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India’s Biggest Online Poker Tournaments

You must be aware of certain key poker techniques and poker strategies that will increase your chances of winning poker tournaments. Depending on the poker game variant and stage of the game, you can employ the appropriate poker technique and give yourself the best chance of winning. Please keep in mind that poker is still a game of chance, and there is no fixed strategy that will guarantee you win every time. The strategy or tips to win poker can help you maximize your chances of winning. So, let us take a quick look at some of the most important tips that will help you become a player who can consistently win at poker.

Indian Poker Tournaments

Are you new to poker and keen to learn the intricacies of this exciting game? Or are you a poker lover looking for your next big pot? Spartan has you covered with the biggest, live, and online poker tournaments in India. These exciting tournaments offer you the opportunity to play some thrilling games and win big prize money.
Indian poker tournaments online are great for players of all levels. If you are a beginner, you can learn the nuances of the game while trying to win the big prizes. If you have been playing for a while, then tournaments give you a chance to hone your tactical and strategic skills. If you are a seasoned player, tournaments let you put your skills against the best in the business to win some serious prize money. After all, Spartan Poker offers some of the biggest prizes and one of the finest gaming experiences online.

  • Sit & Go 
    Sit & Go Tournaments have no schedule or fixed time. When a pre-determined number of players register, the tournament starts. This is a flexible format because you don’t have to register in advance.

  • Multi-Table Tournaments
    In Multi-table Tournaments (MTT) players at various tables compete for one another’s chips which are fixed and distributed equally to all players at the start of the game. Players who lose all their chips are eliminated and those who remain are relocated to other tables. This continues until one player remains. This player is the winner and takes the biggest prize.

  • Turbo
    In Turbo events, the most significant difference as compared to other tournament types is that the blind levels increase much faster than standard play. Each round can take up to 5 minutes, which is much quicker as compared to the usual 10-15 minutes. This is a format that will appeal to players who want fast and higher-stakes games.

  • Freeroll Tournaments
    For beginners, we offer free poker tournaments daily, where they can learn the finer points of the game and stand a chance of winning prize money. Learn more about freeroll poker!

  • Prize Money in our Online Poker Tournaments

    The Most Important Question: What’s at stake; what can I win? Spartan Poker offers some of the biggest prizes for online poker tournaments in India. Some of our tournaments span over days and prize money is worth crores. Our daily live poker tournaments online carry prizes worth a lakh to five lakhs. There are guaranteed prizes for users so that there are many people who take the prize money home.

Indian Poker Tournament Formats

  • Re-Buy Tournaments

    Re-Buy Tournaments allow players to re-buy chips within a certain time frame if they run out of chips while playing. You can buy more chips and keep playing the tournament. This re-buy amount is usually the same as the tournament's buy-in amount. The re-buy period is limited, and a player cannot re-buy after it expires. Re-buy Poker tournaments are classified into two types:


  1. Limited Re-Buy: According to the tournament rules, a player can only rebuy a certain number of times.
  2. Unlimited Re-Buy: During the re-buy period, a player may re-buy an unlimited number of times.
  • Freeze-Out Tournament

    The player cannot re-buy in this format. A player pays the buy-in to enter the tournament with a stack of chips and exits when all of his chips are gone. He is unable to re-buy to add chips to his stack and continue the game. This game format is used by the WSOP, WPT, and many gaming websites.
  • Re-Entry Tournament

    After being busted out, a player may re-enter the tournament. He can re-pay the buy-in and begin playing as a new player. He can only enter until the late registration period, which varies by tournament. Once this period has passed, the player will be unable to re-enter the tournament.
  • Satellite Competition

    You can enter satellite tournaments to win entry tickets to larger online or offline tournaments. Major poker events with large cash prizes typically have large buy-ins, but by winning the qualifying tournament, a player can enter the event without paying the entry fee (satellite).

Have you heard about Texas Hold’em Poker Tournaments?
Texas Hold’em is the most popular variant in poker. It is a variant of poker that is played in International Poker Championships such as the World Series of Poker. Players get two hole cards and five community cards. They have to make a poker hand of five cards using two hole cards and three community cards. Simple dealing of cards in the game, makes Texas Hold’em Tournament, the most popularly played type of poker series.

World Poker Tour, a famous gaming and entertainment brand, is known for operating a series of poker tournaments all year round. The platform invites players who can afford buy-ins between $2,500-$25,000. World Poker Tour broadcasts the final table of poker tournaments on television.

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