Superstitions Around The World While Playing Card Games

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Playing a card game and winning it requires skill and strategy no doubt, but it’s rather interesting to note that there are various superstitions associated with cards and card games. It is believed that playing cards has spiritual associations for centuries now and hence many rituals have found their way into the games. Notwithstanding the requirement of skill in a card game many players shun logic and follow bizarre rituals believing it will bring them luck. Here are some superstitions from around the world that are linked to card games.

  •  The Dead Man’s Hand

Notorious of being an unlucky hand consisting of black aces and eights. An Old West folk hero and gunfighter by the name of Wild Bill Hickok was supposedly shot during a poker game when he had the unlucky pair in his hand. Since then this has been associated with bad luck and misfortune.

  • Picking Your Card Before the Dealer Finishes

It is believed to bring bad luck if a player picks up his cards before the dealer finishes dealing. Also picking up your card with the left hand, or sitting with your legs crossed at the table brings bad omen.

  •  Position at the Poker Table

It is believed that if a player is sitting against the grain of a poker table it will induce bad luck to the player.

  •  Tapping or Peeking at Cards

Some players constantly peek at one card and then at the second card separately, or even tap at their cards 3 times before looking. This is a ritual that makes the players feel more confident with the cards.

  •  Singing, Whistling or Dropping cards

Whistling, singing, and dropping cards on the floor is said to bring bad luck. The point to note here is these habits are also associated with a lack of focus on the part of the player during the game.

  •  Wearing Red, and Wearing Dirty clothes

Many players wear the colour red at a card game, as it is largely believed that red is a lucky colour. Besides, no matter how weird it may be, wearing dirty clothes to a game chases bad luck away from the player. • Throwing Candies On the Floor Players often throw candies or other similar items to distract bad luck from them.

  • Carrying a lucky charm

Johnny Chan won the World Series of Poker Main event in 1988. During his time he is said to have sniffed at oranges to tackle the musty odour in the casinos. It cleared his nostrils. Since then Johnny makes sure he at least looks at an orange before hitting the poker table. The orange became his lucky charm. Many players do carry their lucky charms before a game to bring good luck.

Superstitions have found their way into many things in our lives, and it’s no surprise that the world of card games have a few themselves. However, Winning or losing isn’t dependent on these superstitions, only the player’s level of skill and strategy will help him ace the game.


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