Types of Poker Playing Styles

Last updated on : 25 Jan, 2021

Types of Poker Playing Styles

There are several different styles of playing online cash poker games, and no two players have identical strategies. Despite this, two players with profoundly different poker strategies can be winners over the long term. Does this mean it doesn't matter which poker style you opt for? Not at all, some styles of online poker games produce winners more consistently than others.

These playing styles are generalized into 4 main categories. Let's dive in to find out.

1. Tight Aggressive (TAG)

TAG is a poker style of choice for a majority of winning poker players out there. The playing style is exactly as it sounds, typified by tight and aggressive play. TAGs are extremely selective of their poker starting hands while they play poker online for real money and rarely enter the pot voluntarily with trash cards. Assuming a TAG elects to play a hand preflop, their post-flop play will typically be identified by aggression. They'll significantly favour betting and raising over checking or calling.

2. Loose Aggressive (LAG)

LAGs are usually losing players, although the extremely skilled LAGs often make more money than the TAGs. LAG style of online cash poker games involves noticeably more skills than a TAG style. So, only a pro player can typically make a profit while playing poker online in India using a LAG strategy. The critical difference between TAG and LAG is that LAGs play noticeably more hands preflop, including some trashy ones when the situations call for it.

3. Rock

Rock is an even tighter version of TAG. Sometimes, the term “rock” is used interchangeably with "nit", although, in this case, it is being used to describe the middle play between TAG and nit. As the online cash poker games increase in competition, the number of rocks expected to see that table is gradually increasing. Rocks are particularly skilled poker players. They often suffer from a range of issues and strategical problems. However, what they lack in skill, they make up for in having strong ranges and not losing money needlessly.

4. Maniac

A maniac is a hyper-aggressive version of a LAG. The vast majority of maniacs significantly lose in online poker games. To an onlooker, the aggression levels are seemingly nonsensical. The playstyle is typified by relentless aggression in both pre and post-flop along with liberal use of unorthodox bet-sizes.

Which Is The Best Poker Style?

Out of these four winning poker styles, you might naturally wonder, which one is the best. While all four plays can be winning and carry certain unique advantages, the logical answer is TAG. Why? Because the vast majority of people who win at online poker games employ this style. It is the perfect mix of profitability and skill. So, if you play poker online and want to increase your profits, practice, practice, and practice the TAG strategy until you master it.

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