Poker Traveling

Last updated on : 05 Jan, 2024

Poker Traveling

In the ever-changing world of poker, where skills and strategy collide, an increasing number of fans are adopting an unusual way of life called "Poker Traveling."

This is becoming a more popular trend among people who enjoy traveling to new places and getting the rush from high-stakes poker tournaments.

Let's face it, most of us have always dreamed of the freedom to travel the world whenever we want and to work whenever we want.

That way, your location is never truly an issue. If you choose to make poker travel your full-time career, you will have the opportunity to tour the world and visit incredible places—all in the service of your full-time commitment to the game of poker.

On their CV, some of the greatest players in the world have traveled the world, and it's true that you may get the best of both worlds right here! It's crucial to be able to pursue something as a job, but to do it well so that your time is well spent.

In order to ensure that your transition from poker player to poker traveler is as seamless as possible, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight a few things you should be aware of.

We explore the nuances of poker travel in this extensive guide, providing all the information a traveler needs to have a fulfilling and interesting experience.

1. Poker Travel Etiquette

It takes a keen awareness of poker travel etiquette to navigate the poker tables around the globe. We should definitely consider the unwritten norms that can make or ruin a poker traveler's experience, from honoring regional traditions to adjusting to different playing styles.

Poker tourists may guarantee a friendly greeting at tables all around the world by encouraging a feeling of decency and friendship.

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2. Select Remote Play

Players can now play and participate entirely online from their laptops or PCs thanks to online poker tournaments. Once more, this is incredibly adaptable and will practically let you play wherever you choose, on any continent.

The only drawback of playing games online is that you have to have a very good internet connection that never lags and doesn't interfere with your gameplay.

It's also important to remember that international competitions take place in several time zones. It follows that you will have to ensure that you are awake at times other than those that correspond to your local time zone.

That can get challenging after a time and possibly throw off your daily rhythm. Having time to rest during your personal off-season will undoubtedly benefit you and keep you motivated to pursue a career in poker, especially considering the hardships of working weird hours and insane shifts.

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3. Free Travel

It may surprise you to learn that the organizations you join to play poker for often cover the cost of your transportation to and from specific events, casinos, and jobs.

For players who visit any European events during the poker season, European poker agencies provide free transport and lodging. In order to make sure you are taken care of during your vacation, the agency handles all of the negotiation and deal-making with the casinos on your behalf.

Of course, if you perform for a number of different agencies during your career, you may find that some are more giving than others.

Generally speaking, your entitlement to additional freebies increases as your skill level increases. One thing to bear in mind is that, regardless of size, the majority of agencies will demand you to play at the poker table for a predetermined amount of hours before you may formally "clock out" and enjoy all the benefits and perks included in your contract. 

4. Arranging Your Own Space

Make sure you know which suppliers offer the best value for your money and convenience when organizing your own lodging. A very well-liked resource for poker travelers worldwide is Airbnb.

Why? Regardless matter where you choose to stay, Airbnb is essentially worldwide, so you can always arrange a few nights there with all the essentials like Wi-Fi and other amenities included.

Compared to having to set everything up separately for yourself, it will undoubtedly make things much less complicated for you.

Additionally, if you choose to stay at a strange motel in the middle of nowhere when traveling alone, things can occasionally be fairly safe. If you ever need it, Airbnb's policies and guidelines will always safeguard you.

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5. Having A Different Side Business

Since we all know how unpredictable poker winnings can be, this is crucial. With your victories, you may occasionally discover that you have enough money to cover your own travel and lodging expenses for a full year of poker play, but other times, it might all disappear with a single click.

You won't ever struggle to go across the nation or the world to the next poker tournament if you make sure you have a side gig that can support you financially during hard times or on what are known as "rainy days." While traveling for poker might be enjoyable, the cost is also a factor.

You may ensure that you are constantly covered by making sure you can afford your endeavors. This will always be especially helpful in the interim until you are able to demonstrate that you are a skilled enough poker player to be sponsored by travel and lodging companies.

6. Travel Advice

Make sure you always have a backup set of supplies with you when you go out so you can play as effectively as possible. If you're playing poker online, you'll need to make sure you can consistently show up for tournaments as soon as they're asked.

Having a backup battery, a VPN, mobile data (in case the Wi-Fi connection is spotty), and an additional laptop—if you can—will equip you to combat any potential disruptions to your livelihood! Always remember to check the weather before going to a local casino to place a wager.

Future of Poker Travelling

The possibilities for poker travel in the future are endless, with each tile signifying a different aspect of responsible tourism, global connectedness, developing destinations, and technology advancement.

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Together, these components hold the potential to create a poker travel experience that goes beyond the confines of the game.

As players make their way across this unexplored area, the trip transforms from a simple quest for felt win to an investigation of the vibrant and always changing world of poker.

According to the crystal ball, poker and travel will combine in the future to create an experience that is as varied and dynamic as the players that take part in this incredible voyage.

We've gone over everything from the history of poker travel to the benefits and drawbacks of making it a permanent lifestyle in this comprehensive guide.

Equipped with this understanding, prospective poker tourists can set off on a voyage that surpasses the deck and chips—a voyage that unites the excitement of poker with the exploration of novel locales and customs.

So, why do you delay? Pack your bags, shuffle the deck, and turn the world into a poker playground. The journey begins as the cards are dealt. Travel safely, you poker players!

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