Teen Patti Online

What is Teen Patti? 

If you've only recently heard about Teen Patti, and the game's name entices you to look for a site that offers this popular card game, you can read the introduction before getting started. Teen Patti, often known as ‘Flush' or ‘Flash,' is a popular card game variant in India. The game is won by the player who has the best combination of cards in his hand. Teen Patti is a highly competitive game that originated in India and is now extensively played in casinos by a large number of participants.

Teenpatti History and Origin

Teen Patti is extremely well-liked all around the world, especially in the Indian states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Before the Common Era, the first cards were used in India. European influence "took over" over time and more regular commercial and social interactions.

After Dutch, Portuguese, British, and French traders established their centers, specific customs and hobbies started to permeate the daily lives of their Indian counterparts. These have been shown to have new card games by the time the British Raj was established.

A variation of the Three Card Brag that is still well-liked in the UK is called Teen Patti. The simpler 3-card Poker variation, known in India as Teen Patti or Flash, is most likely the inspiration for this card game.

There is no record that specifies where it was first played. But regardless of its origins, this card game is considered a traditional game by modern Indians, both urban and rural. Although contemporary variations have subsequently emerged, the traditional Teen Patti continues to be a mainstay during social occasions.

Look at the Rules below to play 3 Patti cards. 

Teen Patti Online Rules

Teenpatti rules are basic and straightforward. The Aces are at the top of the list, while 2 is at the bottom. The goal is to have the best three-card hand and increase the pot before the game ends. Remember that knowing the various hand rankings is just as crucial as knowing the betting rules before engaging in a game of Teen Patti. 

Teen Patti Hands

 Have a look at all the 3 Patti hands below. 

  1. Trio or Trail: Three cards in a row of the same rank. Triple 7 is a good example. This is the highest teen patti sequence.

  2. Straight Run: Three cards of the same suit in a row. Diamonds 5, 6, and 7 are an example.

  3. Normal Run: Three cards must be arranged in sequential order of different suits. A of Spade, J of Club, and Q of Diamond, for example. 

  4. Flush: Three cards of the same suit and color in a row. The series isn't in any particular order. You can have a King of Hearts, Queen of Hearts, and Jack of Hearts, for example. 

  5. Pair: A Pair sequence occurs when two of the three cards dealt, are of the same rank. A, A, and K, for example. 

  6. High Card: Three cards are arranged differently in terms of suit and color, and they remain out of order despite having a high-ranking card in their sequence. A, K, and J, for example.

Now you have a basic understanding of hands and how a teen patti sequence is formed. You can play any variant to win 3 patti real cash.

Teenpatti rules are not complicated. However, every player must know it well enough before investing in the game. Below is a glimpse of the teen patti rules chart.

  1.  Hand Ranking and Winning Sequence Determination: The dealt cards should have a sequence that is ranked higher than the other sequences in the series. This series looks a lot like what you'd see in a game of poker. This contains higher-ranking sequences like Trail (three of a kind sequence with three aces at the top and three 2s at the bottom), as well as lower-ranking sequences like 'High cards'.

  2. Dealing Cards: The 3 Patti rules include a dealer who distributes three 3 patti cards to each of the players at the table. This is done in a counter-clockwise direction. The round is started by the player closest to the dealer.

  3. Playing Blind or Not: Players can choose to play blind (that is, without looking at their dealt cards) or to glance at their cards before starting the game. After initial money is gathered equally from all participants and accumulated in the pot, this is done (a central pot for depositing all stakes).

  4. Determine the Stake's Value: The Teen Patti rules can be a little confusing at times. The stake's value is determined by whether the current player and the player immediately preceding him or her were playing blind or not. If the current player, as well as the previous players, are both playing blind, then the staked amount remains the same. However, the amount deposited in the pot can be doubled.? If the prior player is not playing blind, the current player has the option of using half of the previous player's staked value or the current staked value. If neither player is playing blind, the current stake value remains the same or can even be increased. The current stake value is doubled or could be increased by four times in just the preceding player playing blind.

  5. Card Folding or Showing: The betting continues until all but one player has folded his or her cards. Finally, the last player wins the entire pot. However, if all but two players fold, one of them can challenge the other to a 'show'. Depending on whether the present player, as well as the preceding player, is playing blind or not, the stake values are different.

Teen Patti Game Terms To Know

  • Ante – This is also called Boot. Before the cards are dealt, the participants must stake a certain sum of money.
  • Chaal – You see your cards before putting the next bet when playing Chaal in Teen Patti. You'll need to stake at least twice as much as the current ante.
  • Blind – Making the bet when playing blind implies not looking at your cards. You can join Chaal at any moment, but once you do, you must follow its rules.
  • Pot – This is where the bets are placed.
  • Fold – When you think your card-hand isn’t good so you decide to quit the game.
  • Raise – If you're playing blind, you can only raise your stake by doubling the previous player's wager. You can raise your stake 4x the previous player's bet if you play chaal.
  • Call – By doing this, you are matching the wager made by the players before you.
  • Show – When there are only two players left at the end of the game, to determine who would win, both of them must reveal their cards.
  • Compromise – Two Chaal players may compare their cards at any moment. The player who holds the worst hand is forced to fold.

How to Play Teen Patti Game? 

The rules of Teen Patti are quite similar to those of 3 Card Brag. Teen Patti is a game that can be played with three to seven people. In this game, a single 52-card deck is utilized, with the jokers from the deck being discarded. The game plays out similarly to a game of poker, with the dealer dealing three cards to each player. These are distributed in an anti-clockwise orientation, face down. In the Teen Patti games, the dealer is also a participant player. On the following hand, whoever wins a hand becomes the dealer. The player who is sitting on the left of the dealer starts the game.

To win a game of Teen Patti, you will first need to learn how to play the game. So without further ado, let’s get into it:

Step.1) Select a Dealer: Each player draws cards to decide who will be the dealer and who will play first.
Step.2) Place Ante: An ante is collected from each player to form an initial pot that players will fight over.
Step.3) Get cards: This is when the dealer distributes cards.
Step.4) Play as per the first player: The Act will begin with the person seated to the left of the dealer. He can play either blindly or seen. He can fold, call the ante, or raise to double it if he plays blind. He can fold, raise to twice the ante, or double it again if he plays seen.

Step.5) Continue play: Each player will have the choice to fold, call, or raise as a blind or seen player as the round progresses clockwise. The bet amount is based on the previous player's bet.

Step.6) Request side-show: If there are still at least three players in the game and a seen player is acting after another seen player, the acting player may ask for a side-show with the earlier player. The requested player has the option to accept or reject the request. Both players will reveal their cards to one another covertly if he accepts. The game will then continue while the person with the weakest hand ranking is eliminated.

Step.7) Showdown: One of the players has the right to demand a final showdown after enough players have folded or sideshows have taken place to leave only two players left in the game.

Teen Patti Games

Teenpatti features a variety of interesting game types such as Joker Teen Patti, Banko Teen Patti, AK-47 Teen Patti, Revolving Joker Teen Patti, Mufliss Teen Patti, 999 Teen Patti, 4X Boot Teen Patti, 3-2-1 Teen Patti, Stud Teen Patti, Cobra Teen Patti. Exploring the different 3 patti variations is a blast, exhilarating, and extremely entertaining experience.

Joker Teen Patti

Finding the most popular alternative to playing Teen Patti? If yes, then you can play Joker Teen Patti. Players use wild cards in the Joker Teen Patti variant to add to the fun of the game. Players choose a random card from the deck and use it as a wild card. After that, the dealer chooses all additional cards with the same rank, number, and strength as wild cards. Wild cards can be used to complete a hand if all other rules are followed.

Banko Teen Patti

The most popular way to play Teen Patti is the banko style. Banko follows the turn-by-turn pattern of play in the same way that Teen Patti does. That is, before playing, players must wait for their turn. At the start of the game, each player is given three cards. The dealer opens two of each player's cards in their turn, leaving one unopened. The player must then bet after deciding whether the last card will be within the numbers on the open cards. If players guesses correctly, they will stay in the game; if not, then they are out. The game continues in this manner until only one person remains; the final player wins the pot.

AK-47 Teen Patti

The rules of AK-47 Teen Patti are like those of standard poker, with the exception that the Ace (A), King (K), 4, and 7 become wildcards, similar to the Joker cards. That implies you can use any of the wildcards to form a hand. With 16 wildcards in play, AK-47 Teen Patti ensures a rapid way to get a complete hand. If a player has a trio of A-4-7, for example, this becomes A-A-A. The rest of the rules are the same.

Revolving Joker TeenPatti

You cannot miss out on Revolving Joker with several varieties of Teen Patti revolving around the Joker. Although this game follows the rules of regular Teen Patti, the Jokers are not the same throughout the game. The dealer places three Jokers on the table at the start of the game, and the game proceeds as usual. The Jokers are replaced with new ones when a player folds or packs. This will continue until either the pot reaches its maximum value or there are only two players left in the game for a showdown.

Mufliss Teen Patti

This game, sometimes known as Lowball, is similar to standard Lowball in Poker in that the card combinations are ranked in reverse order. The combination with the highest-ranking now has the lowest ranking, and vice versa. Mufliss is played similarly to traditional Teen Patti, with the exception that the player with the lowest combination wins the round and the person with the highest hand loses. In standard Teen Patti, if one player has A-A-A and the other has 3-2-5, the player with A-A-A wins and the other player loses. Mufliss Teen Patti, on the other hand, is the polar opposite.

999 TeenPatti

999 Teen Patti, while popular among gaming fans, is not the same as classic Teen Patti. In this variation, the person who has a whole hand that is closest to 999 wins. Face cards are counted as zero in this game (K, Q, J, and 10 of any suit). The rest of the cards are counted as per their numbers while A is counted as one. It's worth noting that the order of the cards can be arranged to reach a higher total. This means that instead of 9-0-9, a 9-Q-9 can be transformed to 9-9-0.

4X Boot Teen Patti

4X Boot Teen Patti is the game of choice for those who enjoy boots or pots. While all of the rules from the classic game apply, the boot size is the only difference. The boot's value is four times that of a regular Teen Patti, as the name implies.

3-2-1 TeenPatti

3-2-1 Teen Patti version follows a whole different set of rules. Each player is assigned six cards at the start of the game, which they must divide into three parts. The first part will have three cards, the second will have two cards, and the third will have one last card. Players are free to distribute their cards in any way they want.

Following the setup, the game begins with the players placing bets. The three cards come first, followed by the two cards, and finally the single card. In 3-2-1, a player must have the highest hand value in two rounds to win. That is, you must win two of the three-card, two-card, and one-card rounds. The game repeats if no one wins.

Stud Teen Patti

Stud Teen Patti has two versions. They are three-card studs and five-card studs. Each participant receives three cards in a three-card stud game. One card is dealt face-up, while the other two are dealt face-down. Two cards are dealt face-down and three cards are dealt face-up in a five-card stud game. Face-down cards are known as hole cards, while face-up cards are known as street cards. After the cards are dealt with, the game begins with the same rules as the traditional game.

Cobra TeenPatti

The Cobra Teen Patti is also known as Maatha. Before the game begins, the players agree on a specific amount and each contributes to the pot. The dealer then distributes one card to each player. Each participant then places the card on his or her forehead without checking the cards. Each player can see their opponent's card but not their own. The player who has the highest card value wins.

Let us now have a look at how to win at Teen Patti.

How to Win at Teen Patti Online?

The following are the top 3 Patti game strategies for winning the game. Have a look at how to play 3 Patti to win.

  • Make sure you read the guidelines thoroughly to learn everything there is to know about Teenpatti before you decide to play online 3 patti.

  • It takes a lot of practice for a man to become perfect. If you are new to 3 patti, be sure to practice the game in demo mode, which is available at many online casinos. Make yourself at ease with the game before investing real money.

  • Don't begin by placing large bets right away. To begin, learn the game and its patterns, and then gradually increase your wagers.

  • Begin by going blind. Starting blind allows you to concentrate on the game and evaluate it by seeing how other players bet before determining whether or not you want to see your cards and when.

  • And, sure, even in real cash 3 Patti, luck plays a role. If you discover you're losing a lot of money or have a lousy hand, it's occasionally wiser to play smart and pack. It makes sure do not to lose a lot of money. Try these tips to win online 3 patti real money games and then take home your 3 patti cash withdrawal.

The following are the many moves in the teenpatti game. Going through them will help you understand how to play 3 patti.

  1. Playing Blind: As previously stated, playing blind entails participants not checking the cards dealt to them before placing their wager. They are confident in the power of the card combination dealt to them and are willing to risk, placing the wager without first checking the cards

  2. Playing Seen: Playing Seen is sometimes referred to as Chaal. After the player has checked his or her cards, he or she can choose to bet based on the strength of their card combination or Pack (Fold), which simply means to quit the game.

  3. Sideshow Move: Back show is also known as a sideshow move. A player must have witnessed the sideshow move to access it. Until all but one player folds their cards, the betting continues. Finally, the last player wins the entire pot. However, if all but two players fold, one of them can challenge the other to a 'show'. Depending on whether the present player, as well as the preceding player, is playing blind or not, the stake values are different.

  4. Tie: If the remaining two players decide not to Show or Pack during the teen patti game, it will be ruled a tie. In this instance, the money in the pot will either be split between the two players or refunded to them.

  5. Show: If there are only two players left at the end of the game, and one of them asks the other to Show, the following rules apply: 

  • If a Seen player requests that a Blind player reveal his cards, the Seen player must wager four times the present stake.

  • If both remaining players are Seen, one of them must double their stake.

  • The Blind player is unable to use the Show move feature.

Teen Patti Vs Poker

Below are the differences and similarities between playing teenpatti online game and poker online.

The Differences


Teen Patti Game

Poker is a game of skills, probability, calculations, and strategy. This is one of the most significant and widely discussed contrasts between the two games. Poker players are dealt five common cards and must consequently monitor their opponents' activities to deduce their card combination.

Teen Patti is a game of chance.

Poker games are played with seven cards, from which players must create the best five-card combination.

Teen Patti is played with three cards per player.

Players bet before and after each hand is dealt in Texas hold'em. For the following card to be revealed, the pot must include the same amount of poker chips or money from each player. Teen Patti, on the other hand, allows players to put a small bet or you can say teen patti chips in the pot even before the game starts.

Poker players, on the other hand, must bet to view the next community card. They understand the strength of their cards only after seeing the River

In Teen Patti, players can inspect their cards whenever they choose and decide whether or not to place a bet.

Similarities Between Online Poker Vs Teenpatti Online

  • Both Poker and Teen Patti are played using a 52-card deck. Players battle for a share of the pot's money. The game's stakes are set at the beginning.
  • The result is declared with a showdown. The poker hands of the remaining players are compared, and the one with the best card combination wins the pot. If everybody folds except one player, the deal is completed accordingly. When a player folds, they are abandoning their claim to the pot.
  • The winning players' goal isn't necessarily to take home the pot and the money. It's also to figure out when and how much they should wager in the future. They must consider the game from both a psychological and a mathematical standpoint. When winners study their opponents closely, they might figure out how to persuade them to bet more, maximizing their profits from each hand.

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Teenpatti Online Game FAQs

Q.1) Which is the best Teen Patti game app?

Ans:- Teen Patti is a game that requires no introduction and is one of the favorite games to play during any family gathering. The Teen Patti game is also available online and some of the most popular apps are: Teen Patti Gold, Teen Patti Live, Teen Patti Pro etc.

Q.2) What is Teen Patti?

Ans:- Teen Patti is a family game that is played throughout India. It is played with the standard 52-card deck and bets are placed to win the pot.

Q.3) Is Teen Patti a game of skill or chance?

Ans:- Teen Patti is a game of chance if you are betting blind, but if you have seen the cards you hold then this is a game of skill. You will need to be really skilled in bluffing your opponents when you play this Indian card game.

Q.4) Is Teen Patti legal in India?

Ans:- Playing Teen Patti is banned in India since it falls under the category of luck-based games. Also, Indian law has no jurisdiction when it comes to foreign-based online casinos that support the teen patti format.

Q.5) Can I play Teen Patti online?

Ans:- There are a lot of websites as well as apps where you can play Teen Patti online. You can even team up with some of your friends and play the game at a private table.

Q.6) What is the rule of 3 Patti?

Ans:- You can check out the rules for 3 Patti in the related section above. However, the gist of it is that the person with the best winning hand is the one who takes home the pot.

Q.7) Which Colour is highest in 3 Patti?

Ans:- There is no color per se that has a hierarchy in the Teen Patti Game. However, the AKQ of any suit is the strongest hand.

Q.8) What is high card in 3 Patti?

Ans:- Ace King and Queen of any suit is the highest ranking winning hand in a game of teenpatti. But the Ace card of any suit is considered the strongest card.

Q.9) Is 3 Patti same as poker?

Ans:- Teen Patti shares a lot with poker with respect to card rankings and betting rounds. Although poker is a skill-based game, the 3 Patti card game leans more toward luck-based card games.