The Tales of Online Poker Tells!


Online poker tells usually come outward by means of abilities, reactions, signals, apprehensions, and a cold face of non-verbal correspondence. But isn’t that poker? Yes it is! If you want to transcend and overshadow your players during poker, you need to learn how to read people through their online poker tells or by their idiosyncrasies.


To learn online poker tells come from the experience you get by playing a number of games and learning to pick the clues before any move. You need to learn to anticipate your opponent’s moves and take advantage of their game. There are definitely various factors come into play while playing poker. There are rules that you need to follow. You need to maintain discipline and decorum. Poker is a game of craftiness and strategies. Not everyone wants to spill their beans.


 In case you have to excel the desires in online poker tells, you should learn to be a good judge of your amigo's actions. You examine people in terms of their appearances, their discipline, and their mannerisms. When you have a guest at home, you also tend to judge them by the shoes they wear. Every individual has a way of scrutinizing another person.


 The outward appearance, reactions, facial expressions, dressing et cetera should be observed and considered before you judge a person. This snippet of data can help you anticipate the character of the person. Poker is considered to be a game of artists. It is challenging and needs a lot of analysis. Just like any competitive sport, every poker player is in it for competition. Every player has his mannerisms and style to play his cards.


The usefulness of online poker tells can vary, and it is important to understand that different players have different patterns of behaviour. Experienced players can have patterns that are greatly surreal when compared to beginner players. Other tells are common but totally unreliable, whereas some can be infrequent but very reliable, depends! This is the reason why it's hard to say something like: "Such-and-such is the most useful poker tell."


Recreational purpose poker players often display their live online poker tells all over again. Always remember that these are not magic tells and there can be a lot of other tells too, especially amongst most of the experienced players. Generally, you have to study a player beforehand and gain some indication that the particular tell holds have remained consistent for them. Avoid making casual readings of their tells because it's hard to know, without prior observation, if general patterns of their behaviour will apply to a specific player or no.


Most of these tells apply to face-to-face poker games, rather than online poker. It is easier to judge a player when on the same table. There are a set of players that can be intimidating, monstrous, weak or even easy to playoff. But the question is, how do you find out the particular player in the game? How do you judge the personality? Is it possible to find a character sketch of an individual? Can you make wild guesses? Understand, every player has a peculiar behaviour that you need to study. Every individual possesses a typical way of taking his game forward. The basic characteristics of a player are:


  • A player who is the continuous bettor
  • A bluff master
  • A crazy aggressive player
  • An early folder
  • A player who plays on weak hands
  • A pro player


Inexperienced players cannot very well judge other players. But even the slightest smile on an opponent‘s face can be judged by an experienced player. Every player has a particular tendency which he uses to play his cards. The prominent ones in terms of their aggression of betting get recognized due to their rash betting. The passive ones usually are the quiet ones. You need to consider the following elements to judge the latent capacity and take advantage by scrutinizing them in terms of:


1. Eyes do the speaking – Shades are a really big thing for a master poker player. Poker players choose to wear shades or tops during a game. Eyes usually do a lot of talking when your facial expressions wouldn’t. Look for the eyes that can lie and can give an opening and an idea regarding the hand. Some may end up looking at their close and opening cards for longer, some may put it back down, some may peak or some may not even see it. Other players usually investigate their cards, and if they come out confident their eyes would light up. This would crumble the confidence of a lot of players.


2. Scrutinize that expression – Players usually endeavor to give the best online poker face. But an experienced player can inspect the littlest hints of weak hands through the outward appearance of the body tics. Learn to examine the littlest hints. Learn online poker tells well. A couple of players have a particular reaction to a bad hand. Some people can counterfeit and mislead foes by giving a certain expression. Make sure you stay consistent and never let your gatekeeper down. Be mindful. Be smart to judge an expression.


3. A peek at the chips – A lot of players have a common reaction of squinting at the chips when they are ready to bet. Make sure you watch and react suitably. If they are checking out the chips and swiveling, try and judge their hand.


The forms of poker tells

  •  Betting patterns
  • Physical tells


Spotting an accurate poker tell is difficult. For example, a player may bet his chips into the pot with aggression and wait for the action. For most of the players, this confidence is considered to be a big hand. For the rest of the players, it is usually bluff. Obviously, some poker tells are false and contradictory. It is not magic. It tests your observational skills. We all have seen a face of displeasure or a screwed up face while people bet on weaker hands. You need to decide if they are playing strong or bluffing.


A list of online poker tells that indicate a strong hand!


  • Confident speech
  • Sometimes shaky hands
  • A relaxed smile
  • Impatient in terms of betting
  • Continuous stare at the Flop
  • Sudden attentiveness
  • A peek at the chip stack
  • A delicate way of sliding the chips into the pot
  • Intense glancing at players post-flop
  • Hyper
  • Bigger pupils
  • Nervous betting
  • Smaller bet size
  • Impatient to bet on the hand
  • Constant raising


A list of online poker tells that indicate a weak hand!


  • Incoherence or weird speech
  • Throwing chips on the table
  • In here on missing at Flop
  • Tightened lips
  • A fake smile
  • Nervous cringing of knuckles
  • Shaky legs and nervously chewing gum
  • Reaction post betting
  • Being frozen and nervous most of the times
  • Putting up a strong front


Online poker tells a legit thing

You know it becomes difficult for you to judge a player when you’re playing online poker. There is no face-to-face interaction. Although the poker player is not visible to you, his actions speak louder. There are still a number of tells that you can use online to help yourself read the mind of your opponent.


1. A fundamental poker tell: When a person tries to conceal his true intentions, he tends to act in an opposite way. This applies only to a player playing online. A weak hand means strong playing, and a strong hand means weak.


2. A pause tell: You need to keep this in mind that for many reasons, the opponents may pause due to bad internet connection or a quick break. This happens to be considered as a subconscious action. A long pause and check means the person has a weaker hand on he doesn’t have the odds to bet. But in case of a long pause followed by betting for raising means the opponent has a better hand or a stronger hand.


3. A talker tell: People usually use this tactic to know what other people are betting on and give out information on purpose to brag about their hand. They want other people to believe them and bet accordingly. It is not that often that you come across such players who use such a tactic to overpower their players. But, if you catch them, the next thing you do is appropriately bet on the hand you have.


4. A hawk eye tell: You need to have a hawk’s eye. Keep an eye on players who have a significant batting pattern. Some players make fold due to increased pressure. Some might play aggressively in spite of increasing pressure.


5. Avatar tell: The avatar and the players’ screen name reflects a lot about a player. Older players are usually tighter. Your avatar on your online poker forum matters a lot. It says a lot about your personality. It speaks loud about your playing style.


6. Speedy betting tell: The speed of the betting limits of a player speaks louder. His rash betting can be done in order to bluff or can be in terms of strong hands. Sometimes speedy betting is also done in order to make your players fold their cards. Weaker players will back off as soon as they feel their hand is weaker. They get scared.


7. Bemoaning bad luck: Someone who is crying about their bad hands. This player who blames everything but themselves for their losses and feels snakebite. Because they are too concentrated on the results, rather than decisions, they tend to overlook or fail to recognize that variance is a part of the game.


What are the characteristics of a real smile on the opponent’s face?


  •  Real smiles are deeper, involving more of the mouth muscles.
  • They are more dynamic
  • They are more symmetrical
  • Constant and genuine


The deliberate false online poker tells a player would be unable to hide!


  • Big time poker actors who fake to confuse their fellow mates. Make it your mission to annoy them and prove them wrong. Be conscious while judging them. Try and disappoint them. The face value is different than the false value. These players are easy to bust once they are recognized. The play the bluff on their ego, but as soon as someone breaks this ego, they try to play defensive. They might start betting rash to make you fold and when you are unable to, they start aggressively.


The verdict


Coming to a point where you emphasize the importance of absorbing your opinions, you play a game with yourself. You start becoming a better judge of a person and his betting patterns. Every time you get to see the cards, you need to judge and guess your appearance accordingly. At first, you might get things wrong, but over time and with practice, you will get surprisingly accurate information about every individual on the table. If you want to experience for cartels online, head to Spartan poker and try it to your benefit.