Best Online Poker Sites

Poker is one of the most loved games in the world. No doubt, it’s the thrill and excitement that makes it a favorite among gamers. Players leverage ‘poker chips’ to display the strength of their cards. Winning poker isn’t about having the best cards. You can win the game with clever strategies. That’s the beauty of poker!

Nowadays, you can play almost any game online if you have a smartphone and an internet connection.  There are a variety of poker rooms and poker websites in India. Let’s find some information about poker websites and playing poker in India below.

Online Poker is played on the internet. You can download a poker app to play games on your mobile phone. Many poker websites offer free poker games and real money poker games for players. Have a look at the following factors to choose the best online poker website.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Good Poker Site:

  1. Certificate of Authentication.
  2. Ease of Deposit and Withdrawal.
  3. Poker Game Variants.
  4. Free Poker Games.
  5. Offers and Promotions.
  6. Customer Service.
  7. Safety and Security.

Let Us have a Look at these Points in Further Detail.

  1. Certificate of Authentication: When you are playing on a certified platform, your personal and financial information is protected. Poker is played with real money, and players often share their banking details to make real money deposits and withdrawals. That is why you must always check the authenticity of poker sites and play on a safe and secure website.
  2. Ease of Deposit and Withdrawal: The ease of making real money deposits and withdrawing winnings to your bank account is essential for a player’s happiness. The best online poker websites have easy deposit and withdrawal facilities.
  3. Poker Game Variants: Variety is the spice of life, and a good poker website must have a variety of poker games. Check the available games on poker websites and do play a couple of free games to experience the features and user-friendliness of the site.
  4. Free Poker Games: If you are playing poker online for the first time, you can play free poker games. Beginners need to get comfortable with the poker website before playing a real money game. That’s why the best poker sites in India have free poker games for entertaining their users. Playing free games makes you confident and makes you comfortable with the poker website.
  5. Offers and Promotions: Who doesn’t like free money? Everyone does. That’s why the best poker sites and poker rooms have good offers and bonuses. If you want to play real money poker, check out the offers and promotions section of the poker site.
  6. Customer Support Information: You can play poker games 24/7 online. What if you have a query or need help with an issue in the middle of the night? Good poker sites will care for their users! Whenever you play poker online, make sure you have customer support 24/7, as good customer support is always available on the best online poker sites.
  7. Safety and Security: No matter which poker site you choose to play poker, you must check the reviews of other players. Make sure that the platform is safe and secure and is certified. Play a free poker game to navigate through some apps or poker websites. Always read the terms and conditions on the poker websites India and make sure that you play on a legitimate poker website.

Below are the top 3 safe and legitimate poker sites. They are the best poker sites in India to play online poker.

Top 3 Safe and Legitimate Online Poker Sites

Spartan Poker

Spartan Poker is the best online poker site to play poker games on the internet. This poker website hosts IOPC (Indian Online Poker Championship), the biggest online poker championship in India. If you are a seasoned poker player, you can win crores of rupees in IOPC.

The youth in India loves playing mobile games! To cater to the needs of gaming buffs, Spartan Poker has a user-friendly poker app. Poker lovers can download the app and play poker games 24/7. 

The Spartan Poker app is available for Android and iPhone users. If your phone has space issues, access the “Instant Play” option on this best free poker website.


Blitzpoker is one of the best online poker sites that host real money games. It offers games in a variety of formats. Players can play the poker game any time they want. 

The best poker websites in India host free games and offer welcome bonuses. Blitzpoker is one of the best poker websites because it offers bonuses to new players and hosts real money as well as free games. Play free games on the app to understand the features and navigate smoothly.

Poker Daddy

Poker Daddy is another poker website to play poker games. You can win big cash prizes and enjoy a seamless gaming experience on this online poker website. 

Why is Spartan Poker India’s best Poker Website?

  • RNG Certification from iTech Labs: The Random Number Generator at Spartan Poker is licensed by Australia-based iTech labs. The RNG (Random Number Generator) certification ensures that the poker website is safe and secure for playing real money games.
  • Safe Deposits and Withdrawal Facilities: The highly secure servers on the Spartan Poker website allow users to make hassle-free money transfers and protect them against cyber threats. Payment methods for players include Visa, Master Card, Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Mobile Wallet, UPI, Free, and Direct Bank Transfers. 

    The withdrawal process on the Spartan Poker app is easy and ensures user safety and security. Players who win money can use an NEFT transaction to transfer their winnings to their bank account. When withdrawing your winnings, make sure you input the correct bank information. Internet banking transactions to and from all major banks in India are accepted. Players need a KYC to withdraw money from their wallet and put it into their bank account. 
  • Exciting Poker Variants: Spartan Poker offers a variety of poker games to players for a rich gaming experience. Some exciting poker variants to play on the Spartan Poker site are:
  1. Texas Hold ‘em Poker
  2. Omaha Poker
  3. Chinese Poker
  4. 5 Card Omaha Poker
  5. Six Card Pot Limit Omaha Poker

Try out these free games on the Spartan Poker app!

  • Free games with Cash Prizes: There are daily and weekly poker tournaments on the Spartan Poker app. You can play free games and win exciting cash prizes by showing off your poker skills. The most popular freeroll tournaments are Thursday Aceking Freeroll and Sunday Aceking Freeroll, and they offer cash prizes of up to Rs 50,000.
  • Hosts the Biggest Poker Championships in India: Spartan Poker hosts IPC (Indian Poker Championship) and IOPC (India Online Poker Championship), two of India's bigger poker tournaments. These poker tournaments allow poker lovers to show off their poker skills and win crores of rupees.
  • Lucrative Offers and Bonuses: You can make a real money deposit of Rs100 and get an attractive welcome bonus of up to 200-300% to play poker. So, whenever you are playing online poker games, make sure you check the bonus codes. It’s a great way to pad your poker bankroll.
  • Refer and Earn Program: You can earn extra money from the Refer and Earn Program on a good poker site. Spartan Poker is the best free online poker website in India because you can earn unlimited money by making unlimited referrals.
  • We care for our customers!: The best poker website cares for its customers. You can contact the Spartan Poker customer support team at [email protected] or reach out at 1800-266-7055. Our representatives are there to assist you 24/7! You have all the information to play on a good poker website! Now go ahead and play a free poker game on your favorite poker website immediately!

Poker Site FAQs

1.) Is it legal to play poker online for real money?

It absolutely is legal to play online poker for real money, but you have to be careful about the sites you choose even when browsing the best online poker sites in India.  Some poker websites offer to join bonuses that will help you get one leg in the door.

All forms of real money gaming, including poker, rummy, and fantasy sports, are legally banned in a few states in India. So, if you are in Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Odisha, Sikkim, Telangana then you are illegally playing even on the best online poker sites.

2.) Is there any legit online poker sites?

Sites like Spartan Poker, 888poker, adda52, and all the sites mentioned above have been vetted by some of the best poker players, and playing on the best poker sites in India can also skyrocket your chances of winning real cash daily.

3.) Are there any online poker sites that cannot be trusted in India?

There is a list of banned sites mentioned above like lucky bet, umapoker etc. Check out the list to see which sites to actively avoid at all costs.