How to Play Kings and Queens

Last updated on : 28 Jan, 2021

How to Play Kings and Queens

Tips for Playing Kings and Queens:

Whenever you find yourself at a poker table, playing a game of poker, you’ll invariably be wishing to land one of the premium hands. Every player wants to hold the stronger hand and push himself to the finish line, in order to win. And while seeking such cards out is a great strategy, it falls flat on its face if you don’t know how to play such cards. However, you needn’t stress. We’ve got your back and we’ll share some online poker tips and tricks with you.


Out of all the best hands, you could land, one combination is that of King and Queen. These cards are really advantageous cards, but if they aren’t handled well, they can be quite useless. Now, when you’ve got a golden opportunity, you don’t want to waste it, do you? You don’t need to. We’ve got some tips for playing Kings and Queens, that’ll help you out in such a situation. They are as follows:


1) Pre-flop Aggressiveness:


While the King and Queen cards are strong cards, they are slightly tricky to play, especially once the Flop begins. The tricky part is that it is difficult to improve upon these cards once the Flop has set in.


Your chances of making a set with these cards aren’t that great in the Flop round. So, you need to do everything you can to protect yourself from weaker cards in the Flop. One of the best tips for playing Kings and Queens is to ensure that you raise enough in the pre-flop that you scare your competitors away. Such aggressive behavior in the pre-flop round, can ensure your success with these cards and will always work as one of the tips for playing Kings and Queens.


2) Raise more during the pre-flop while holding a Queen:


Out of all the tips for playing queens, this is the one that will lead you to more success, than you would, if you choose not to use it. While a Queen is strong card, it is still open to vulnerabilities. Especially when faced with other card combinations consisting of a King, the Queen might suffer.


In such cases, one of the best tips for playing Queens is to bet aggressively in the pre-flop. You should try to raise the bests made by your opponents. Your aim is to remove holders of cards such as King and Jack or even another King and Queen. This move greatly improves your odds in the post-flop action.


3) Be ready to fold:


Out of all the tips for playing Kings and Queens this one is a hard pill to swallow, but it is extremely essential. Often, when players have a relatively stronger hand, they refuse to fold, and incur even more losses.


Very importantly, you must remember that having a stronger hand does not equal to having the best hand. There are other combinations such as Ace and Ace, or even King and King or Queen and Queen, which can defeat us. When players at the table give an indication of holding a hand superior to ours, we must be ready to fold. From all the tips for playing Kings and Queens, this one can save you from a lot of trouble and also large losses.


4) Know what you are up against:


One of the most vital tips for playing Kings and Queens is to keep an eye on your opponents. It is important to read their hands and pick up on hints from their tells and betting patterns.


Your opponents could be holding hands such as Straights or Flush, which can take us down. They might even have a pocket pair like an Ace and Ace. So, be in tune with the entire goings on at the table, and then devise a strategy to play your cards.


While these tips for playing Kings and Queens can start you out, you will naturally learn how to play them, as you mature as a player. Playing more hands and gaining practice will teach you when to fold, and when to play these cards.


As we conclude, we hope you’ve learnt a little about playing this combination. We’ve tried to give you all the online poker tips and tricks for playing a King and Queen Combination. Now, all that’s left to do is join us at Spartan, play poker online, and try out your skills!

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