If you ask any non-poker player or a newbie, or even players who only sit at tables and play regular poker, they’ll give you the impression that poker is a very slow game. They’ll make it sound like it’s a game of deliberation and strategy; all while sitting around a poker table and quietly thinking. And while some aspects of this image are true, recent times have allowed poker to become a fast-paced, high-excitement game, where players experience a real thrill. "The advent of technology and its impact on the poker industry has allowed for poker tournaments such as Daily Turbo Tournaments"

Now, if you’re not a regular at online poker tournaments, you might not have heard of the term Turbo Tournaments. But, worry not. We’ve got your back, and we’ll tell you all there is to know about such tournaments. So read on, and you’ll be ready to play.

“What is a Turbo Tournament?”, is the first question we expect you to ask. And, we’ve come prepared with answers. In essence, Turbo and Super Turbo Tournaments are exactly as they sound. Remember those descriptions of slow poker games? Well, these games are fast. They are definitely played at a pace much faster than a regular poker game. These tournaments rely on the blind levels, which go up during the games at a rapid pace. So, you could whip through many huge tournaments in a short span of time; around a few hours. To further bring home the point of how fast these tournaments are, a Turbo Tournament consists of blinds that last 4-6 minutes, whereas a Super Turbo Tournament has blind levels of 3 minutes or less.

Because of these rapidly moving blind levels, a player can end up short-stacked very quickly. So in Turbo Tournaments, players aim to get all their chips in the game as quickly as possible. They don’t hesitate and go all-in. This does mean, however, that players have to face a higher rate of variance and also battle what is called the luck factor.

Now that you know what Turbo Tournaments entail, you might be considering playing one. But, before you do that, you should definitely weigh the pros and cons of his kind of play. So let’s do that, and then you can play a better game.


  • These tournaments are really quick. All you need are a few hours and you’ll see the tournament coming to an end. You can escape the games that take hours to just get to the end of one round, and try these tournaments for a quick reward.
  • These tournaments are a delight for anyone looking for a thrill or some excitement in their poker. These games are fast and quite furious. Players tend to get short stacked pretty quickly, so they have to go all-in and play. So, the game is high energy and high stakes.
  • As mentioned before, the games are short, so if you do end up winning, you’ll walk away with a huge prize, in less than a day. It’s a huge return compared to the time you end up investing.


  • These tournaments tend to be burdened by high variance. So, you could win big hits few and far in between. So, cashing out is a hit-or-miss process.
  • Winning in these tournaments can be neither there nor here. And the win rate is quite different from regular poker games. This is because a regular game allows you to play poker, but that is not the case in these tournaments.
  • Since these tournaments fundamentally rely on the rapid movement of the blinds, players can get blinded quite easily.

Going through these pros and cons should be a major help in deciding if this tournament type is for you. These tournaments are a treat for players who like to have fun and make bold moves. Also, beginner players can enjoy these because they rely more on luck than on skill. If you’re an impulsive person who enjoys going all-in, this might be just the game for you.

Also, these tournaments tend to be over in a few hours, so if you want to avoid cash games that take too many hours, you could give this a try.

Daily Turbo Tournaments Strategy

We’ve gone over all the basic elements of these tournaments. Now, you need to know how to play them strategically, if you want to do well. But, fret not. We’ve got some pointers for you, which will greatly improve your strategy. They are as follows:

  • Tighten Up After the Bubble: players tend to lose and leave quickly once the bubble of the game is burst. This is because they are in the money. This is a good time for players to play a tighter game and move up.
  • Take Chances: players in these tournaments have to be willing to take some risks and go all-in several times. These risky moves are what get a player to the top, where they can walk away with the prize money.
  • Steal the Blinds: Players need to be aware and willing enough to steal the blinds. This is essential because of the fast-paced nature of the blinds. Players have to employ this strategy to ensure the health of their stack.
  • Looser Play: Since there are such a high number of times players need to go all-in, there are times when you cannot play a hand. Of course, this will depend on the blind and also the size of your stack. But players should adjust to playing with fewer hands.
  • Luck: There is a huge amount of luck involved in these tournaments, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you are unable to win for a few hands. Your luck can change in an instant, and you’ll be winning in no time.

As we conclude, you are equipped with all you need to know about Turbo Tournaments. Now, you just need to get playing. So, come join us at Spartan and play some online poker!