Jenga Game

It is a Sunday evening. You do not have any plans for the evening, and you start dreading Monday. You wish you had a better way to spend your evening instead of dreading about Monday Blues. Do not worry. We have you sorted. You can play the Jenga game at home with your friends or family. Or you can play Jenga alone. Let us find out what is a Jenga board game or block game first and then we shall see how to play Jenga.

Jenga Board Game

  • Jenga is an indoor game that is played with wooden blocks. Fifty-four wooden blocks of the same shape and size are used to play the Jenga game.
  • These wooden blocks are arranged to make a Jenga tower.
  • Three wooden blocks are arranged to make one layer.
  • A total of eighteen layers makes the Jenga tower. 
  • Jenga block game requires certain physical skills. Several players can play the game. Each player removes a wooden block from the Jenga tower.
  • The players aim to carefully remove just one block from the pile.
  • The block that is removed from the Jenga tower is kept aside.
  • As the wooden blocks are removed from the Jenga tower, the structure starts getting unstable.
  • If the wooden tower made with Jenga blocks falls out, then the player who was removing the block and led to the dismantling of the structure loses.
  • The Jenga board game is a great way to improve the concentration skills of the players.
  • It is obvious that when you are removing a wooden block from the heap of blocks, you need to be careful.
  •  Your concentration should be exactly on that one wooden block that is going to be removed carefully, without affecting the rest of the blocks.
  • Playing a game of Jenga would surely improve the concentration skills of the players.

How To Play Jenga Blocks Game?

  1. Set Up the Tower
    The first step is to make a tower with wooden blocks.
  • Choose a flat surface.
  • Keep three wooden blocks on the first layer.
  • Next, keep arranging the wooden blocks where you have three blocks in each layer.
  • The Jenga tower is made of 54 blocks. So, if you have three blocks on one layer, then there are going to be a total of eighteen layers in the Jenga tower.
  1. Straighten The Tower
  • No external support is needed for straightening the Jenga tower.
  • The blocks should be arranged in a way that the blocks are interlocked, and they stand on their own.
  • Smooth out the sides with your hands or a flat, solid object.
  • Any protruding pieces should be pushed in.
  1. Players Assemble Around The Tower
  • Make sure you have a minimum of two players.
  • Make a circle with everyone around the block structure.
  •  If you are only playing with one other person, sit on opposite sides of the tower, facing each other.
  • There is no set maximum number of players.
  • However, it may be more enjoyable with fewer people so that you can take more turns.

After knowing the basics of how to play Jenga, have a look at the Jenga rules listed below.

Jenga Blocks Game Rules

The rules of Jenga are as follows:

  • Choose someone to pull the first block.
  • This could be the person who built the tower, the person who has their next birthday, or the person who is most eager to begin.
  • Take one block carefully out of any level of the tower except the top.
  • Look for the loosest or easiest to remove a block or the one that will have the least impact on the tower's stability.
  • Depending on the angle and position in the stack, you can either push or pull the block.
  • Keep in mind that you can only touch the tower with one hand at a time.
  • This rule prevents players from maintaining the tower's stability while pulling their blocks.
  • Assemble the tower by stacking each pulled brick on top of the others.
  • To continue the layering-by-threes pattern, the player who pulled the block places it back on top of the structure.
  • Stack them neatly to keep the tower from collapsing.
  • The tower will rise higher and higher as the game progresses, until it teeters, becomes unstable, and falls.
  • Play until the tower comes crashing down.
  • The individual who causes the tower to fall is the "winner" of the game.
  • Rebuild the tower to restart the game with the Jenga rules!

Jenga Strategy - How to Create Jenga Giant Blocks Rapidly?

  • Patience is required. Jenga should not be rushed!
  • When it's your turn, take your time and make sure you're pulling the proper block. You're more likely to fall into the tower if you try to go too fast.

Take the Simple Blocks First

  • Gently poke your way around the tower, looking for the sections that can be removed safely.
  • Look for any loose blocks or those that have previously protruded from the tower.
  • Take care as you go, and keep an eye on the structure's general stability.

Ensure that the Equilibrium is Maintained

  • Three parallel blocks make up each stratum of the tower: two on the outside and one in the middle. You'll be less likely to set the tower off-kilter if you choose a block near the middle.

Select Blocks from the Stack's Top or Middle

  • It can be difficult to remove the blocks at the bottom of the tower without seriously undermining the construction.
  • The blocks near the top of the stack can be so loose that they pull the rest of the stack apart.

Pull or Push

  • Try delicately poking a brick through the tower from one side if you're taking it from the center.
  • If you're removing a block from the edge, pinch the ends between your thumb and fingers, then wiggle the piece back and forth until it comes loose.
  • To remove challenging barriers, use a mix of tapping and wriggling.
  • To maintain equilibrium, place pulled bricks.
  • After you've taken your block from the stack, pay attention to which way the tower is tilting.
  • Then carefully place your block on top so that the additional top-heavy weight does not cause the tower to topple.
  • Alternately, if you think you can get away with it, place your block on the weaker "leaning" side so the following player has to work harder to lift a block.

Play Jenga Game to Win.

  • You don't want the tower to fall on your turn if you care about the competitive side of the game.
  • Plan your moves to undermine the structure and cause it to collapse on someone else. Important pieces should be removed from the bottom of the stack, and you should always aim to pick the best piece you can.

Make an Effort to be a Good Sport.

  • Respect other players and don't go out of your way to sabotage their turns. Others may not want to play with you again if you make the game less enjoyable for them!

Poker vs Jenga Game

  • Poker is a game that is mostly played in the casinos. Nowadays, players are resorting to online casinos to play online poker games. On the flip side, Jenga is a board game. This game is with wooden blocks and is a popular game that requires physical skills and talent.
  • Poker games are available on various online poker platforms, whereas, a Jenga game online can be ordered at home. Though you can only play Jenga physically, Jenga online sets of games can be easily purchased on the internet or you can buy the game from any game store too.

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Jenga Board Game FAQs

Q.1) What are the Jenga rules?

Remove one block from the tower at a time, stacking it on top of the previous one. The game is won by the last player to stack a block without causing the tower to topple!

Q.2) Why is Jenga a good game?

Jenga is an excellent game for enhancing decision-making abilities and hand-eye coordination.

Q.3) How do you play the Jenga game?

Wooden blocks are used to play Jenga. The wooden blocks are arranged to make a Jenga tower. A player removes one block from the tower in every turn. The players aim to remove the one block in such a way that the tower is stable.

Q.4) What are the benefits of playing Jenga?

The benefits of playing Jenga are as follow:

  • Jenga improves motor skills.
  • Hand and eye coordination.
  • Strategic thinking.
  • Cognitive performance.
  • Patience.
  • Reduces stress.

Q.5) What does Jenga stand for?

Jenga is derived from the Swahili word Kujenga, which means "to build".