Freeroll Poker - Rules, Tips and Terms

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There is no better role than an online freeroll. For those who don't know what a freeroll means, it is exactly what the name suggests, you risk nothing but you can win something. You get a freeroll of the dice. In online poker games, there are no dice, but the term is used in a couple of ways. For instance, it sometimes means being in a situation where you can lose but you can win.

There are also online freeroll poker tournaments where you can win real money without buying in. Risk nothing, win something, that is the gist of online freeroll poker. Here are some poker rules and tips to abide by when it comes to freeroll poker online in India.

1. Make Sure You are Freerolling

Sometimes, in online freeroll poker, something looks like a freeroll but it’s not. Let's just say you make a certain amount an hour on your job and you hear about this promotion where if you wait in line you get a free meal for your family. Even though it looks like a freeroll, its not - you are giving up time. Same is the case with online poker games. It can cost you a lot more money to play than a chance to win.

2. Play Every Freeroll You Can Find

If you identify an online freeroll poker tournament, one that can actually be a freeroll for you, play it. You are foolish to turn down a freeroll. It's like having an opportunity to get free drinks and you passed on it. That's crazy, right? Who would do that?

3. Employ Freeroll Strategy

There are poker rules on how you and your opponents should approach a freeroll. No matter what tactic you employ, you should change it up from your traditional online poker strategy. The risk and the stakes in online freeroll poker are different, so play differently. Some of your opponents may look at freeroll as an opportunity to win hefty profits so they'll try to build a chip stack as soon as possible. Adjust to them, or play them. Whichever works for you.

4. Know the Dead Stacks

Most poker players sign up for online freeroll poker tournaments, but never show up until late. They hope they can build a shorter chip stack into something big. Know where the dead stacks are and destroy their chip stack. In short, even if it’s a freeroll, pay attention. Some people are so busy multi-tabling or doing something else, that they'll never notice that there is only one active player at their table and concede pot after pot. Don't be one of those people.

Closing Freeroll Poker Rules

At some point, freeroll poker becomes just like any other tournament but always pay attention, don't lose sight of what your opponents are doing, play your best, and go for it. Now that you have invested your time and energy into this, it's better to make sure you have a return on your investment. So, follow these rules and tips for a successful play.


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