Play Teen Patti Indian Card Game online

If you are knowledgeable about card games, chances are you have heard about Teen Patti. If not, then this is where you can learn all about this interesting card game, that has managed to earn substantial praise and fandom.

You are guaranteed fun for hours on end, and with Teenpatti accessible online, you can win cash prizes while doing something you love. Also known as ‘Flush’ or “Flash’, it is a popular Indian variant played with the use of a normal 52-card deck.

It is important for you to know that Teen Patti does not require Jokers and as a result, they are discarded from the deck. Teen Patti is also one of the most popular card games played around holidays and religious Indian festivals, Diwali being the most favoured time, as it is often associated with wealth.

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Janmashtami is another popular time of the year when cards are brought out during family gatherings. The 3 patti card game does not bias towards a particular section of the society, as people from all backgrounds play together.

Teen Patti teaches players to values such as risk-taking, estimating chance, and most importantly evaluate their adversaries and devising strategies accordingly.

What is Teen Patti Game?

As mentioned, Teen Patti (तीन पत्ती गेम) is one of the top tier card games in India and has been widely accepted by online gamers, too. Unlike other card games, it does not make use of Joker cards, and is played between 3-6 players at a given time.

Before a Teen Patti game begins, the players need to determine a boot amount, which is collected from their individual pot.

Once the boot amount is decided, the dealer deals 3 cards to each player face down. As the game progresses, the amount in the pot increases, which the winner gets to keep. Just like other games, Teen Patti has certain rules that the players need to follow.

What are the Origins of Teen Patti Card Game?

The history of gambling in India dates back centuries. In fact, many historical artefacts, including the Mahabharata, have mentions of gambling instances in them. Over the years, gambling has seen many upgrades to suit the respective time periods.

Although there isn't a specific date mentioned regarding the birthing of Teen Patti, this evolution caused it to become what it is today.

While there are theories that the Europeans brought the game to India, which also goes by the name Flash or Flush, many claim that the card game is a native of India. Regardless, since its inception, Teen Patti had been the favourite pastime for many kings and queens and their subjects.

Its rules are straightforward and make for easy understanding. And thanks to the simple rules, people of different age groups can play it.

Teen Patti bears similarity to a few card games such as Three Card Brag and the three-card Poker variant. At the end of the day, the rules are quite different and help the game stand on its own.

Today, you can play it in person as well as online, as numerous sites host them offering players the convenience of playing at their own comfort.

How Popular is Teen Patti in India?

You do not have to be a gambler or a card games lover to know about the existence of Teen Patti. It is one of the most popular card games in the country. It carries a mix of foreign and Indian traditions making the game extremely popular among the country's inhabitants.

One of the reasons why it is renowned in India is because of its simplicity. The game does not require much pre-instilled knowledge on its players' behalf, as the most amateur card player can master this game through practise.

Thanks to its online availability, you can find several variations, which is another reason behind its popularity. Online platforms guarantee the game's presence in real time with active dealers assisting with the game instead of bots. This gives the players an experience they might get at an actual casino.

It also carries a massive reputation in pop culture with a Bollywood movie named after it. Indians are generally appreciative of different existing cultures along with their own. So, regardless of whether Teen Patti is an original game or an adapted one, today, it is very much a part of the country's culture.

Rules of Teen Patti Game Online

The Teen Patti game is played anti-clockwise and begins once the boot amount is decided. Players have the option to play either as ‘Seen’ (they are allowed to see their cards) or ‘Blind’ (they are not allowed to see their cards, and keep them face down).

Playing Blind means that you need to bet at least the current stake or the boot amount.Teen Patti rules also include ‘showdown’ which occurs at the end of the betting rounds.

It is when all the remaining players reveal their cards. In a situation where there are only two players left, the rules require them to pay a stake for revealing their cards. A player cannot look at the cards until they pay for the show if they are playing Blind.

Conversely, if their opponent is playing Blind, the player needs to pay half the current stake. In Teen Patti online game, the player holding the high-ranking hand is declared as the winner.

How to Play Teenpatti Game Online?

To place a bet on which player has the best hand is one of the game’s objectives. As one of the a participant, you need to choose whether you will be playing Blind or Seen. Once you have decided that, the dealer deals the cards until everyone onat the table has three cards each.

By default, a minimum amount is set at the beginning of the round; this amount increases as the game proceeds.

Conversely, if you play as Seen, you can look at his cards, and your stake must be at a minimum twice the current amount but not over four times its value.

To win, it is important that you stay the longest in the game, while having the highest-ranking hand.

Limited Stake and Unlimited Stake Tables in Teenpatti

When it comes to choosing stakes in 3 Patti, you have two options – limited stakes and unlimited stakes. It is advisable that you choose the former, if you are a beginner; this is because the boot limit is on the lower side and so is the overall boot amount.

You may think that playing limited stakes affects your winning potential, however, the advantage of it is that you stand to lose a lesser amount in case you do not have a good hand.

Once you gain experience in Teen Patti, you can play at unlimited stake tables. Here, you have complete freedom with regards to the amount you want to raise and even the total amount in the boot.

There are certain tricks that you should be aware of in order to minimise the chances of you losing big. By being tactful and not adding to the boot amount recklessly, you can keep your opponent on their toes, as it is a form of bluffing it and comes in handy if you do not have great cards.

Make sure that you practice at the limited stake table before graduating to the unlimited stake table, as practice can help you to learn different tricks of the trade to win you big.

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Hand Ranks in Teen Patti Game

Before we dive deep into the hand ranks, you should know that Aces have the most value in Teen Patti games, whereas 2s rank as the lowest cards.

Straight flush – When you have a sequence of cards belonging to the same suit, it is called a straight flush.

Three-of-a-kind – Otherwise known as a trio, it is a combination of three cards of the same value from different suits.

Straight – Straight is a sequence of three cards, all belonging to different suits.

Flush – Flush is when you get three cards of the same suit that are not necessarily in sequence. It is also called colour.

Pair – It is a pair if you receive a hand containing two cards of the same rank.

High card – When you have none of the above mentioned hand ranks, only a high card can win you the game. The trio of A-K-J is considered as the best high card in the game.

Popular Variations of Teenpatti game You Should Try

1. Mufliss 

Also known as Lowball, Mufliss is similar to Teen Patti, the only difference being that the hand ranking is reversed. This means that the worst hand in Teen Patti becomes the best hand in Mufliss, whereas the best hand becomes the worst hand.

For instance, the combination of A-A-A is a winning hand in Teen Patti, but it will be considered a losing hand in Mufliss.

2. 999

The main objective of 999 is to get as close to 9-9-9 as possible. Cards 10, J, Q, and K are valued as 0, whereas cards A-9 represent their individual value.

If you get cards 7-6-A, your tally comes to 761; conversely, 9-K-4 is valued as 940 (even though it should be 904) because the game allows you to change the order of the cards to reach close to 9-9-9.

3. Sudden Death

Sudden Death is interesting and provides short bursts of excitement to players at regular intervals thanks to its rules. Using a deck of 52 cards, it is played among 4 players with each of them getting 13 cards.

You and the other players throw one card at a time, until one of them tells 'stop'. Once that happens, everyone picks the card with the highest value to compare them; the player holding the high value card wins.

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How to Win Teen Patti Online Game?

Teen Patti online gives players the opportunity to win mega cash prizes. If you have been playing the game actively without winning, there are certain strategies that you can implement as a change.

Read through as these guidelines can benefit you –

Start Out in Free Rooms

In order to sustain your Teen Patti adventure, it is important that you get enough practice and understand its rules. Free rooms and rooms that charge minimal entry fees are the best places to start out.

This way, you can play more games and by winning matches, you can keep earning small amounts to bankroll your future ventures. It may seem like you’re moving at a slower pace, but it is the right strategy when you are a begineer.

Respect the Cards at Hand

In Teen Patti real cash game, you cannot afford to devalue the cards you get. Oftentimes, players opt to increase their bets or fold just by evaluating their own cards. Know that 3 Patti is about guessing the cards of your competitors and not about the hand that you are dealt.

You may have noticed that some players with better cards than yours fold because they think their cards won't win them the game. In this card game, you can win rounds with the lowest cards.

Do Not Give Away Your Strategy

Entering games with a strategy is common practice, but your defenses begin to show cracks when you start being predictable. Experienced players, especially, will determine your strategy based on the moves you make during the course of the game.

If you keep raising bets substantially or give up too soon, other players will begin to catch on to your strategy making you vulnerable. When your opponents start bluffing, you will question your every potential move, which can prove to be fatal.

The best thing to do is be mysterious and devise a plan to surprise your adversaries.

Stay and Observe After You Fold

Sometimes, the logical thing to do in TeenPatti is fold.It does not necessarily mean you are not good at the game, but only that the stakes were not in your favour. What you do after folding is what defines how far you will progress in the game.

Make sure that you stay even after you fold; it allows you to observe the game and creates awareness about the mistakes that you have made.

Being observant also helps you to pick up on your opponents’ style of play, something that you can choose to incorporate into your gameplay in the future.

Teen Patti vs Poker

Here's how Teen Patti is compared to the Poker card game. Below are the differences of teen patti and poker card game -


  • Teen Patti card game is made of pure luck! Whereas in Poker, you have to depend on skill, strategy, reading of the game and other meticulous factors. Poker players are given 5 cards & also keep a keen eye on the opponent's activity to gain an upper hand.
  • Teenpatti game is played with 3 cards thus the name whereas Poker revolves around 7 cards from which the players at the table must deal with the ideal five-card combination.
  • In Teen Patti, players are allowed to put in a small bet or chips right before the game is set to begin. In Poker game however, players at the table, are to bet before the game & after each hand is dealt with especially in Texas Hold'em. For a player to reveal his/her card, the pot money must include the same amount of cash or chips from each player at the table.
  • In the Teenpatti game, players have a right to inspect their cards whenever they pick & take a call as to place a bet or not. However, in Poker, players are to bet if they are to view the community card.


  • Poker and 3 Patti both are played with a 52-card deck. Players battle it out to win the cash prize & all the stakes are set at the start of the game.
  • Result of these two games is declared via a showdown. The hands of the pending players are compared & the one with best card combination takes the pot. If all the players fold their respective cards barring one, the deal is then termed as completed. So, when a player folds his/her cards, he/she cannot take the right to win the pot prize.
  • When a player wins, his/her motive isn't about taking home the pot money but also, to try and figure out how much can they wager in the near future.

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Difference between offline and online Teen Patti Game?

Offline Teen Patti

  • Need to be played at a specific time and venue    
  • Have to be in person to play the game
  • No worries of internet issues or WIFI lag
  • You cannot choose the table & the variation of the game
  • You can see your opponents
  • Bluffing can be used as a tactic
  • Hard cash is used in offline version

Online Teen Patti

  • You can play at any given time irrespective of the venue
  • Can play from any corner of the earth
  • You need a good internet connection
  • You can choose the table & variation of the game
  • In Online, you can get any random player/s
  • Impossible to use bluffing
  • Here, digital money is the mode of transaction

Terminologies Used in Teen Patti

Pure Sequence Hand :

A pure sequence hand in Teen Patti is formed when three cards of three sequential values of the same suit are arranged together, for example, QS-KS-AS or 4D-5D-6D. While Q-K-A is the highest-valued pair in this card game, 2-3-4 is the lowest

Normal Sequence :

A normal sequence is when three cards of consecutive values belonging to varying suits are put together, for example QS-KD-AH or 4H-5C-6S. In normal sequencing, A-A-A is considered the highest-valued pair, whereas 2-2-2 is the lowest

Colour Hand :

A colour hand, which is also known as Flush, is a pair of three cards belonging to the same suit, but different ranks, for example, JH-QH-9H makes up a colour hand

Pair Hand :

When two cards out of three represent the same rank, it is called a pair hand, for example, 6-6-K is considered as a pair hand. Here, the highest pair is A-A-K, whereas 2-2-3 is the lowest pair

High Card Hand :

A high card hand is when all three cards represent different suits and ranks, for example, AS-JD-9H is a high card hand

Boot Amount :

Boot amount is the initial sum that is at stake for the participants to play for. It is collected before the three cards are dealt to each player face down

Blind :

In this card game, you have the choice to play ‘Blind’ or ‘Seen’. Playing blind means you place the bet without viewing what cards you have. You can keep the cards face down, but view later at any time during the game

Seen :

When you place Seen, you view your cards before placing your bet

Ante :

Ante is the same as boot amount, a sum which every player at the table puts into the pot at the beginning of each round

Post :

Post is the amount a player pays to enter the game after the boot and ante has taken place. At this point, that player must post the total amount of the boot. Posting the boot may not be necessary if the player tries to enter the game at ante

Chaal :

Chaal occurs when you place the bet after seeing your cards. At this point, however, you must place at least twice the amount of the current ante

Fixed Limit :

Fixed limit is one of the in-game rules of Teen Patti wherein you cannot place a bet amount that is in excess of the last bet

Spread Limit :

Here, irrespective of the amount of the last bet, you cannot raise your bet beyond the agreed sum

Pot Limit :

In pot limit version of Teen Patti, you are allowed to increase the whole pot size before the raise

No Limit :

No limit does not have betting restrictions and you can raise the bet amount as much as you would like

Sideshow :

If both you and the player betting before you have both seen your cards, you can request for a sideshow. This means, you must place twice the amount of the ongoing bet. Remember that the other player can deny your sideshow request

Fold :

Fold means a player at the table backs out, as they do not see any progress in the game. This also means that they lose any money that they may have added to the pot

Show :

Show is the end stage of a round wherein cards of all the players are compared that the winning hand is decided. A ‘seen’ player cannot demand a show in Teen Patti

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FAQs on Teen Patti Game

1. How many players can play Teen Patti?

A normal Teen Patti game is played between 3 to 6 players. However, depending on the variant and the platform, a maximum of 10 individuals can play this card game at a given time

Q.2) Which is the best Teen Patti game app?

Teen Patti is a game that requires no introduction and is one of the favorite games to play during any family gathering. The Teen Patti game is also available online and some of the most popular apps are: Teen Patti Gold, Teen Patti Live, Teen Patti Pro,  etc.

Q.3) Is Teen Patti a game of skill or chance?

Ans:- Teen Patti is a game of chance if you are betting blind, but if you have seen the cards you hold then this is a game of skill. You will need to be really skilled in bluffing your opponents when you play this Indian card game.

Q.4) Is Teen Patti legal in India?

Ans:- Playing Teen Patti is banned in India since it falls under the category of luck-based games. Also, Indian law has no jurisdiction when it comes to foreign-based online casinos that support the teen patti format.

Q.7) Which Colour is highest in 3 Patti?

Ans:- There is no color per se that has a hierarchy in the Teen Patti Game. However, the AKQ of any suit is the strongest hand.

Q.8) Is the Teen Patti game luck-based?

There is a drastic split in the audience when it comes to deciding whether Teen Patti is a game of luck or skill. While a good amount of population believes that a lot of luck goes into winning the game, another percentage considers it a game of skill

Q.9) How long will it take to master Teen Patti card game?

Like any card game, Teen Patti requires players to follow several rules. You need to learn these rules and execute different strategies in order to master the game. So, how quickly you become a pro depends on how much you practice