features at the top when it comes to no-limit Texas Hold'em. He has won several popular poker championships, including World Series of Poker Europe High Roller. His estimated net worth is $10 million

7. Doug Polk:

Doug Polk is one of the retired professional poker players who, like Dwan, found success with online poker, especially, heads-up no-limit Texas Hold'em. Polk is widely considered to be one of the best players online.

He has achieved a great amount of success in online games and tournaments, also having won WSOP bracelet thrice. He also has a YouTube channel where he analyses and speaks about poker strategies. He retired in 2021 citing alternate interests, with an estimated worth at $10 million

8. Stu Ungar:

Stu Ungar is considered as one of the most enigmatic poker personalities in the world. Ungar is well-known for his consecutive win streak of WSOP Main Event in 1980 and 1981, the only poker player to achieve this feat.

He won a total of three WSOPs with the third title coming on 1997. He was also renowned for his gin rummy skills. He earned notoriety for the way he led his life, which involved struggles with drug addiction. He died at the age of 45

9. Bryn Kenney:

Total Earnings: $56.4 million

Bryn Kenney has had a great year, and he's now at the top of this list. His biggest money came in August when he won the Triton Million. Kenney came in third in that race for $20,563,324. Winning his first WSOP Bracelet in 2014, this poker legend went on to defeat the 2015 WSOP Champion,  Joe McKeehen.

10. Justin Bonomo

Total Earnings: $53.2 million

WSOP winner Justin Bonomo took the top spot. The 35-year-old Bonomo had a crazy year, winning almost every game he played. In May, this three-time WSOP bracelet winner won $5 million at the May Aria Super High Roller Bowl $300,000 NLHE event. He also won $4.8 million at the Macau Super High Roller Bowl $HK 3 million NLHE event, which took place in Macau.

11. Erik Seidel

Total Earnings: $42,939,400

During the WSOP, Seidel won eight bracelets. He has made 35 final tables and 92 cashes, including a second-place finish in the 1988 Main Event behind Johnny Chan, who was the winner.

It was at the 2011 Aussie Millions Poker Championship, where he won almost $2.5 million in cash. During the Poker Hall of Fame in 2010, he was made a member of the elite group.

History of Women in Poker

It’s no secret that women have faced barriers in the past when it comes to participation and finding success in poker. The game was viewed as a predominantly male pursuit for many years. Female poker players who managed to enter the fray usually encountered discrimination as well as sexism.

Women were often not included in public games, resulting in them resorting to either playing in private or play in underground clubs. Even when women were allowed, they faced ridicule from their male counterparts.

Over the years, several women have made significant contributions to the game of poker. In 1996, Barbara Enright became the first woman to win an open WSOP event. As of this day, Liv Boeree, Maria Ho and Vanessa Selbst are some of the famous women poker players in the gaming community.

The poker community, in modern times, has become more welcoming to women and has seen women cash in on the opportunity, even winning major competitions. Some have even gone on to become role models for other women who are interested in playing this card game.

Here are some female poker playe, who have seen success in the poker community –

1. Liv Boeree:

Liv Boeree is a former professional poker player from England. Boeree is renowned for having won $3.5 million in live poker tournaments.

She has also won numerous major poker tournaments, including a WSOP bracelet and a European Poker Tournament. In fact, she is the only female poker player to achieve this unique feat. Her net worth is estimated at $4 million

2. Maria Ho :

Maria Ho is one of the top-ranking female poker players in the world as well as a Hall of Fame inductee. Ho has a number of WSOP events wins under her belt, including a second-place finish at a 2011 WSOP $5,000 No Limit Hold'em event.

She has also earned massive success in World Tour Poker events wherein she has finished in the top ten on numerous occasions. Her net worth is valued at $4 million

3. Jennifer Harman :

Jennifer Harman is one of the top female poker players of all time with over $2.7 million winnings in live tournaments. Harman has won two WSPO bracelets, with both achievements coming in no limit Hold'em events.

She is also the only woman to have played the highest stake cash game in Las Vegas. As for her net worth, it is estimated at $15 million

4. Vanessa Selbst :

Vanessa Selbst is an American poker player and the only woman to achieve the distinction of reaching the number one rank in Global Poker Index. Selbst has won three WSOP bracelets, a Partouche Poker title and two North American Poker Tour titles.

She is renowned for her aggressive style of play as well as for her analytical approach to the games. Her net worth is valued at $5 million

5. Kara Scott :

In addition to being an accomplished poker player, Kara Scott has taken up multiple roles in her active career, including journalism and television presenter. When it comes to her live poker tournament earnings, it is said to be over $700,000.

Though she has never won a WSOP bracelet, Scott has cashed in major poker events including EPT Main Event and WSOP Main Event. Her estimated net worth is said to be around $13 million

Top Poker Players in India

In the recent years, the game of poker has seen a significant rise in India. This has given avid players of this card game a platform to express their talents and establish themselves as notable personalities.

Below are a famous poker players from India –

1. Aditya Agarwal :

Aditya Agarwal is the first Indian poker player to land a sponsorship deal with a major site hosting poker games and tournaments (PokerStars). In 2021, Agarwal finished as runner-up in the $10,000 Super Turbo Bounty No-Limit Hold'em event, closely losing out in his first WSOP bracelet. His lifetime earning is reported to be over $1 million

2. Nipun Java :

Nipun Java is known to have achieved numerous laurels in online as well as live poker. Java began a career in poker in 2007 while studying in the United States and achieved instant success, especially in online poker, after winning several tournaments and achieving high rankings as a result.

He participated in multiple WSOP events and has won titles in World Poker Tour and Asia Pacific Poker Tour. His lifetime earning is around $2 million

3. Vivek Rajkumar :

Vivek Rajkumar has the highest earnings out of all the Indian poker players. Working as a software engineer at Microsoft, Rajkumar discovered his poker skills and decided to take it up professionally.

The biggest win of his career is said to have come in 2008 when he won the World Poker Tour Borgata Poker Open Main Event, taking away $1,424,500 in winnings. His net worth is estimated at $8 million

4. Abhinav Iyer :

Abhinav Iyer is a successful poker player, but is yet to break through the $1 million earnings barrier. Iyer’s highest earning came at the 50th WSOP in 2019 where he won a whopping $565,346 in prize money. His top prize at the Asian Poker Tour also came in the same year earning him $100,000 as winnings

5. Nikita Luther :

Nikita Luther is an Indian female poker player from New Delhi and began playing the card game in London while studying law. She achieved great success in online poker, including earning a win in the Sunday Warm-Up on PokerStars.

Luther has won one WSOP bracelet with $133,654 to show for as earnings. Her total online earning is $443,084

6. Zarvan Tumboli :

Zarvan Tumboli has achieved success in online poker as well as live poker. He started playing poker while studying engineering and rose to prominence through success in online real money poker games.

He participated in numerous online tournaments, even winning in the Sunday Million on PokerStars. His title wins include trophies at the Asian Poker Tour and the APT Main Event in the Philippines in 2014. His overall earning is estimated at $1.5 million

7. Minissha Lamba :

Before turning to poker, Minissha Lamba was a Bollywood actress. Though she does not play the card game professionally, she has participated in the India Poker Championship as well as Deltin Poker Tournament in Goa.

In the Weekend Kickoff tournaments of the India Poker Championship in 2011 she earned the 4th spot. Although she never achieved significant success in tournaments, her participation helped spread word about poker in India

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What are the Different Types of Poker Players?

Poker players come in all shapes and forms. Depending on their experience and skillset, they are recognised by people in the poker community. Below highlighted are a few types of poker players that you might come by, someone you can eventually transform into if you take the game seriously like they do –

Tight players :

Tight players are those who take great care in the hands choose to play. As a result, they will end up folding their hand a lot as opposed to raising or calling. You will also notice them play premium hands such as pocket pairs more often than not.

Loose players :

Loose players are very much into the game all the time and are the ones who continue to play their hands, and call and raise instead of fold. They are also not opposed to playing a weaker hand for the chance of catching a turn or a flop

Aggressive players :

The aggressive players will recurrently bet and raise even with minimal hands. Their strategy is to put pressure on their opponents by using aggressive tactics, forcing them to commit errors

Passive players

Passive players are often seen defending their hand through calling or checking instead of betting or raising. You will not find them taking risks and notice that their approach is more conventional in nature

Poker players can be of many types with some exhibiting even mixed characteristics showing adaptability as per the changing scenario of the game. Knowing your own style of play can help understand the different poker player types and help you decide which type of approach you want to take while playing the card game.

What Qualities are Seen in Successful Poker Players?

Having just one quality cannot cut it when it comes to finding success in poker. If you look at players who have been successful in this card game, they seem to possess a range of qualities that allow them to win consistently.

Players who have found success in poker may possess the below highlighted qualities –

Discipline and patience:

Discipline is one of the main characteristics of successful poker players because it helps them to prevent impulsive decisions. They know their own strengths and weaknesses and play to their strengths while minimizing their weaknesses.

An extension of discipline is patience, which allows them to take a game to the distance and strike when the iron is hot, so to speak. They do not mind folding hands that do not guarantee them a win and patiently wait for a better hand

Emotional control:

Players become successful at poker when they learn to keep their emotions in check. Poker is a game wherein players have their ups and downs, and the only ones who are able remain rational and take logic-based decisions thrive

Analytical and mathematical skills:

Players who possess analytical and mathematical poker skills depend on their knowledge of mathematical principles to take decisions.

Every time they are faced with a scenario, they use probability to determine their chances of winning. Through mathematical knowledge, they can calculate pot odds, expected value, etc.

Ability to read opponents:

The ability to read opponents is one of the best skills that a poker player can have. It enables them to observe the behaviour of other players at the table, including their body language, which may give them an insight into the strength of a player’s hand. By using this information, they can manipulate the game to their advantage

Bankroll management:

In poker, players can lose large sums of money at the snap of a finger, which is where the skill of bankroll management comes in handy. It allows the player to minimise the risk of going broke while maximising their chances of creating the best hand at the table

Poker requires a great level of discipline and surrounding skills for a player to achieve success. Additionally, having mental toughness helps them win at consistent rate in the long run.

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Ethics and Integrity in Poker

In poker, ethics and integrity play a massive role in the success and progression of a player within the community. Players are expected to abide by certain rules and regulations that promote characteristics such as honesty and fairness.

Below are a few key aspects in poker that every player should know of and adhere to –

1. Fair play and respect for opponents :

In order to get a healthy poker gaming experience, it is important for players to have respect for their opponents and ensure that games are played fairly.

Individuals should maintain honesty at all times by being transparent about their actions as any kind of deception can adversely affect their reputation

2. Cheating and unethical behaviour :

Cheating in poker is a strict no, as it can easily damage a player’s status and even affect the integrity of the game. Using electronic devices or marking cards are just some of the many forms of cheating that players should stay away from.

It is also advisable to report any unethical behaviour to the authorities, if witnessed by a player

Role of governing bodies in maintaining integrity :

Governing bodies have a massive role to play to uphold integrity in poker. They are not only responsible for setting guidelines that promote fair play, but also ensure that no instances of cheating occur. At the same time, they must protect the interest of all players


Poker is a highly exciting card game and a sport. The card game has its own set of rules for players to abide by and has great winnings in offering for players with top quality skills. If you are interested in becoming a professional poker player, it is important to start at the beginning and make your way up from there.

Online poker gaming is equally beneficial in case you are one of the people who is not as sociable. Depending on the source that you choose to play poker, you might find the same amount of winnings as a land casino or even better.

Once you understand your style of play, you will be able to understand the kind of approach you need to take in game based on different in-game scenarios.

A great many poker players can serve as an inspiration to you if you truly intend to take up the card game professionally. It is, however, important to be mindful of the local gambling rules in order to stay out of trouble.

If you play within the gambling barriers, everything can be guaranteed to proceed swimmingly. You are bound to enjoy poker irrespective of whether you choose to take it up professionally or as a leisure activity.

Future of Poker Players and the Game

When you look at the future of poker, it surely appears promising thanks to its growing popularity around the world, including India. Online poker still has its own challenges because countries have their own sets of regulations surrounding online gambling.

Nevertheless, many of them have accepted it as a part of the society and allowing people to compete in tournaments has certainly helped individuals as well as the respective economies.

As for the people participating in poker gaming, even their future looks bright if they manage to keep up-to-date with the changing trends of the game and online gambling. With new players emerging every day, veterans face fresh challenges making the game more exciting.

So, overall, the future of poker does not look bleak in any shape or form and it will continue to thrive even more.

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These poker players make a lot of money and make real money every day. You can do the same thing.

All of the poker players on this list started playing online poker with their friends to pass the time. Over time they honed their poker skills and practiced with the best poker players to learn as much as they could by observing the techniques used by the big fish.

So much so that they now have full-fledged poker careers that have made them famous, with new opportunities just a hair's breadth away.

Poker Players FAQs

Who is the most famous poker player?

Doyle Brunson has a record and a reputation as a poker player that can't be matched. Ten times, Brunson has won bracelets at the World Series of Poker. He won two bracelets at the WSOP $10,000 Main Event.

Who is the best poker player now?

Every now and then, a new group of poker players rises up and takes over a title that was previously held by someone else. It would be unfair to single out the best poker players right now. However, you can look at the list of poker players above to see which one your favorite and decide which one you like best.

What is a great poker player?

How do you know you're a good poker player? You use what you know about the game to plan and win real money every day. As a matter of fact, poker is all about the money!