What to Expect From The Poker Industry in 2020?

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Online poker has been snowballing in the past two decades, thanks to the rise of the internet and various technological advancements. The internet has now become home to thousands of online poker casinos with millions of poker enthusiasts gathering to play online poker. The online poker industry is set to be worth a whopping $60 Billion in 2020. The latter means more competition among casinos and the software providers will have to be even more innovative than before. Each year comes with new technological advancements bringing in a fresh set of ideas and new projects to the market, this trend is expected to grow during 2020 as well.

What is on the horizon for the online poker industry?How will technology change the face of poker? Let's try and get some answers to these questions.

1. Virtual and Augmented Reality

Casinos Virtual reality is computer generated 3-D simulation of an environment that you can interact within a more realistic way. VR will completely change the poker player's usual online poker experience. Soon, VR will be a must for online poker websites to stay in the competition as more brands will realize the potential of VR. The trend is expected to take over hundreds of online poker websites in the near future, and soon online poker players will be able to play face-to-face with their opponents, throw dice, and even interact with each other just by putting on their VR gear.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is already popular to lend its services to several industries such as marketing, finance, data analytics, etc, but it is disrupting online poker rooms too. Taking into account how much the online poker industry adores technology, it comes as no surprise that such technological advancement will be used to bring better customer experience to the players. AI will improve your online casino experience in so many ways.

3. Mobile and SocialGambling will Become Even Better

Following the popularity of online games on social media platforms, online poker rooms were quick to include social features in their games. As a result, players are now able to interact with other players by participating in leader boards, social slots, accepting challenges, and more. With the adoption of new and innovative tech, social features will soon become superior, and more casinos will have to adopt the concept.

4. The Internet of Things – A game-changer

Internet of Things is a system that entails interrelated electronic devices, machines, digital objects, and all of the devices that are now connected to the internet. Such devices are able to collect and share data automatically. The first major change came with online-gaming, that gave people access to their favourite poker rooms on the go. Nowadays, online poker websites can incorporate so much more devices to deliver best-in-class user experience.

Finally, What to Expect During 2020?

The goal of the online poker industry is to offer their user the fun and excitement they want. Aside from enticing bonuses, excellent customer support, and VIP cash games, the primary objective of an online poker website is to provide players with ultimate entertainment.

The online poker industry is set to continue this tremendous growth into 2020, that is shaping up to be one hell of an exciting year!!


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