There are several components to Classic ludo, including a square board, four colored corners, tokens, dice rolled for certain numbers, ludo types, offline and online ludo, and information on how to play with friends and family.

The game of Ludo has a very long history. The sixth century saw the development of Pachisi game in India. In the original tale, Shakuni used the cursed dice to defeat the Pandavas, and even after losing it all, Yudhishthira bet on his wife Draupadi, and lost her as well.

This version is also mentioned in the Indian epic Mahabharata. In the past, it was also known as chaupar. The Indian Mughal kings, like Akbar, also performed it. Ludo was patented in England in 1896. The board game Ludo was adopted by the Royal Navy.

We don't want to relive our childhoods for you, but folks realize, playing Classic Ludo has turned it even more priceless. Everybody remembers having a good time playing this board game with friends and family.

Last but not least, no family gathering was complete without some dice rolling and that one dreadful loser. Classic Ludo is a well-liked game that is played online in an era where everything is digital.

How to Play Ludo Classic Game?

As the name suggests, this is the traditional way of playing the game. How to play classic ludo-

  • The game can be played between 4 players
  • It is a time-based game, and each player will have equal time
  • Click on the dice to roll and make your move as per the number
  • Click on your desired Token to move ahead
  • All Token are already in the game, you don’t need a 6 to make them in
  • 6’s will give you extra moves
  • Movement - 1 Point per Cell
  • Kill - No points, extra Turn
  • Killed - Negative points equal to the movement made that token
  • Reach Home - 56 Points
  • Token can’t get cut on the “star” sign
  • The highest scorer will win the game
  • Fetch as much as points you can to win the game

Tips to ace the game of Ludo Classic!

  • By rolling a 6, you must reveal all of your tokens one after the other.
  • Make sure your token lands on the opponent's so that his token returns to the play area and resumes its trip.
  • When playing Ludo, always aim to build a block. This will protect your token from your opponents' advances.
  • Never concentrate on a single token. To win the game, move all of your tokens simultaneously and distribute them over the board.
  • Don't pass up the opportunity to take your opponent's token.
  • Always try to use your token to block your adversary.
  • Distribute your tokens judiciously over the board, keeping an eye on your opponent's tokens as you do so.

Safe zone on a Ludo board

Areas with a "star" on the board are designated as safe zones. In Classic Ludo, there are a total of 8 clearly delineated safe zones. Another intriguing variation is that a tile becomes a temporary safe area when two tokens of the same color are placed on it.

How Can you Get More Turns in the Classic Ludo Game?

  • A player gets another chance to roll the dice after killing an opponent's token.
  • A player gets an additional turn to roll the rice after taking their token home.

Keep in mind that you'll need a 6 to begin the game and remove your token from your home space.

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