Checking In Poker

Poker actions are comprehensively stressed for a beginner to learn. This is because no matter which poker hand you play with or what poker strategy you employ, it ultimately comes down to making the right actions at the table that fetch you the pot. Check-in poker is part of four other major poker actions which include betting, folding, raising, and checking. These actions are essential to acquire in your game arsenal to benefit from the game. You will notice amateurs raising when they should call and calling when they should fold. This will not be seen in practice by veterans since they use poker actions to their advantage. Poker check means when the action moves from you to the person seated at your left without you having to make a wager. This happens only when no one has made a bet in the current street.

Check in Poker

Checking in poker is considered to be an excellent and safe move to make even though it can only be made under certain conditions. In a typical case of when a player bets before your turn on the current street, the choices you have are to call, raise or fold. Checking opponents is not an option in such a situation because you have to always match the previous bet on the current street. This ensures that checking is not an option pre-flop unless you are in the big blind position. In the topic of checking, you will come across the term check-back. What this means is someone checking while in position.

Similarly, check-to-the-PFR is a term used to refer to a check made out of position while facing a player who made the previous aggressive action (raised or re-raised) pre-flop. Checking in poker is generally done by those wanting to keep the pot size small. Naturally, those holding weaker hands are more prone to doing this. If done correctly, checking can also be used by strong hand-holders as a way of bluffing which is often known as slow-playing. While facing an opponent who made the last aggressive action on the previous street, checking is also frequently done by players out of position. While this may not be the most strategic move, players engage in checking continually against opponents who show aggression in the previous street.

Although not a regular occurrence, you will have the opportunity to check from time to time. Poker actions need to be used correctly if you are serious about your poker game and wish to contest for the pot and checking is one move that will take you there if done properly. You could go through the many blogs on Spartan Poker to further upgrade your game and learn about more such poker strategies to use at your next table. Feel like you need time to improve? Join a freeroll out of the many poker tournaments available on Spartan and play without putting anything on the line. You can download our official poker app to keep yourself updated and avail all the rewards and prizes as well.