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Online Real Money Poker

Growing up, getting bored was never easy. But as time went on, the evolution of technology and the general ingeniousness of the human race gave rise to new forms of entertainment.

Despite the leaps and bounds that the entertainment has accomplished, the card game will always be a classic. Albeit some games are PG-rated like joker and solitaire, some games are only suited for casinos- like poker cash games and rummy, and thanks to technology, we also have virtual games that bring the world to you- like online rummy, UNO, blackjack, Call break, online poker, money earning games, etc.

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Types of Online Real Money Poker Games

The world is moving into a digitally dominant era and we have found ways to evolve with it. Online poker, real money cash games are becoming predominant. With its foothold in the Indian gaming circuit strengthening rapidly, it is the need of the hour for most players to increase their skill level and for novice players to get acquainted with the various gaming avenues available.

Virtual games could be just a simple flappy bird, a complex computer game that provides tons of entertainment value, and then there are games like online poker, real money games like Teen Patti, and rummy where you can make some serious real cash on the games you love playing so much.

Online Real Money Poker Games

At Spartan Poker, we offer an array of money-based poker games for our players to play from. Our buy-ins begin at an extremely reasonable rate of 100 rupees, and so you can build your bankroll as per your choice and pick and choose to play any poker game you find best.

The Legality of Online Poker Real Money Games

Out of the multitude of virtual games that exist on the internet, it is easy to get lost in the mountains of fun that they offer. Especially when real money games help you increase your pot of gold and make you feel like you are on top of the world. Online poker real money games are so entertaining and fulfilling that some people may even refer to it as a sinful pleasure, and not because of the wonky legal status of gambling in India.

As far as online casino games, online poker, real money games, and any other games available on the internet can be accessed at a player's convenience. Since the government is ambiguous on the status of online real money poker, real money games, and anything else that falls under the criteria, it is considered generally alright to pursue these games.

Real Money Poker Games

Real money poker games are usually games where the player wagers on the outcome of a game. For example: When you play poker and use real money to wager and place bets, it is known as real money poker games.

But in games where players can purchase virtual chips or tokens, but the real money is not wagered on the outcome, then the games cannot be considered a real money game.

When you invest money in online poker real money games, you are given chips that you can use to play the game. At the end of the game, the player will either receive more chips or lose some chips based on their performance. After the game is over the player can also trade in their chips for real money and then leave the table.

What people don't know is that online poker real money games are not the only way to make money. The latest multiplayer games can be converted and played as real money games as well. According to the win-loss rule, if you win the game you win more points to add to your stack, but if you lose the game then you lose money as well.

Real Poker Cash Games

Real cash games are not like online poker real money games and are sometimes referred to as ring games or live-action games. These are games that are played using real chips and money is at stake. There is no predetermined end time to the poker cash game, which means that players can enter and exit as they see fit and without consequence.

As you explore the world of online poker games, you will come across various options, but the one with the most fan following would be freerolling games and tournaments where players get a lot of incentives to play online poker and win a lot of money. In fact, they make so much money that sometimes it’s easier to convert your passion for online poker, real money games, and generally feeling like a champion to a full-time job.

Real Cash Poker That is 100% Safe!

You may naturally have several doubts including if it is legal to play poker in India, or that if online poker real money games are scandalous and the answer to all such queries is Spartan Poker itself. Spartan one of the only legitimate and authentic Indian-based poker websites where you can safely play real cash games in poker. We take immense joy in giving you the best poker experience possible online and so we understand your concerns regarding safety. You can be rest assured that at Spartan Poker, all games and tournaments are played using an authenticated game engine that allows for fair gameplay and provides the smoothest user interface. All deals are done on absolute randomness, and therefore the experience you get is nothing short of what you would in a full-fledged poker casino, in fact even better.

Tournaments and Poker Cash Games

Poker cash games and tournaments are like oil and water. The poker rules are different, and they cannot be mixed together with no matter how hard you try.

  • A tournament's structure is based on a periodical increase of the pot over time, meaning the rewards get better as you play more. That is why online poker games are the best bet for tournaments where you can beat several players to make some money.
  • When a player participates in poker cash games, they can buy as many chips as they want, whenever they want. But in an online poker tournament, every player starts off with a set number of chips that is common for all players.
  • The players in a real cash game can quit at any time they wish, but if they are playing an online poker real money tournament, they will be able to leave the table only after the entire tournament is complete or the player loses the game and runs out of chips.
  • In games like online real money poker tournaments, the cost of blinds keeps escalating, but in real cash games the blinds stay the same for each poker hand, depending on what the stakes are.

Online gaming is pretty intriguing! Some people prefer the thrill of playing online real money poker while others prefer the challenge of playing a real cash game. In the end, it all comes down to what a player is passionate about. As time goes on, people improve on their skill sets, learn to use their poker hands the right way, and choose to pursue online poker, real money poker cash games, or even real cash games as a full-time job. These players represent their communities and constantly play with other professionals in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Most real money games however don’t help newbies earn enough money to quit their real job.

According to research conducted by British psychologists, it has been noted that Millenials spend approximately twice as much time on their smartphones as previously estimated. In fact, a study showed that they use their phone for almost 5 hours a day. This converts to roughly 1/3rd of their total waking hours. If they had to spend all that time playing any online real money poker games, they could make a lot of money just being on their phone. So if you are a millennial and you are reading this, you should follow the Spartan Poker Website to learn more about how you can make a quick buck online.

FAQ’s on Real Money Poker

What poker site can I play for real money?

Before you start to play poker online you need to remember the poker hands and the poker hand rankings because this will help you get familiar with the basics of the game.

You can use Spartan Poker’s website to get a crash course on poker hands and learn how to play poker through Spartan. Even though there are mostly professional players using this site, it’s a great place for novices to get their bearings.

Is it legal to play poker online for real money?

Yes, it is! India’s stance on online poker is clear and it has paved the way for the dawn of a new poker era in India. There are online as well as live casinos available to Indian citizens where they can play online poker for real money.

Can you win real money with a poker face?

Mastering a poker face takes practice. So if you have a bad poker hand, you can still bluff your way through a game and win back-to-back real money poker games.

So in other words, a poker face will definitely win you money if you do it right.

Is it illegal to play poker at home for money?

Poker is legal to play at home as long as the host does not demand compensation for the usage of space and time.