What is Teen Patti? 

Indians enjoy the spirit of festivals with card games. Teen Patti/ तीन पत्ती is one such card game that’s played during Janmashtami and Diwali. The simplicity of the game makes it a favourite among card players. Every player gets three cards. They make the best three-card combination to win the pot. So, what’s the final goal of the players? To win money! How will they win more money? By betting and increasing the pot amount!

How did the game get its name? Teen means three in Hindi and patti means cards. This means that a game of teenpatti is played with three cards. 

All the players in the game put a boot amount before the teen patti game begins. Typically, there are 3-6 players in the game. A regular deck of 52 cards is used, excluding the jokers. The goal of the teen patti game is to get the best hand combination with three cards. As the game progresses, the amount in the pot keeps increasing and the winner of the game gets all the pot money.

Objective of the Game

3 Patti or Teen Patti is an Indian card game that is played throughout South Asia. There are 3-6 players in the 3 Patti game. As the name suggests, three cards are used to play 3 patti. The goal of the players is to make the best three-hand combination. Here, we shall be going through the various 3 patti rules to play the game.

The objective of players is to win the pot money. Players bet to maximize the pot and make the best three-card combination with their cards.

History of Teen Patti

Teen Patti game is influenced by poker. It is also known as Flush or Flash. The gameplay of teen patti is like 3 card brag, a poker game where players use three cards to play. While rummy is popular in the South, 3 patti is mostly played in the Indian states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. 

Betting games are ingrained in Indian culture since long ago. Mahabharata and Ramayana describe how Indians enjoyed playing betting games as early as 2000 BC and 1500 BC. Emperor Akbar had a special house for playing betting games in his palace. It isn’t clear if 3 patti game originated in India, or if European traders brought it to India during their voyages to India.

In present-day India, teen patti is played during festivals. Playing tash patti during family get-togethers keeps people entertained and keeps their minds away from thinking of food. Let’s find out more about teenpatti game ahead.

3 Patti Card Rankings

Understanding all patti chart brings you one step closer to acing the तीन पत्ती game. Therefore, let’s have a look at the six types of 3 patti hand rankings given below.

  1. Trio or Trail: Trio or trail are three cards in a row of the same rank as per the 3 patti hierarchy. Triple 7 is a good example. This is the highest 3 patti sequence.
  2. Straight Run: As per the 3 patti rules chart, three cards of the same suit are in a row. 5, 6, and 7 of Diamond are examples.
  3. Normal Run: Three cards of different suits must be arranged in sequential order. A of Spade, J of Club, and Q of Diamond, for example. 
  4. Flush: These are three cards of the same suit and color in a row. Flush 3 patti hands aren't in any order. You can have a King of Hearts, Queen of Hearts, and Jack of Hearts, for example. 
  5. Pair: As per 3 patti rules, a pair sequence occurs when two of the three cards dealt are of the same rank. A, A, and K, for example. 
  6. High Card: Three cards are arranged differently in terms of suit and color, and they remain out of order despite having a high-ranking card in the teen patti sequence. A, K, and J, for example.

Now you have a basic understanding of 3 patti hands and how a 3 Patti sequence is formed. 

Below is a glimpse of the 3 patti rules that will help you in playing the game.

How to Play Teenpatti Game? 

Let’s have a look at how to play 3 patti below.

  • Players: 3-6 players.
  • Cards: Standard Deck of 52 Cards.
  • Objective: Get the best hand combination with three cards. 

Teen Patti Gameplay in Step to Step

Step.1) Select a Dealer: There are two ways to select a dealer. The first way is to mutually decide on a dealer among yourselves. Or else, you can distribute cards to each player, and the player with the highest-ranking card becomes the dealer.

Step.2) Place Ante: An ante is collected from each player to form an initial pot that players will fight over in online teen patti real money.

Step.3) Cards Distribution:  The dealer distributes cards to each player in the teen patti cash game.

Step.4) First Player Acts: The act begins with the person seated to the left of the dealer. He can play either blind or seen. Playing blind means, you cannot see your cards, and playing seen means you can see your cards. Players can fold, call the ante or raise to double it if they play blind. A player can fold, raise to twice the ante, or double it again if they play seen.

Step.5) Continue Play: Each player can fold, call, or raise as a blind or seen player as the round progresses clockwise. The bet amount in the teen patti online game or offline game is based on the previous player's bet.

Step.6) Request Side-Show: If there are still at least three players in the game and a seen player is acting after another seen player, the acting player may ask for a side-show with the earlier player. The requested player has the option to accept or reject the request. Both players will reveal their cards to one another covertly if they accept. The teen patti game will then continue while the person with the weakest hand ranking is eliminated.

Step.7) Showdown: One of the players has the right to demand a showdown after enough players have folded or sideshows have taken place in the teen patti cash game.
The winning player is the person who has the strongest three-card combination in the offline or online teen patti games. 

The winning player is the person who has the strongest three-card combination in the offline or online teen patti games.

3 Patti Game Rules


  1. 3 patti rules include a dealer who distributes three 3 patti cards to each of the players at the table.
  2. The 3 patti cards are dealt in a clockwise direction.

Staking Process

  1. As per teenpatti game rules, the game is played clockwise, starting at the left of the dealer.
  2. Players place bets on who has the best hand after receiving their cards.
  3. Players have two options when placing a wager: they can play blind, that is, without seeing the cards, or they can bet after seeing them. Blind players are those who place a wager without checking their cards, and seen players are those who see their cards. 
  4. As necessary, bets are passed around the table.
  5. Players have the choice to fold and place no bet.
  6. A player who chooses to fold loses the bet put into the pot as well as all future betting possibilities.

Boot Amount

  1. Pre-decide a boot amount to play this tash patti game.
  2. Collect the boot from every player. This boot amount is kept at the center of the table. 

Betting Process

Players have these betting options:

  1. They can play blind, that is, without seeing the teenpatti cards.
  2. They can play seen, that is, bet after seeing cards.
  3. The players have the choice to fold and place no bet.

Determine the Stake's Value

  1. The stake's value is determined by whether the current player and the player immediately preceding him or her were playing blind or not. 
  2. 3 Patti rules suggest that if the current player, as well as the previous players, are both playing blind, then the staked amount remains the same. However, the amount deposited in the pot can be doubled. 
  3. If the prior player is not playing blind, the current player has the option of using half of the previous player's staked value or the current staked value. 
  4. If neither player is playing blind, the current stake value remains the same or can even be increased. 
  5. The current stake value is doubled or could be increased by four times in just the preceding player playing blind.

Card Folding or Showing

  1. As per the 3 patti rules, the betting continues until all, but one player has folded their cards. Finally, the last player wins the entire pot.
  2. As per the teenpatti rules, if all but two players fold, one of them can challenge the other to a 'show'.
  3. Depending on whether the present player, as well as the preceding player, is playing blind or not, the stake values are different.


As per the teenpatti rules, if all but two players fold, one of them can challenge the other to a 'show'. Players pay a small amount when they ask for a show. 

  1. Blind show: The amount for blind players is the current bet as per teenpatti game rules. You cannot ask for a show if you are playing seen and the other real cash 3 patti player is playing blind. 
  2. Seen Show: If both players are playing seen, either of them can ask for a show and can pay twice the current stake. Players' 3 patti cards are disclosed in a show, and the one with the higher-ranking hand wins the pot. If the hands are tied, the player who did not pay for the show wins the pot.


  1. If all the players are playing seen, you can ask the player who bet immediately before you for a compromise, also known as a sideshow, when it's your turn.
  2. Just after betting the minimum amount (double the current stake), you can ask the player who bet immediately before you for a sideshow.
  3. As per 3 patti rules, the player before you can accept or oppose the compromise.
  4. If the compromise is accepted, the two players involved compare their cards in private.
  5. The player with the lower-ranking cards must fold right away.
  6. If there is a tie, the player who requested the compromise must fold.
  7. If the compromise is rejected, the betting resumes with the person who came after the one who requested the sideshow.

It's worth noting that the staking process in this game differs significantly from that in Poker. There is no concept of equilibrating stakes, and a showdown with more than two players is impossible.

Teen Patti Game Terms To Know

Learning how to play teen patti gets easier when you learn the terms associated with the game. Have a look at the following teen patti terms.

  • Ante – This is also called Boot. Before the cards are dealt, the participants must bet a certain sum of money in 3 patti play online real cash.
  • Chaal – You see your cards before putting the next bet when playing Chaal in teen patti. You'll need to stake at least twice as much as the current ante in 3 patti real cash.
  • Blind – Making the bet when playing blind implies not looking at your cards. You can join Chaal at any moment, but you must follow its rules once you do.
  • Pot – The pot is where the bets are placed in offline or Online Teenpatti.
  • Fold – When you think your hand isn’t good, you decide to quit the teenpatti online game.
  • Raise – If you're playing blind, you can only raise your stake by doubling the previous player's bet. You can raise your stake 4x the previous player's bet if you play chaal.
  • Call – By doing this, you are matching the bet made by the players before you in teen patti real cash.
  • Show – When there are only two players left at the end of the online 3 patti real money game, to determine who would win, both must reveal their cards.
  • Compromise – Two Chaal players may compare their cards at any moment. This is known as a compromise. The player who holds the worst hand is forced to fold in real cash teen patti.

Teen Patti Strategy

With the right skills, you win a teen patti online game. Have a look at these winning strategies:

  1. Know the Rules: Know your teen patti game rules before playing to have a good gaming experience.
  2. Play Demo Games to Get Comfortable: It takes a lot of practice for a man to become perfect at a game. If you are new to teen patti, be sure to practice the game in demo mode on any online teen patti real money app. Make yourself comfortable with the game before investing any real money.
  3. Place Small Bets: Don't begin by placing large bets right away in teen patti real cash games. To begin, learn the game and its patterns, and then gradually increase your bets.
  4. Start with Blind Play: When you are playing a teen patti online, you can play blind at the start of real cash teen patti. It lets you concentrate on the game. It makes it easier to gauge how other players bet before you see your tash patti ke game cards.
  5. Manage your Bankroll: It is important to set a budget and stick to it. Don't stake more than you can afford to lose. This will help you to avoid going broke and losing all your money.
  6. Be Aggressive: Bet and raise often during the teen patti real cash game even if you don’t have the strongest hand. This will intimidate your opponents and make them fold and give up on their pot in teen patti online game.
  7. Bluff: Make your opponents believe that you have good hands even if you don’t. You can win big with this teen patti technique.
  8. Make the Right Decision: If you are losing a lot of money on a weak hand, you should play smart and pack. This saves you from losing money unnecessarily in teen patti real cash.

Winning Teen Patti

The pot increases throughout the game, and the winner of that hand takes it home. The person with the highest 3 patti hands sequence is declared the winner.

Teen Patti Games

Teenpatti features a variety of interesting game types such as Joker Teen Patti, Banko Teen Patti, AK-47 Teen Patti, Revolving Joker Teen Patti, Mufliss Teen Patti, 999 Teen Patti, 4X Boot Teen Patti, 3-2-1 Teen Patti, Stud Teen Patti, Cobra Teen Patti. Exploring the different 3 patti variations is a blast, exhilarating, and extremely entertaining experience.

  1. Lowball or Mufliss.
  2. Wild Draw.
  3. Low Wild.
  4. Joker Teenpatti.
  5. Banko Teen Patti.
  6. AK-47 Teen Patti.
  7. 999 Teen Patti.
  8. 4X Boot Teen Patti.
  9. 3-2-1 Teenpatti.
  10. Stud Teen Patti.

Where  to Play Teen Patti Online?

There are several teen patti online apps on the internet. You can download the best teen patti app on your phone from Play Store or App Store and entertain yourselves. Alternatively, you can play teen patti on your computer system by visiting an online teen patti website. 
Here are five tips to choose a good online teen patti website:

  1. Play on a legitimate and 100% safe and secure gaming platform.
  2. Play on teen patti online platform with good offers and a welcome bonus.
  3. Play on websites that offer easy 3 patti cash withdrawals.
  4. Read reviews of other players about the platform before playing a game.
  5. Make sure customer care is available 24/7 for the online 3 patti real money app for a hassle-free gaming experience.

While teen patti is popular in India, Poker is loved internationally and is now a trending card game in India. Let’s have a look at the difference between Poker and Teen Patti.

Poker Vs Teenpatti


Teen Patti Game

Poker is a game of skills and casino games.

 Teen Patti is played mainly in India.

Poker games are played with seven cards, from which players must create the best five-card combination.

Teen Patti is played with three cards per player.

Players bet before and after each hand is dealt in Texas hold'em. For the following card to be revealed, the pot must include the same amount of poker chips or money from each player. Teen Patti, on the other hand, allows players to put a small bet or you can say teen patti chips in the pot even before the game starts.

Poker players, on the other hand, must bet to view the next community card. They understand the strength of their cards only after seeing the River

In Teen Patti, players can inspect their cards whenever they choose and decide whether or not to place a bet.

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Teen Patti Rules FAQs

Q.1) Which Colour is highest in 3 Patti?

The best possible score is AKQ, while the lowest possible score is 4-3-2. We can include three unrelated cards of the same color, like the Ace, King, and Jack of diamonds, under the Three Patti color rules. Two of the three cards must be of the same rank and color, such as Ace, Ace, and King or Queen, Queen, and Jack.

Q.2) Is Rummy and 3 Patti same?

Rummy and 3 Patti are both different card games.

Q.3) Is playing Live Dealer Teen Patti the same as playing at a land-based casino?

The teen patti rules are the same for both live dealer teen patti and playing at a land based casino.

Q.4) Can we choose a joker in Teen Patti? 

The joker in teen patti depends on the variant you play. For example, mufliss teen patti variant has the lowest card as joker.

Q.5) What is a high card in 3 Patti? 

In high card, highest, second highest, and lowest card form a sequence. This is the lowest ranking hand in 3 patti.

Q.6) Is Teen Patti a game of skill or chance?

Ans:- Teen Patti is a game of chance if you are betting blind, but if you have seen the cards you hold then this is a game of skill. You will need to be really skilled in bluffing your opponents when you play this Indian card game.

Q.7) Is Teen Patti legal in India?

Ans:- Playing Teen Patti is banned in India since it falls under the category of luck-based games. Also, Indian law has no jurisdiction when it comes to foreign-based online casinos that support the teen patti format.

Q.8) How can I show in 3 Patti?

Ans:- To make a show in 3 patti, there must be only two players left in the game.