Find the Best Strategy For Poker Tournaments

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Are you a poker enthusiast? Do you love online poker tournaments more than cash games? Free poker tournaments are a retreat if you can focus and keep your cool, only then you can enjoy yourself while competing in one. With the advent of technology, online poker sites became highly lucrative and started offering free poker tournaments to professional, recreational, and novice players alike. These free poker tournaments are witnessing massive participation of players from all over the world, hoping to turn their small buy-in investment into big piles of money.

Beating everyone and rising a winner is not as easy as it sounds. Don't worry, here are four tips that can help you master the art of online poker games.

1. Start Conservatively

This is one of the most important principles for success at free poker tournaments. Monitoring the ratio between how much it will cost you to play a hand and compare it with your chip stack. Don't be tempted to steal or protect your blinds - these tactics should only be employed later in the tournament when the blinds represent a large portion of your stack.

2. Be Aware of Opponent Stack Sizes

Once you have managed to get through the early stages of poker online India, it’s important to bear your opponent's stack size in relation to yours before getting involved in specific scenarios, especially while going all-in. For instance, a player that has you comfortably covered is going to call your shots with a wide range of cards since you don't represent a big risk to his/her chip stack. Don't bluff against such a player.

3. Employ the Push/Fold Strategy

In all its simplicity, if you play poker online, you need to employ this strategy to maximize your chance of picking up the blinds. The push/fold strategy is an all or nothing pre-flop approach that you can adopt when your chip stack is depleted to the point where you can only see another ten hands. You can maximize your chances of picking up the blinds by getting all your opponents to fold to your extreme aggression while your chip stack still poses a threat.

4. Steal and Protect Blinds

One of the most important strategies while playing free poker tournaments is picking your blinds without seeing the flop where they represent a large portion of your chip stack. In fact, there are certain conditions where you needn't even consider your cards when attempting this tactic. If you are playing online poker games in a late position, all the players have folded to you, and the two or three who are remaining are all short-stacked, you can profitably raise with any two cards, provided you have the discipline to lay them down if you are faced with a three-bet.

In Closing

Free poker tournaments are accessible, fun, and full of new players who aren't as dedicated as you are in upskilling your game. By adopting these strategies and putting them to practice, you are sure to find them ideal.

Keep practising. Keep reading. Keep improving.


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