Before online poker took the world of card games by storm, live poker games were the real deal. Whether you were playing cards at a casino in Las Vegas or you visited your local gambling hub, there was nothing more satisfying to those poker players to feel a deck of cards by their side.

Today, although playing cards online is the trend, the demand for authentic poker chips has also increased extensively due to the popularity of the game going high.

If you wish to try something different and organize your own poker room for fun or serious business reasons, this article is for you. You could arrange for a poker table and the rest of the shtick.

But until you do not have the perfect poker chip set, your poker set is incomplete. Those who play live poker on a regular basis will tell you how authentic poker chips feel in their fingers as the game goes on.

This further distinguishes live poker from online poker. Playing with authentic poker chips creates a vibe and a tension as compared to playing with digital ones. That being said, let us now go over everything you need to know before purchasing your own set of professional poker chips

What is Poker Chip Set?

A poker chip is a tiny, round disc that can be utilized in games at home or in casinos to symbolize value as money. Typically, one of a few different materials, like clay, plastic, or metal, is used to make them.

Poker chips can always be coloured and designed in a number of ways, either to identify their owner or purely for aesthetic purposes. Additionally, the colour typically reveals the value, with each colour denoting a particular chip value or monetary sum.

Using chips instead of cash in the form of bills and coins makes betting money in games like poker considerably simpler.

Using chip sets enhances the authenticity of the casino experience while also making it much simpler to count, keep records of, and estimate the worth of the chips far away. 

Additionally, if more than one player wins a pot during a hand, they make it simpler to divide it up equally at the conclusion.

Poker Chips' History

Since poker chips have existed for so long, their history is pretty interesting. Poker chips, which were made of ivory, bone, or wood, are thought to have been used for the first time in China as early as the ninth century, under the Tang dynasty.

Even if they hadn't been utilized for poker as we see it today, they would still have been employed in other types of gambling games at the time.

In the early 1800s, both in the United States and in Europe, the custom of using poker chips to symbolize value in the game's current variations is said to have begun. 

Celluloid, a brand-new substance at the time, was developed as poker chips around this time. Celluloid was inexpensive and easy to shape. As a by-product, poker chips could now be made in bulk, dramatically expanding their application.

Every casino in the world today offers poker chips and casino chips, and most home games do too. These days, clay or plastic are used to make them most frequently.

Poker Chips Types

Clay, ceramic, and plastic chips are commonly used in poker chip sets. Rectangular plaques, customized casino chips, and composite and metal chips are some other types. Let’s have a look at poker chip sets in detail below.

  1. Clay Chips: Clay chips are traditional chips. They are made of clay and are heaviest in weight. They are pricier because of their authenticity and give an aesthetic feel. Most casinos use poker chips made of clay and playing with clay chips at home gives poker lovers a casino-like experience. Clay chips give you the feeling of a luxury poker set.
  2. Ceramic Chips: Ceramic chips are modern poker chips. They are made of ceramic material and are lighter than clay chips. The cost of ceramic chips is lower than clay casino chips. They have an aesthetic feel, but the feel of clay chips is better than ceramic chips for sure.
  3. Plastic Chips: These are the cheapest poker chips online because they are made of plastic. Think of holding a plastic container in your hand. It’s going to be lightweight, right? Now think of holding a clay container in your hand. How would that feel in your hand? It’ll be heavier and gives a more aesthetic feel. It’s the same with plastic versus clay chips. Plastic chips don’t have an aesthetic feel. Someone who has played poker at casinos won’t enjoy playing with plastic chips. However, they are a good option if you want to own poker chips but don’t have a great budget. You’ll find them in stores that sell playing cards.
  4. Rectangular Plaques: Casinos began employing rectangular plaques for the highest-stakes cash games. These are heavier and distinguishable from any other casino chips in a poker chip set. Their distinct rectangular design indicates that the stakes are high. High-stakes gamers frequently choose to use anything different than ordinary gambling chips. It's no surprise that the form of these chips is similar to that of paper money.
  5. Customized Casino Chips: Custom-designed poker chips with monetary value and the name of the casino printed or etched on the front are common in casinos. These chips can be multicoloured and pattern styled. As the name suggests, these poker chips are customized. Any color or value or design may be used for customized casino chips in poker chips sets.
  6. Composite Chips: A mix of materials such as clay and plastic, resin and insert, chalk and sand, etc. are used to make composite poker chips. These composite chips are sturdy and have a good enough aesthetic feel. Modern day casinos have a mixture of clay and composite poker chips.
  7. Metal Chips: The metal poker chips online are the heaviest in weight as they are made with metal. Metal chips are used in high stake poker games as they are of excellent quality and durable. They give the feeling of a luxury poker set.
  • Playing Cards: You will need a standard 52 card deck to add to the poker set.
  • Card Protectors: Players have a fear of mucking off cards. They carry card protectors and keep them on their poker hands to avoid their cards from getting mucked and also to protect them from being displayed accidentally.
  • Lammers: Poker Lammers are small buttons with indicative text like All-in, Big Blind, Small Blind, Hi/LO, and so on. Lammers tell everyone what’s happening during the gameplay.
  • Poker Clock Timer: A poker clock timer keeps track of blinds and levels of the game. If you are hosting a poker-themed party, you can download a free poker timer online and use it on a tv screen so that everyone is on the same page.
  • Dealer Button: The dealer button is a circular button made of materials like clay, ceramic, or plastic. It is placed on the poker table to indicate the dealer's position.
  • Chip Tray: Poker chip trays are used to keep chips in place. Have you seen how cookies or crackers are arranged in trays made of transparent materials like plastic? A poker chip tray is used to organize the poker chips, avoid misplacement of chips, and for a good visual appeal.
  • Poker Case: A poker case is used to store all your poker equipment like poker cards, poker chips, and other poker chip set online accessories. The poker case is a rectangular storage box that is made of sturdy materials like aluminium.

Poker Chip Sets & It's Types

The term "set" refers to three of a kind constructed with a pocket pair in the hole. If the three of a type are not formed with a pocket pair, it is referred to as 'trips.' The phrase set is most widely used in the poker variations Hold'em and Omaha poker.

  1. 500 Piece Dice Poker Chip Set

    The resin-made chips in the 500 Dice Style Poker Chip Set include an inlay that gives them the feel and weight of casino-grade poker chips. These poker chips are embellished with components on the chip's edge, stripes, and dice all around.
  2. Fat Cat Clay Poker Chip Set

    This 500poker chipset has everything you'll need for a night of poker with your friends. This poker set includes five distinct striped poker chips in various colours. Each chip weighs 11.5gms, which stops them from sliding and feels great. This poker set comes with 500 poker chips, two decks of cards, Texas Hold'Em buttons, and an aluminium travel box.
  3. KOVOT 300 Chip Dice Style Poker Set

    The KOVOT 300 Chip Dice Style Poker Set has everything you need to play poker in one convenient package. This kit includes two decks of cards, a dealer, small and giant blind buttons, and five dice. All of these poker set components are packaged in an aluminium container with felt lining to offer you the true casino experience.
  4. DA VINCI Professional Casino Del Sol Poker Chips Set

    With the DA VINCI Professional Casino Del Sol Poker Chips Set, you can play poker in style and wow your friends. The chips have the amounts indicated on the chips, and the complete set is housed in an aluminium shell with an updated design. The beauty of this poker set is that the chips are made of clay composite, which gives them a cool and light sensation when playing a game.

Chips Value in Casinos

Custom-designed chips with monetary value and the name of the casino printed or etched on the front are common in casinos. The chips can be multicoloured and pattern-styled.

Colours and Values

  • White: Re.1
  • Yellow: Rs.2 (rarely used)
  • Red: Rs.5
  • Blue: Rs.10
  • Grey: Rs.20
  • Green: Rs.25
  • Orange: Rs.50
  • Black: Rs.100
  • Pink: Rs.250
  • Purple: Rs.500
  • Yellow: Rs.1000 (sometimes burgundy or gray)
  • Light Blue: Rs.2000
  • Brown: Rs.5000

Poker Chips Values in a Poker Set

Each game's poker chips have a certain value allocated to them.

These poker chip prices are precise representations of genuine currency in cash games, i.e., a 50 chip may always be traded for Rs.50 in cash.

In most cash games, chips of a specific hue generally signify a certain monetary value, which is frequently inscribed on them as well.

  1. White Chips: 1.
  2. Red Chips: 5.
  3. Green Chips: 25.
  4. Black Chips: 100.

There is even some logic to it, as the darkest chips have the highest value to them since it really stands out in a low-stakes game, so it’s hard to confuse them.

Poker Chips Trick to Play Like Pro

Poker chips are more than simply the cash you use at the table, and while this is still their primary function, chips have evolved into much more over the years.

Playing with your poker chips while in the middle of a poker hand or while patiently waiting for the next one to start is a common thing among players.

More experienced players frequently have a plethora of varied techniques at their disposal, which they utilize to dazzle and even terrify their less-skilled opponents

Here are a few tricks you can use if you want to learn how to play poker with chips:

#1 Standard Shuffle: The standard shuffle is the simplest and by far the easiest one to learn.

  1. Bring two stacks together and secure them by pushing them next to one other.
  2. Hold one stack between your thumb and index finger, and the other between your little and ring fingers.
  3. Lift both stacks and press them from both sides with your middle finger. Maintain a firm grip on the chips while keeping your hand relaxed enough to allow the chips to move.
  4. Poker chips from both stacks will collide, one on top of the other. Simply press two piles together to complete the maneuver.

This poker chip trick works best with a larger number of chips, and you'll find it easier to do with seven, eight, or even 10 chips in each stack.

#2 Thumb Flip: You just need three or four poker chips to perfect this technique, so you don't even need the entire poker chip set at home.

  1. Take the chips in your palm and place them between your index, ring, and middle fingers. Apply pressure to the first chip on the outside with your thumb and roll it upwards.
  2. ii.    As it climbs the stack, lead it to the back of the stack, over other chips, and let it land on the other side.

Once you master the basics of the thumb flip, you can start working on the speed.

#3 Knuckle Roll: It will make your poker chips “walk” across your hand from one side to another.

  1. Pinch a single chip right below the knuckle of your thumb and index finger. Place the chip on top of your index finger and let it naturally move to the next position.
  2. Hold the chip with your index and middle fingers to keep it from sliding down. Repeat the action until the poker chip is completely across, then catch it with your thumb and return it to its original location.

The poker chip will initially keep falling off, but don’t let that discourage you. Keep at it.

#4 Chip Twirl: The chip twirl is a poker trick that’s somewhat similar to a thumb flip, and if you master the thumb flip, it will be much easier to learn than this one.

  1. Take three poker chips and sandwich them between your thumb and index finger. Loosen your grip on the chips slightly and allow the chip from the center to fall out.
  2. Catch it with your middle finger and slide it back towards your tiny finger.
  3. Pinch the chip between your small and thumb fingers.
  4. Roll the chip back to its original place in the center with your ring finger.

#5 Chip Bounce: If you have a suitable poker table, practice this trick with poker chips at a casino or at home.

  1. Drop the chip such that it falls on top of the stack with the perfect bounce rather than going over or falling short.
  2. Holding your hand with the palm out on the other side can help you catch the chip if it bounces off to the other side.

Those were some tips on how to play poker with chips. You can try these techniques at home for some fun.

How do Evaluate Poker Chips Values and Colors in a Poker Set?

Chip Values: Most poker venues award chips values of Re.1, ₹5, ₹10, ₹20 or ₹25, ₹100, ₹500, and ₹1,000. There are typically ₹5,000 and ₹1,000 chips available for larger stakes, with some going as high as ₹25,000 or ₹100,000.

White is often the lowest denomination of the playing cards used for home games, followed by red, blue, green, black, purple (or lavender), yellow, orange, and still another green color. Pink and other blue tones are available in some places.

Chip Colours: Players nearly everywhere must swap cash for poker chips, which they can only use at the tables. The only way to distinguish between the different values on identically sized chips is by their color.

Security systems can also monitor table activity more effectively thanks to color coding because chip stack sizes and variations are easier to notice than money bills.

What are Coloured Plagues in a Poker Set?

Casinos began using rectangular plaques for the highest-stakes cash games. These are heavier and obviously not like any other poker chip. The fact that they are designed differently suggests that the odds are high. High rollers frequently choose to use other forms of currency to traditional casino chips. The fact that these chips' form is similar to that of paper money is not a coincidence.

Important Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying Poker Chips Online

The first thing to consider when buying poker sets is budget. The price of a poker chip set varies according to its quality, material, and aesthetics. Check out the factors that influence the price and you can then decide which poker chip set fits your budget and expectations while buying poker chips online.

  1. Material: Poker chips are available in plastic, clay, and ceramic materials. If you are looking for cheaper chips, plastic chips are more affordable. Clay and ceramic chips are expensive because they look authentic and give the feeling of playing in a casino.

  2. Weight: Poker chips weigh between 8-14 grams. The heavier the poker chip, the more expensive it is. Plastic chips weigh less than clay or ceramic chips, therefore, they are less expensive too.

  3. Aesthetic Value: The cost of poker chips varies according to aesthetics. Poker Chips with intricate designs cost more than plain ones.

  4. Blank or Printed Values: Poker chips come with or without printed values. Poker chips with denominations like Rs 5, Rs 20, and Rs 100 are better as it is easier to keep track of the pot and chip amount with these chips. Some players prefer blank chips as they can assign any value to their poker chips set. You can choose one to your liking.

  5. Poker Case: To keep poker chips safe and maintain their aesthetic value, it’s good to have a poker set that comes with a storage box. Your poker chips will stay safe in poker cases, but the cost of a poker chip set is also higher. 

You can consider your budget and requirements and then decide what you want to buy for playing poker at home, the casino style. 

How Are Poker Chips Used?

Understanding the worth and denomination of each poker chip at the start of the game is essential while learning how to play poker. Poker experts advise having about 500 chips in three to four different colours for games with up to ten players.

In a process known as chip up, the lower-value poker chips are gradually removed from the game, and increasing higher denominations are inserted.

Here are some tips on how to handle poker chips when utilizing them:

  • To better manage your finances and make it easier to count your stack, stack the poker chips.
  • To prevent mistakenly betting, always place the chips behind the bet lines.
  • Don't stack poker chips with various denominations together. You can unintentionally raise instead of calling.
  • Splashing the pot, or calling by carelessly tossing chips into the pot, is prohibited.
  • Try not to fiddle with the chips or hold them tightly because the opponents can interpret that as a tell and guess your hand.

Play Free Online Poker Games with Friends

If you want to host a fun poker-themed party but are hesitant to buy a poker chip set, we’ve got you sorted. You and your friends can download the Spartan Poker app on your phone and create a private table to play poker.

Get your drinks and snacks ready. Play online free poker games with friends on the Spartan Poker app and win lots of cash prizes. Go ahead and have a perfectly fun and entertaining poker experience Now!

Poker Chip Sets FAQs

Q.1) What is the best set in poker?

Ans. There are a large number of poker sets available to fit a whole range of player requirements. To find out which set will best suit you, check out the section above.

Q.2) What are the sets of cards in poker?

Ans. The standard 52 card deck is used in poker games. It has 4 suits with cards ranging from AKG all the way to 5432. This poker card set can also be used to play other games that use the 52-card deck.

Q.3) What are poker chips called?

Ans. Poker chips are called by various names depending on what the player is comfortable with using. They are also known as casino chips, gaming tokens etc.

Q.4) Is 500 poker chips enough?

500 poker chips are good enough to play a poker game.

Q.5) What is the value set for poker chips?

The standard colors and values for poker chips set are as follows:

  • White: Re.1
  • Yellow: Rs.2 (rarely used)
  • Red: Rs.5
  • Blue: Rs.10
  • Grey: Rs.20
  • Green: Rs.25
  • Orange: Rs.50
  • Black: Rs.100
  • Pink: Rs.250
  • Purple: Rs.500
  • Yellow: Rs.1000 (sometimes burgundy or gray)
  • Light Blue: Rs.2000
  • Brown: Rs.5000

Q.6) Are poker chips money?

Poker chips are circular objects used instead of real money. Chips are poker currency that players buy to play poker.