What is Court Piece (Rung) Game?

Court Piece game is a thrilling trick-taking game popular in India and Pakistan. When it was first rising to prominence in the world of RMG, the Court Piece Game was called many names like Court Pees and Coat Piece card game in India, and Rung or Rang in Pakistan.

Whatever the name it is known in different regions, the essence of the game remains the same- It's fun, engaging, and competitive- 3 things we love in all our family-friendly games.

Objective: The objective of this fast-paced trick tracking game is to win as many tricks as possible. You can use various strategies to achieve the end result.

Requirements for Court Piece Game: Court Piece is a four-player game played by 2 pairs of partners. Each player sits across from his/her partner at the table. The standard 52-card deck is used in this game.

Card Rankings: Trump is in the highest-ranking card group. So by extension, the A of trumps would be the highest ranking card, and the card rankings would follow according to the hierarchy of the cards from the trump suit.

Requirements for Coat Piece: Court Piece is a four-player game played by 2 pairs of partners. Each player sits across from his/her partner at the table. The standard 52-card deck is used in this game.

How to Play Court Piece?

Do you think learning the Coat Piece game will be challenging!!

In the hands of a good mentor, learning anything new can be fun and easy. So, allow me to step up to the plate and help you learn how to play court piece


The cards in the standard deck are ranked as follows from highest to lowest: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.


Partnerships and the first dealer can be determined in a variety of ways, withdrawing for low cards being one of the most common.


Trumps: The highest-ranking suit which is usually decided by the player/team that wins. (There are other rules to determine trumps as well. Keep reading for more information….)

Cut the Deck: Picking a random amount of cards from a shuffled deck and placing them at the bottom of the pile. The top cards are dealt to the players.

Trump Caller: The person to the dealer's immediate right is the ‘Trump Caller’. The Trump caller is responsible for declaring the trump suit.

Dealing in Court Piece

  • The dealer shuffles the deck and the player to his immediate right, cuts the deck before handing it back to the dealer. The dealer then distributes the cards amongst the players in a counter clockwise rotation.
  • In the first dealing round, each player is dealt five face-down cards.
  • Following the distribution of the first batch of cards, the Trump Caller picks up and examines his cards before declaring the trump suit for the hand.
  • The other players should wait until the Trump Caller has chosen the trump suit for the hand before picking up their cards.
  • Following After the trump selection, the dealer distributes the remaining cards in four-card groups. The dealer distributes the cards in the following way: 5-4-4.

Play of Trump Caller in Court Piece

  • The first card is the first trick by the Trump Caller.
  • In a counter clockwise rotation, each subsequent player adds one card to the trick.
  • When playing a trick, a player must play a card from the same suit played if he has one.
  • If he does not have such a card from the discarded suit, he may play any card from his hand, including a trump suit card, to help him win the trick.
  • Whoever plays the highest trump card or suit card in the court piece card game is the winner of the trick.
  • Each trick's winner starts the next trick round by playing a card of a suit of their choice.
  • As tricks are won, the winner gathers the cards in the trick and places them by on his side.
  • They should be placed face down so that the other players can see how many tricks the player has won.

Coat Piece Game Variations

The essence of the game remains the same, but to add extra spice to the fun, a few twists are given to the variations to differentiate them from the original.

Here are a few:

  1. Point System: When the game is over, the players decide how many points will be awarded.
  2. Rounds: The number of rounds (hands or deals) is decided by the players.
  3. Timer: Each rung game player is assigned a set amount of time to take their turn before the game automatically plays another turn for them and moves on. For example, Fast rung games are 7 secs, Standard coat piece games are 15 secs, Slow is 30 secs, and Very Slow rung game is 60 secs. The timer can be turned off by players only for private tables.
  4. Redeal: During a redeal rung game, the cards can be redealt if the players have Jacks or lower cards.
  5. Bigger Piles: Bigger piles are needed to win the trick when enabled. Players need five tricks to win the rung game trick to begin the game (instead of 3), and after that, they only need three tricks to win the pile (instead of two).
  6. No Trump: Declaring ‘No trumps’ is allowed
  7. Be Rung Game Trump: When activated during a rung game, the first rung card played of a different suit becomes the trump. In this variant, there is no trump caller, and the dealer deals all 13 cards to the players. Without trump, coat piece trick-taking continues as usual until someone is unable to follow. A card that is played out of suit when someone is unable to follow suit becomes the trump.
  8. Dealer Declares Trumps: When playing the coat piece game, this variation is the only one accessible. The declarer must display the non-suit cards discard. Other players will not be able to see the declarer's selected suit since it is placed face down, preventing players from knowing the secret of trump.

Court Piece Rules

The following are the court piece rules.


After all thirteen tricks have been completed, the hand is scored as follows as per court piece rules:

  • The coat piece team that wins seven or more tricks during the hand is said to have won the deal.
  • According to coat piece rules, if a team wins seven consecutive deals, they receive one Court.
  • When either team scores a court, the count resets to zero, as does the number of consecutive deals a team has won.
  • If a coat piece team wins the first seven consecutive tricks of a hand, they not only win the deal, but they also win one Court right away. This is sometimes referred to as a goon court.
  • If a team wins every trick in a hand, they win a whopping 52 Courts. This is known as a bavney or 52-court.

Additional Rules

  • To save time, once one team wins seven tricks in a row, the rest of the hand is skipped, and that team is declared the winner.
  • This includes when a team wins the first seven tricks in a row for one Court.
  • They will, however, sometimes continue to play the hand if they believe they can score a 52-court.
  • If the current dealer's team wins the deal, the next hand is dealt by the player to his immediate right.
  • If the Trump Caller's team wins the deal but does not score a Court on the hand, the same dealer shuffles and deals the next hand.
  • If the Trump Caller's team wins a Court on the hand, the previous dealer's partner becomes the dealer on the next hand.
  • The Trump Caller for the hand is the player to the right of the current dealer.
  • Before the game begins, all of the players usually agree on a set playtime.
  • After this time has passed, the current hand is completed, and the team with the most Courts is declared the winner.

The game concludes in a draw if both sides have earned the same number of Courts.

You can play online court piece or offline court piece.

Most Common Coat Piece Variations Played Today

Just like Pepsi was inspired by coca cola, and Balaji wafers are a variation of Lays, variations of court piece games have developed over time. Check these out:

Trump Card Show: Instead of calling a specific trump suit, in this variant, the Trump Caller chooses one of his first five cards and places it face up on the table. The suit of the chosen card determines the trump suit for the hand. Even though this card remains on the table in front of the player, it is still considered a part of the Trump Caller's hand. As a result, he would play this card at the right time, just as if it were in his hand.

Trump Deferred: This is another variation of the court piece game form that is occasionally used to permit the Trump Caller to postpone the choice of the trump suit. If the Trump Caller does not choose to choose a suit from his initial group of cards, the first card dealt with the Trump Caller from the next batch is turned over and sets the trump suit. This card is believed to be a part of the Trump Caller's hand, and he may use it as a trick as if it were still in his actual hand.

Double Sir: With one exception, Double Sir is played exactly like Court Piece. This change, however, is big enough that it can radically alter the tactics used by the game's players. Completed tricks in Double Sir, also known as Double Sar, are simply turned face down and left in the center of the table until the same player wins two consecutive tricks. At this point, the player who has won these consecutive tricks gathers the cards for this trick as well as all previous cards from tricks that are still in the center of the table and sets them face down beside himself for counting later.

After capturing the center pile, the player needs to win two consecutive tricks to capture the cards in the center of the table. If there are still completed tricks in the center of the table after the last trick is won, the player who won the last trick captures all previously uncaptured cards. At the end of the hand, each partnership is credited with the number of tricks won based on the number of four card tricks they have in their possession. This game is played just like Court Piece in terms of scoring and all other factors.

Poker vs Court Piece


Coat Piece

Poker is a game of skill.

Coat Piece is a trick tracking game.

There is no cap on the number of players who can play poker games.

Coat piece can be played with either 2 players or 2 teams of two players each.

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Court Peace FAQs

1.) How do you play court pieces?

Court Piece is a card game where players must get the highest points to win.

2.) How do you win a court piece?

The team that wins seven or more tricks during the hand is said to have won the deal in court piece.

3.) What is ace rule in court piece?

Ace is the highest card in the court piece. This means that the person who plays the Ace of any suit is the winner of the coat piece trick. And if the Ace of trumps is played then the trick is a sure shot win.