Play Real Money Poker Games on Spartan Poker


One of the most followed games online, Real Money Poker has become a frenzy amongst most of the Indians.

There's no shortage of poker players in India but with the advent of technology, Poker's become an online activity. Players/users can now get use to their favourite activity online!

Real Money poker offers swift gaming experience, fast withdrawals, quick transactions and also become a pro by going head-to-head against some of the best in the world.

Spartan Poker real money poker app has some of the best tables for every player's bankroll and objectives.

Real Money Poker Games

Players wager on the outcome of a game while playing real money poker. You receive playing poker chips when you make a financial investment in real money online poker games. At the end of the game, the player will either receive more chips or lose some chips based on their performance. The player has the option to exchange their chips for cash after the game is over and then leave the poker table.

Why Do People Play Real Money Poker Games?

To play real money poker games, players deposit a certain amount to enter a poker tournament and compete with their opponents to win real money. 

Do you know why players opt for Online real money games when there is an option to play free games? 

It’s because you will be competing with serious players while playing real money games. The players who play free poker games tend to play casually. Also, the prize pool for free poker games is a few hundred rupees. On the other hand, if you are playing real money poker, the guaranteed winning prize ranges from thousands to crores of rupees, depending on the stakes you play at. 

Common human nature is that when you invest an amount to play games, no matter how negligible that amount is, you will play the game more carefully. When money is at stake, players are bound to play poker games more seriously because no one wants to waste their money.

Different types of Real Money Poker Games

Ask any pro poker players, online poker real money can be played in many ways. Over the years, real money games in India have evolved simultaneously and there are multiple versions that are played across the world.

Spartan offers a range of Poker variants that one can enjoy and win real money too! Whilst playing real poker game and its variants, one can enjoy playing the real cash game as well as the freeroll chips.

The top three poker games are Texas Hold’em Poker, Omaha Poker, and OFC Poker.

  1. Texas Hold’em Poker is the most popular variant of poker. Players get two hole cards and five community cards to play texas hold'em poker. Players combine any five cards to form a poker hand.
  2. Omaha Poker is another popular variant of poker. Players get four hole cards and five community cards to play Omaha Poker. Players must combine two hole cards and three community cards to form a poker hand.
  3. Open-Face Chinese Poker is a fun poker variant. To play OFC poker, players get five cards and then one card until every player has 13 cards. Players arrange their cards in top, middle, and bottom rows, or hands as per the poker rules of the game.

Play Poker and Earn Money on Spartan Poker App

At Spartan Poker, we offer an array of money-based real poker games for our players to play from. Our buy-ins begin at an extremely reasonable rate of Rs 100, so you can build your bankroll as per your choice, and pick and choose to play any poker game you find best.

How to Download Spartan Poker App to Play Real Money Poker?

With technology seamlessly available on the palm of your hands, real money poker players can now play their favourite poker game on various apps. However, you might feel stuck as to which app could be the ideal destination to play poker for real money? Your answer - Spartan Poker!

Just visit Spartan real money poker app, enter your mobile number and get the link to download the apk file for your android phone.

What's more, you can also download the app via Android & iOS as well! Download NOW & Enjoy your favourite real money poker game!

Do you want to play poker online real money games? Follow these steps to download the Spartan Poker app:

  1. You can download Spartan Poker official Poker App here.
  2. On the right-hand side of the screen, click on Download App. 
    (In case you are downloading the Spartan Poker app on your phone, click on Allow third-party app permission.)
  3. Once you have downloaded the app, click on Run.
  4. Next, click on Install to play poker for real money.
  5. Check the promotional offers and enter the promo code to get a signup bonus.
  6. Log into your Spartan Poker account with your login credentials – Username, Email, and Password.
  7. Lastly, choose the real poker game you want to play and start playing online poker.

List of Real Poker Tournaments

Real money poker tournaments are available 24/7 on the Spartan Poker app. Here is a list of real poker tournaments that you can play online:

  1. All-Day Poker.
  2. Freeroll Mania.
  3. Daily Delight.
  4. High Roller Tournaments.
  5. Signature Tournaments.
  6. Sunday Den Tournaments.
  7. Sundowner Tournaments.
  8. Poker Nite Tournaments.

Our signature tournaments are the most popular real poker tournaments. Here are the details of the Signature tournaments hosted on the Spartan Poker app:




Buy - In

VIP Points


Mon 08:00 PM The Rainmaker 3,300 660 7 Lac
Tue 08:00 PM Mega Stack 4,400 880 16 Lac
Wed 08:00 PM Destiny 5,500 1,100 20 Lac
Thu 08:00 PM Ultron 5,500 1,100 20 Lac
Fri 09:30 PM The Elite 11,000 2,200 30 Lac
Fri 08:00 PM Futuristic 880 176 8 Lac
Sat 08:00 PM Dynamite DST 3,850 770 10 Lac

Players can make a real money deposit through the Spartan Poker app to play real money poker. Let us now check how to make deposits for playing any of our real poker online games.

How to Make Real Money Deposit in Spartan Poker?

Spartan Poker has a user-friendly interface for players to manage their funds easily and efficiently. Players can deposit money to play poker online real money anytime and from anywhere. The following are the payment modes to make real money deposits through the Spartan Poker app:

What are the Payment Modes at Spartan Poker?

The top-notch servers on the Spartan Poker real money poker app make use of the best payment modes to provide easy access to players and eliminate all cyber threats. To play poker for real money, players can make payments via Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Mobile Wallet, UPI, and Direct Bank Transfer.

To make an online payment, first select an option under Deposit Now.

Have a look at the following guideline to learn about the payment gateways found under “Deposit Now” on the Spartan Poker app.

  • Go CashFree 
  • PayUMoney
  • Razorpay
  • Paytm
  • Promotional Program
  1. Deposit with Go CashFree:- Players can deposit their money using Go CashFree. Once you choose this option, you will get various payment options such as Cards, UPI, Wallets, and Net Banking to make your real money deposit.
  2. Deposit with PayUMoney:- The next option for players to deposit money on our real money poker app is using PayUMoney. On choosing this option, players can deposit their money using Credit or Debit cards, EMI, Wallets, Net Banking, UPI, WhatsApp, Paytm, Pay with rewards, and ICICI Bank Pay Later.
  3. Deposit with Razorpay:- If you choose to pay with Razorpay to play real poker online, the available payment options are Cards, Net Banking, Wallet, and Pay Later.
  4. Deposit with Paytm:- Players can make a real money poker deposit on the Spartan Poker real money poker app with the Paytm app. Scan the QR code with Paytm to log in and deposit the amount.
  5. Deposit with Promotional Program:- The last way to deposit money is through a promotional program. Players have the option to apply a bonus code to play free games or get a discount to enter online poker for money tournaments.

What is the Minimum Deposit Required to Play Poker Games?

The minimum deposit value to play real money poker is Rs 100. After choosing the “Deposit Now” option, players need to fill in their personal information. Here are a few things that players need to fill out before making a deposit to play real-money poker games. Following basic player information is needed to play real money poker games:

  1. Name.
  2. Surname.
  3. Address.
  4. Phone Number.
  5. City.
  6. State.
  7. Country.
  8. Zip/Postal Code.
  9. Email Address.

If players have a bonus code to play real money games, they can put that code in the box that says, “Bonus Code” and avail themselves of the opportunity to play poker games for free.

You can download the Spartan Poker app to play real poker online on the go and get right in the middle of the action with an easy real-money deposit today.

Let us now go through the withdrawal methods for Spartan Poker.

Withdrawal Methods

The Spartan Poker app is an easy-to-use and user-friendly app. After winning a few games, you can withdraw the money you win while playing our real-money games and tournaments. The withdrawal process must be smooth, full of fun, and free of worries. Players can withdraw their winnings online through NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS transactions. You can withdraw money at any time on the Spartan Poker app as the withdrawal timing is 24 working hours.

Is Playing Real Money Poker Games Legal In India?

Spartan Poker makes sure our users get the best poker game experience. The platform is 100% legal. As per the Honourable Supreme Court of India, "Such competitions, where Success depends on quite a substantial degree of skill, are not necessarily "gambling." And that is why most online poker sites/apps including Spartan Poker are legally valid & have no connections to betting whatsoever.

However, some Indian state governments in states like Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Odisha, Sikkim, Telangana have regularized laws that prohibit players from playing Poker and other fantasy related games & that's why it falls under the illegal category.

So, if you are citizen of the state/s, you cannot participate in online poker games for real money

Real Money Poker That is 100% Safe!

You may naturally have several doubts including if it is legal to play poker in India, or if online poker real money games are scandalous, the answer to all such queries is given below.

Spartan Poker is one of the only legitimate and authentic Indian-based poker websites where you can safely play real money poker games. We take immense joy in giving you the best poker experience possible online and so we understand your safety concerns.

You can stay rest assured that at Spartan Poker, all games and tournaments are played using an authenticated game engine that allows for fair gameplay and provides the smoothest user interface.

When you play poker for real money on the Spartan Poker app, all deals are done on absolute randomness, and therefore the experience you get is nothing short of what you would in a full-fledged poker casino, in fact even better.

If you want to navigate through the Spartan app, you can play a free poker game and once you get comfortable with the features of the app, you can start playing real money games. Have a look at how to play poker for free.

Why Spartan Poker is the best poker real money app?

At the moment, there are hundreds of real money poker websites and apps in India. But with Spartan Poker at the helm, poker has really taken a massive raise.

Following we share a list of reasons as to why Spartan is the ideal destination for real money poker -

Made for India:

Spartan Poker is an Indian brand that has been made with LOVE by the selfless Indians. Here you can connect with thousands of poker players across the country and play to win real cash money. Poker app real money have a niche market and that's why Spartan Poker gives you the ideal poker playing experience.

Ultimate game experience:

Spartan Poker delivers a seamless gaming experience that will leave the poker players wanting for more. The UI has been specifically built to give you a poker table-esque like feel and whilst playing, you will not find the game being stuck or lagged.

Furthermore, as the game builds on, your valuable feedback/suggestions could help us improve the game even further.

Get to know the Game's play:

If you're starting new to real money poker game, then there's no need to be worried. Spartan poker has got it all covered with its up-to-date Poker content/blogs that provide you with the ideal information right from 'How to Play Real Money Poker' to 'The Best Poker Games' etc.

Safety guaranteed:

At Spartan, we take security & information classification very seriously. Right from the bank details to your credit/debit card details, your details remain safe.

Spartan' Real Money Poker games give you the ideal platform to play and enjoy poker to the maximum.

Various Payment options:

At Spartan, we have made available multiple payment modes for your instant withdrawals and deposits.

24x7 Customer Support:

If there's any trouble around withdrawals, KYC, registrations or game related query, we have made available 24x7 Customer support for our users that can solve the query on the go!

Play Real Money Poker for Free

Spartan Poker caters to the gaming needs of beginners and seasoned online poker players. If you are a rookie in poker and want to build your real poker online skills, you can play the freeroll mania tournament on the Spartan Poker app. Daily and weekly freeroll tournaments are just a click away. With our free online poker games with fake money, you can win up to Rs 50,000 of real money weekly. 

Go ahead and experience the biggest freeroll fiesta on the Spartan Poker app, and kickstart your poker journey NOW!

FAQ’s on Real Money Poker

Q.1) What poker site can I play for real money?

Before you start to play poker online you need to remember the poker hands and the poker hand rankings because this will help you get familiar with the basics of the game.

You can use Spartan Poker’s website to get a crash course on poker hands and learn how to play poker through Spartan. Even though there are mostly professional players using this site, it’s a great place for novices to get their bearings.

Q.2) Is it legal to play poker online for real money?

Yes, it is! India’s stance on online poker is clear and it has paved the way for the dawn of a new poker era in India. There are online as well as live casinos available to Indian citizens where they can play online poker for real money.

Q.3) Can you win real money with a poker face?

Mastering a poker face takes practice. So if you have a bad poker hand, you can still bluff your way through a game and win back-to-back real money poker games.

So in other words, a poker face will definitely win you money if you do it right.

Q.4) Is it illegal to play poker at home for money?

Poker is legal to play at home as long as the host does not demand compensation for the usage of space and time.

Q.5) How to play on the real money tables?

Download the Spartan Poker app on your smartphone or desktop, or use the Instant Play option to play on real money tables.

Q.6) Can I Play Real money Poker on my Device?

Download the Spartan Poker app on your phone to play real money poker.

Q.7) Can I Play on Spartan Poker for free?

Yes. You can play freeroll poker tournaments on the Spartan Poker app.