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Are you new to poker and keen to learn the intricacies of this exciting game? Or are you a poker lover looking for your next big pot? Spartan Poker has you covered with the biggest, live and online poker tournaments in India. These exciting tournaments offer you the opportunity play some thrilling games and win big prize money.

Poker tournaments online are great for players of all levels. If you are a beginner, you can learn the nuances of the game while trying to win the big prizes. If you have been playing for a while, then tournaments give you a chance to hone your tactical and strategic skills. If you are a seasoned player, tournaments let you put your skills against the best in the business to win some serious prize money. After all, Spartan Poker offers some of the biggest prizes and one of the finest gaming experiences online.

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To appeal to a wide audience, Spartan brings you a great selection of poker tournaments online – including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 7-Card Stud, letting you experience the gamut of playing options. We want more and more players to win so we have kept our deposits minimal, wins guaranteed and the 10-12% of the top players take the tournament value (total prize money in our tournaments could range from Rs 1 lakh to more than a crore).

Depending on your preference, you can participate in a variety of tournaments, including:

Sit & Go Tournaments have no schedule or fixed time. When a pre-determined number of players register, the tournament starts. This is a flexible format because you don’t have to register in advance.

In Multi-table Tournaments (MTT) players at various tables compete for one another’s chips which are fixed and distributed equally to all players at the start of the game. Players who lose all their chips are eliminated and those who remain are relocated to other tables. This continues until one player remains. This player is the winner and takes the biggest prize.

In Turbo events, the most significant difference as compared to other tournament types is that the blind levels increase much faster than standard play. Each round can take up to 5 minutes, which is much quicker as compared to the usual 10-15 minutes. This is a format that will appeal to players who want fast and higher stakes games.

For beginners, we offer free poker tournaments daily, where they can learn the finer points of the game and stand a chance of winning prize money. Learn more about freeroll poker!

The most important question: What’s at stake; what can I win? Spartan Poker offers some of the biggest prizes for online poker tournaments in India. Some of our tournaments span over days and prize money is worth crores. Our daily live poker tournaments online carry prizes worth a lakh to five lakhs. Our prizes are guaranteed, and we want as many people as possible to take prize money home.


Delivering the biggest poker tournaments in India comes with its fair share of responsibility. We take the safety and security of our community seriously. All our players are protected by state-of-the-art technology and strict guidelines and policies.

To ensure we have a vibrant and happening poker community, we have strict forum and chat guidelines and do not tolerate abuse or offensive behaviour towards fellow players.

We maintain segregated accounts for our players to ensure maximum safety. In addition, we provide user-friendly tools for players to manage their budget as well as easy ways for them to access their funds, anytime, anywhere

As one of India’s biggest online poker tournament operators, we maintain an independent and verified gameplay to ensure card games are fair and everyone has an equal chance to win.

We have poker tournaments online every day and round the clock. No matter what time you log on, you will find a tournament you can participate in. We regularly publish our schedule of tournaments and stick to it. We value the time of our players, so we make sure we begin all the tournaments on the time we committed. Do check out our tournament schedule for all the latest updates and to book your spot in one of them.

Many online poker players are often concerned about seat assignment when it comes to poker tournaments in India. At Spartan Poker, your seat is assigned based on a random automated protocol. Before the tournament starts, you’ll be given a table with your seat number, and this will be the seat you play from.


One big advantage of playing in our tournaments is that it lets you accumulate VIP points and join an elite club. As a member of the VIP club, you are entitled to ton of benefits, including being able to redeem rewards such as cash prizes, travel packages, tournament tickets, cashback options, cars, and so much more. Each VIP point can be redeemed for rupees five and comes with no expiry dates and 100% TDS-free withdrawals. VIP members also have exclusive tournaments with up to 60% cashback. Even if you aren’t part of the VIP Club, you still are eligible for some exciting rewards. On sign up and deposit of just Rs 250, you get a welcome bonus of Rs 1,000 worth of Spartan Poker points. Our referral scheme is designed to help you, and your buddies win big rewards. Share and earn.


Yes, if you are over 18 years of age and are a registered player on Spartan Poker, you can take part in the tournaments.

Tournaments typically have low buy-ins and offer good cash prizes. You get to play against a wide range of players. Not surprisingly, it is one of the most popular formats to play poker tournaments online.

No, you can take part in as many tournaments as you like.

Our tournaments have different buy-ins and you can check it before you sign up. The buy-ins are quite nominal.

Different people use different styles of play in tournaments. Some play aggressively, some play with a lot of patience, others use a mix of the two strategies depending on the state of play. While there are many poker strategies you can use to improve your game, the only way to be successful in the long run is to play a lot and practice a lot. If you are a beginner, play a lot of freeroll poker to get used to tournament style gaming. Study how others play their hands in our poker hand rankings page. Learn to read the state of play and the style of other players. Be observant. Don’t be in a hurry to go all-in. When you are playing with a buy-in, don’t play too loose. Take time to read the table. Learn how to play in different position and with different pocket cards. It takes a lot of time and patience to get good at poker. So, keep playing and keep enjoying. All the best.

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