How to Earn Cash from Playing Tash Game?

Last updated on : 07 Mar, 2024

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Tash Patti wala games are loved by people of all ages for the sole reason that they are a great source to kill time. They even double up as an ideal stress-buster activity, as there are plenty of games to choose from.

Each tash game has its own set of rules giving people the option to pick a game depending on their mood. And finally, they even help in bringing family and friends together or act as a basis to unwind at the end of a busy day.

Also called as Tash Game, which is practically the Hindi iteration of card game, it more often than not utilises a deck of 52 cards and based on the game’s rules, Joker is either kept as a part of the activity or is discarded.

Regardless, it successfully manages to accomplish its goal, which is to keep a person or a group of people entertained throughout its course.

There are several benefits to playing Tash Game and these benefits vary from game to game.  Apart from the games being a stress-buster and an entertainer, they also play a role in a person’s personality development, improve their social skills, improve cognitive and mathematical skills in children, boost confidence, and improve concentration, to name a few.

Today, playing cards in the presence of other people is still an option, but with everyone leading busy lives, that seems like a distant achievement. Nevertheless, Tash Games are available online and accessible round-the-clock for enthusiasts to visit and play against strangers as well as known associates and acquaintances.

One of the advantages of playing such online games is that they can be played for cash rewards. Moreover, with the online portals organising occasional tournaments and contests, you can participate, win, and turn your life around for the better.

So, which games should you play online and how to earn cash from playing them? Well, there are plenty, but below listed are some of the widely cherished Tash Games that you can play and earn rewards in.

1. Poker

Poker is arguably the biggest and most renowned Tash game in the world, spread across many countries. You can find numerous Poker variants online like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Chinese Poker, etc.

There are no definite rules to play Poker online, as most websites and mobile applications follow the same guidelines as you would find them in a casino.

The main objective of this poker games is to win the pot, which carries the betting amount from the participating players. In order to win the pot, you need to have the highest-ranking hand out of everyone at the table. Another way to win is by placing a bet that no other player challenges or calls.

2. Teen Patti Game

When it comes to widespread social card games, तीन पत्ती comes to mind. You will often find them being played between family members and friends during festivals like Diwali and Holi.

Money is often involved in 3 Patti, regardless of whether it is physically played or online. You will also find them majorly active in casinos worldwide.

It is one of the many tash patti wala game that does not use Jokers and only the remaining ones in the 52-card deck. In this card game, the Ace card is considered of the highest value and 2 is the lowest.

It is played between 3 to 6 players and the objective is to have the best three-card hand in order to win. Betting is also a part of the game and as players, you are expected to maximise the pot before the final showdown.

The important terminologies in regards to card sequences are High Card, Two of a Kind, Flush, Straight, Straight Flush, and Trio.

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3. Solitaire Card Game

Growing up, you must have played Solitaire on desktop monitors. It came preinstalled in computers and was one of the best ways to pass time as a kid.

It is highly prevalent even today as not only one of the oldest Tash Games, but also is easy to learn. The card game requires a great amount of patience and thinking in order to get the card combinations right.

The objective of Solitaire is to sequentially arrange a suit of cards from Ace to King on the dedicated cubicles. This fast-paced game has a number of variants such as Spider, FreeCell, Klondike, Pyramid, etc. If you love a tash patti wala game that does not take up much of your time, Solitaire is the way to go.

4. Rummy Game

Regardless of whether or not you are a card game aficionado, you must have heard Rummy mentioned quite often. Played between 2 or more players, this card game requires logical thinking and strategy in order to beat opponents.

Its rules state that players must form sequences – pure and impure – to stake claim for a win; although, you cannot be considered a legitimate contender without having a pure sequence. Pure sequence means having 3 or more cards belonging to the same suit and in a sequence.

Rummy is one of the most revered Tash games in India and can be played by adults as well as children. There are several Rummy subcategories such as 13-card rummy, 21-card rummy, Gin Rummy, etc.

5. Call Break

Call Break takes place across multiple rounds and is a multiplayer game that uses a standard 52-card deck. An interesting part of this card game is that lot of strategies and skills go into planning the course of the game for a player.

As opposed to most card games, all cards belonging to the Spades suit are considered as trump and need to be creatively used to defeat opponents.

The objective of Call Break is to win equal to or more hands as bet by the players, which takes place before the start of a round.

Players who cannot match their predefined bets are subject to negative points. Plenty of strategic planning is required from all participants, which makes this Tash Game interesting.

How to Earn Cash from Tash Patti Games?

There are different ways through which you can earn cash by playing Tash Games.

1. Register and become a member: The first remuneration you receive is by registering with a web portal or mobile application. A reliable source like Spartan Poker offers a generous deposit bonus, which you can use to kickstart your online gaming journey.

2. Referral bonus: Referrals are also a great way through which you can earn cash. Upon becoming a member, you can encourage your friends, family members and other acquaintances to join that platform.

Once they themselves become a member, you instantly receive a referral bonus, further adding cash to your bank.

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3. Paid rooms:  Remember that apart from entertainment, making money is why you became a part of a gaming portal. Use the registration bonus and referral bonus in paid rooms to compete against skilled players.

Winning against them will not only win you money, but also instill confidence to take on more challenges on offer.

You also have free rooms at your disposal, so, make use of these rooms to practice as much as you can and get a hang of the tweaked rules or just basic rules, for that matter. The more you practice, they better you will get at the game.

3. Contests: Contests are occasional events, but they come with the grandest, life-changing rewards. See to it that you stay updated for news regarding contests. Do not hesitate to participate, as you get a chance to face the most accomplished players. Plus, you receive rewards at every stage.

4. Tournaments: Tournaments, like Contests, are timely events and present the opportunity to the members to win unprecedented rewards.


Tash Games are great entertainers and if you have a favourite one, your pleasure of gaming can be elevated. These games are universally acknowledged and loved, and they have their own set of rules.

While playing them on the Internet, you will notice a few tweaks, which is only for entertainment purposes.

The fact that you can make money playing your favourite Tash Game is the cherry on top. Competing against players spread worldwide can be a learning experience, too, and can make you only better.

A lot of websites and mobile applications have great membership rewards that you can avail by registering with them. They also offer 24/7 customer support should you face any technical difficulties. With so many advantages at your disposal, there is no reason as to why you should not play card games online.

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