What is Pyramid Solitaire?

A standard deck of 52 cards is used to play Pyramid Solitaire. Pyramid Solitaire is a card game where the object is to get all the cards from the pyramid to the foundation. The goal of the players is to remove cards from the pyramid. Do you wish to learn how to play pyramid solitaire? If yes, then keep reading below.

Pyramid Solitaire Online

If you love playing the traditional solitaire game and are looking for a slight twist and entertainment during the game, you can try playing the pyramid game. In this game, the cards are arranged in the form of a pyramid. This is the reason it is named ‘Pyramid Solitaire’. The pyramid solitaire game is fun to play and is easy to learn.

How to Play Pyramid Solitaire Game?

1.  First things first. Shuffle the deck.

2.  Then, you have to make a pyramid with the cards. Place one card on the top, two cards in the second row, three cards in the third row, till you reach a point where you have seven cards in the last row.

3.  Make sure that each row is overlapping the previous row.

4.  There will be 28 cards in the pyramid once you have finished distributing the cards.

5.  All the other cards are kept face down on the table.

These are the basics of how to play the pyramid solitaire game. Let us now understand the rules of the pyramid solitaire classic.

Pyramid Solitaire Rules

  • The cards that are kept face down on the table have to be revealed one by one.
  • If a card from the draw pile isn't played, the next card from the draw pile should cover it.
  • It can be used later in the game if it is uncovered, but only if any draw pile cards on top of it can be discarded.
  • When the combined value of two exposed cards equals 13, they can be discarded. The pyramid solitaire game is sometimes referred to as the Solitaire 13 game.
  • Discarding is always an option, and there are occasions when not discarding is a preferable tactical choice.
  • If no cards overlap in the pyramid card game, the cards are exposed.
  • At any given time in the game, only one card from the draw pile is exposed.
  • The most recent draw pile card to be turned up is the only card from the draw pile that is exposed.
  • For instance, if both a 6 and a 7 are exposed in the pyramid, they can be discarded.
  • Cards can be discarded if a 9 is exposed in the pyramid and 4 is exposed after being turned up from the draw pile. Also, when 8 and 5 are exposed in the pyramid.
  • An important observation in the pyramid solitaire game is the rules of the game.

1.  Ace = 1

2.  Jack = 11

3.  Queen = 12

4.  King = 13

This means that if you get a king, you can discard the king in the game directly. Cards and combinations of cards that can be discarded are given below:

Cards And Combinations Of Cards That Can Be Discarded

  • King
  • Queen + Ace
  • Jack + 2
  • 10 + 3
  • 9 + 4
  • 8 + 5
  • 7 + 6

Is there any alternate way to discard the cards in the pile? Yes. You can discard three cards at one time. Let us see how to discard three cards from the pile at a time.

Alternate Way Of Discarding Cards In The Pile:

  • Rather than revealing cards from the draw pile one at a time, reveal them in groups of three.
  • To begin with three distinct piles, the first set of three is laid out on the table.
  • When new cards are drawn in the future, they are distributed among these three piles.
  • Throughout the game, the order in which the cards are placed on the piles should be consistent.

How To Win Pyramid Solitaire?

You can win the game if all the cards have been removed from the pyramid of cards. Or else, if the pile of cards is exhausted.

Poker Vs Pyramid Solitaire


1.  Poker is a game of skills that is played with real money most of the time.

2.  Only adults are allowed to play the game.

3.  The game goes on for many hours.

4.  Usually, two to eight players are required to play poker.

Pyramid Solitaire

1.  Pyramid Solitaire is a fun game that can be played by a single player.

2.  Adults as well as kids, both can play the game.

3.  The game duration is 15 minutes to one hour.

4.  Pyramid solitaire is mostly played for leisure. A single player can play this game.

While solitaire or pyramid solitaire online is a great game to kill some time, you can play online poker and win real money.

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Pyramid Solitaire FAQs

Q.) How many levels are in Pyramid Solitaire Saga?

There are around 10-12 levels in the Pyramid Solitaire Saga.

Q.) Is every game of Pyramid Solitaire winnable?

Not all the games of Pyramid Solitaire are winnable. However, the majority of times, Pyramid Solitaire is solvable.

Q.) How do you do the Pyramid Solitaire?

The cards are arranged in the form of a pyramid in a pyramid solitaire game. There is one card in the first row, two cards in the second row, three in the third row, and so on till you have seven cards in the last row.

Q.) Is Pyramid Solitaire always solvable?

The majority of the games are solvable and some might be unsolvable.