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Gone are the days when card games could only be played face to face. With the internet, you and your friends can now meet up for a virtual game of cards. You also get a chance to meet new people when you play online games. Indians have a fascination with card games like rummy and teen patti. In this piece of information, we shall discover a few facts about online rummy. Let us first understand what is online rummy?

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What is Online Rummy?

Online rummy is the internet version of the popular rummy card game. Online rummy can be played with a smartphone and internet connection. So far, you understood about playing rummy online. Let us find out the detailed answers to questions such as ‘what is rummy?’ and ‘how is rummy played?’

What is Rummy?

  1. A game of rummy is played with cards.


  1. All the players are given a certain number of cards.


  1. The players match cards to form sets or run.
  • Matching cards to form sets or run is called building melds.
  • Three or four cards can be used to build a meld.
  • Players draw and discard cards to form a meld.

Rummy History

Let us understand the rummy history and a few facts about rummy below.

  • Did you know that rummy developed from a card game called Conquian? Conquian was played in Spain and Mexico around 400 years ago. From there, the card game reached the continent of America. Later it reached England. Finally, the game reached the Atlantic where people started calling it ‘Rummy’.


  • This four-century-old card game has been loved throughout history.


  • Indians are fans of rummy. They play this game while traveling to work, or with friends during a get-together.


  • Many variants of rummy were developed with time.


  • Indian rummy is a variant of rummy that is played with 13 cards.


  • With the advent of technology and online gaming culture, card game lovers are now able to play rummy online from anywhere in the world and at any time of their choice.


  • So far, we understood that rummy has its roots in the old card game Conquian. Let us now see how rummy is played.

Rummy Game Rules

1) What is a Set?

A set is nothing but a group of similar ranking cards.

Examples of Sets:

  • K♥ K♣ K (In this set, all the Kings are of different suits, make a valid set.)
  • K♦ K♣ K♠ K (Rummy set is formed with four K cards of different suits.)
  • K♦ Q♠ K♠ K (Here Q has been used as wild joker replacing K to make a set.)
  • K♦ K♣ K PJ (Printed joker replacing K to make a set.)
  • K♦ K♣ Q♠ PJ (Here Q has been used as wild joker. It is replacing K & Printed joker is replacing K to make a valid set.)
  • Typical Example: 4♥ 5♥ 6♥ 7| 2♣ 3♣ 4♣ 5 | 2♦ 2♣ PJ Q♥ Q (Set of 5 cards is made to complete the grouping of 13 cards and make a valid declaration)

2) What is a Run?

A run also known as a set is nothing but a chronology of cards of the same suit. A run is a collection of three or more cards. The cards should have the same face value but must be of d different suits. Wild cards and Jokers can be used to make sets.

Example of run:

  • 5♣ 6♣ 7 is a run.


  • One sequence must be pure: A pure sequence is a set of three or more cards from the same suit that are arranged in a particular manner. Any Joker or wild card cannot be used to make a pure sequence in the rummy card game. No joker cards can be used to form this sequence.


  • The other sequence can be impure: You can use a joker card to form an impure sequence. Three cards or more than three cards of the same suit when combined with a joker makes an impure sequence.
  1. 5♦ 6♦ Q♠ 8 (Here Q has been used as a wild Joker replacing 7 to form an impure sequence.)
  2. 9♠ Q♥ J♠ Q PJ (Here the impure sequence has Q as a wild joker. It replaces 10 and the Printed Joker replaces K.)


Rummy Variations

The Indian government has recognized that skills are used to play rummy. This is why rummy is known as a game of skills and not gambling. In gambling, people expect big wins without any solid base. They bet their hard-earned money with the hope of becoming rich. This rarely happens though. 99% of the time, a person would lose money instead of winning money. That is how gambling works. Rummy is not gambling. Players must be skilled to win in a rummy game. Let us see the rummy variations below.

  1. Indian Rummy

Indian Rummy is similar to traditional Rummy and is called in India as 'Paplu.' This game is popular at cat parties, wedding receptions, fiestas, and even local trains.

Indian Rummy Formats

Currently, the game is available in two forms. 13 cards and 21 cards Because the 13-card game is more popular because of its fast speed, we will go through rummy rules 13 card in greater detail below.

13 Card Rummy (Indian Rummy)

The 13 card rummy game is played with two decks of cards. There are two to six players in the game. Players aim to arrange the cards in proper sequences and sets. There should be at least two sequences. One must be a pure sequence and the others can be any legitimate sequence or set. There are 52 cards in each deck, plus two printed jokers. Let's go into how to play rummy now that you've grasped the fundamental rummy rules. It's a straight forward, methodical procedure.

  1. At random, a dealer is chosen. Following that, every player gets a chance to deal with the cards.


  1. Shuffle and Deal: Each player is dealt 13 cards one at a time once the deck has been shuffled.


  1. After the cards have been dealt, the top card is opened to begin the game. This card can be used by the player if they want to use it, or they can discard it.


  1. The dealer then chooses a card at random from the deck to serve as the game's joker. The game has now begun.


  1. Drawing and discarding: Each player takes a turn drawing a card from the deck or the top-most open card. After that, the player must then discard one of their cards, any card. There should be 13 cards with the players at the end of every round.


  1. The game is declared when all cards are arranged in proper sets and sequences (with at least one pure sequence). The last card, which is the 14th card should be placed in the finish slot and should be discarded. This brings the game's first round to a close.


  1. Let’s now talk about scoring. It's preferable if you have a few points as possible! A player receives 0 points for making a valid declaration. The remaining players are awarded points for cards in their hands that do not form eligible sequences or sets. The A, K, Q, and J each have ten points, while the rest of the cards are worth their face value in points. Jokers are worth 0 points. If a player makes an invalid declaration (one that does not match the game's aim), the player receives 80 points.


  1. Pools Rummy

Each player pays a certain entrance fee to join a pool rummy table, which is used to establish the Prize Pool.


  • Arrange the 13 cards in your hand into sets and/or sequences.


  • To complete sets and/or sequences, each player takes turns picking/discarding a card from a closed/open deck.


  • To declare, you can move a card to the finish slot. You can announce your sets and sequences by moving a card to the finish slot.


  • To declare, the player must combine the cards in their hand into sets/sequences and then click the 'Declare' button.


  • It is required that you declare at least two sequences, one of which must be a pure sequence, to complete the game.

Caution: When playing with two decks, you can't use the same card twice in a set, therefore 4♠ 4 ♠ 4 isn't an acceptable set.

  • The winner is the first player to finish the game after completing the game objective. The game will continue minus the player who finished without completing the objective at a six-person table. This player is awarded 80 points.


  • The winner receives a score of 0 points. The loser is awarded points based on their hand of cards.


  • Each card is worth a set number of points.


1) 10 points for J.

2) 10 points for Q

3) 10 points for K.

4) 10 points for A.

  • For example, all other numbered cards have the same point value as their face value. 7 is worth 7 points, while 3 is worth 3 points.


  • The jokers are worth nothing.


  • The game's loser receives the following points:


  • If a player completes the game without completing the game objective, the player is eliminated from the game and receives 80 points.


  • If a player misses three consecutive turns, he or she loses and receives the middle drop score, which in 101 Pool is 40 points and in 201 Pool is 50 points.


  1. Points Rummy

If you're looking for a quick rummy game, consider points rummy. It's simple and quick, and it usually takes only a few rounds to complete. It's fast-paced and keeps you guessing. Points have a predefined rupee value in this rummy variant. Whether you play with two or six opponents, the speed at which cards are taken and discarded to construct sequences and sets is thrilling. If you have a poor hand, quit the game to avoid losing points.

The player who loses is awarded the following points:

  1. A specific number of points is assigned to each card. The losing player is awarded points based on the following formula:
  2. Each of the suits J, Q, K, and A is worth ten points.
  3. All other numbered cards are for the same amount of points as their face value, for example, 7 is worth 7 points and 3 is worth 3.
  4. The value of the Joker card is zero.
  5. With the following exceptions, a losing player's hand score is determined at the end of the game by adding points for cards that are not categorized as sets/sequences. All cards are counted if the losing player lacks a pure sequence. If the losing player only has a single sequence instead of two, only that sequence is used.
  6. A player can score up to 80 points. For example, even if a player's hand score is 81, they will only receive 80 points. If a player's hand score is 79, however, they receive 79 points.
  7. If a player misses three consecutive turns, he or she is instantly removed from the game. This translates to a 40-point middle drop score for this player.

Deals Rummy

Participants in Deals Rummy use chips that are allocated at the start of the game for a set number of deals. One player receives all of the chips at the end of each deal. The rummy game winner is selected by the player who has the most chips at the end of a certain number of deals

Rummy Tournaments:

  • Multi-table & Multiplayer Online Rummy Tournaments: Multi-table and multiplayer online rummy tournaments are played, with players progressing to the finish line. Cash events have a prize pool, and the total amount won is determined by the number of players who enter the tournament and play rummy.
  • Tournaments with Cash Prizes: Real cash rummy tournaments are played for real money with real money prizes. These competitions take place at set intervals on a daily or monthly basis. To play these games, players must deposit money into their accounts made on online rummy sites.
  • Promotional Tournaments: There is no entrance fee for these tournaments, however, the awards are in real money. These tournaments take place at regular periods.
  • Mega Tournaments: These tournaments last almost a month and give the most money. Week after week, qualifiers are chosen, with the final at the end of the month.
  • Club Tournaments: After rummy games download is made on the phone, some rummy apps may have club tournaments. It is only open to members of specific clubs. There is no entry fee, but the player must be a member of the club to participate. The member of such clubs can play rummy online with friends and play online rummy free games on the app too.
  • Practice Tournaments: Practice tournaments help you hone your rummy skills and familiarize yourself with the rummy app you are playing any. Practice tournaments are not held to win real money on a play rummy app. Once a player is at ease, he can progress to real caliber games. Practice tournaments are for users to play rummy online free.

How To Play Rummy Online?

Have you ever enjoyed playing rummy games online on your computer? Now you can enjoy the same thrills and play rummy games on your smartphone with a rummy app. For a quick, safe, and flawless app experience playing all rummy games on your mobile, download the best rummy app or play rummy apk of your choice on your Android or iOS device. You can then enjoy your favorite variants of rummy such as points, pool, and deals rummy on the go.

Rummy Strategy, Tips, and Tricks

  • Try not to be predictable
  • Give priority to pure sequence
  • Being smart and dropping out of the game is not in your favor
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Rummy Game Vs Poker Game


  • Rummy Games are a collection of matching card games that are played by matching rummy cards. Poker is a group of card games in which players place bets and compete against one other.
  • Rummy is a well-known game that is popular in certain nations, such as India. Rummy is played in clubs. When compared to Rummy, poker is more popular over the world. Poker is most likely to be played in casinos.


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Even though poker games and rummy games both fall into the category of popular card games, there are significant distinctions in the rules and game structure. Rummy is simpler to pick up, but poker is far more rewarding. While Rummy is more of a social game, some people play poker professionally and even make a living doing so. Play poker online on Spartan Poker and earn up to Rs 30,000 daily!