There is more to it than just the sequence. You see that deck of cards, and the first instinct you have is to shuffle them. Toss them around like you know all the tricks in the book and you are a pro. But then the cards go flying around and the fact of the matter is, you never took the effort to learn the art of playing cards or shuffling the deck like the ones you see in television and casinos.

You always wondered as to how those players out there get it right every time. The guts to play a hand and maybe even win some! And every time you play a hand, you lose.

It's not the balls that make them win big or just because practice or because they can keep a poker face. There is a lot more to it than just keep a straight face or as they call it poker face!

A lot of people use card tricks while shuffling. These are simple tricks where the best cards or the ideal cards to get you a winning hand are placed on the top. It sounds simple but takes a lot of practice to get it right. We don't advise you to do it but all's fair in love and war. But this is just cards and a whole lot of cash. Again we don't advise this. This will keep you from learning the skill that you need to get a winning hand or to know when to give up. Don't depend on just fate.

Understand the sequence, each deck has 52 cards and out of which there are 12 face cards. These cards are your higher ranking. In any game of cards, it is the higher ranking card that give you a better hand or a sequence that is of a higher rank. Now if we look for a card game called GO FISH; you need 4 of a kind to win the game. Now if you had 3 Queens and 1 King, what would you ask for? I'm guessing you'll ask for a Queen, but the right thing to ask for is the King. You ask why? It's because you already have 3 KINGS in your hand and therefore the chances of getting the 4th one anytime soon is lesser. So we ask for the KING and therefore the chance of picking up 2 more KINGS is higher!