Scrabble Game

To some, it's just a game, but to me, it's life or death. Well, not really, but it feels that way anyway.

So what does it take to win this amazing word-a-licious game?

Intelligence, command of the English language, and a dash of luck don't hurt either. However, there are a few little-known game rules that could offer you an even better advantage when it comes to laying down those tiles and laying out all of your opponents.

What is Scrabble Word Finder?

Scrabble Word Finder is a useful tool for Scrabble players, both those who play on a traditional board and those who play Scrabble Go. Scrabble Word Finder immediately finds the greatest cheats and high-scoring scrabble words by typing your letter tiles into the search box. For seasoned pros and newbies alike, the advanced choices are intuitive and simple to use.

A scrabble word cheat tool is a useful tool for unscrambling letters to form scrabble words. It can be nearly impossible to figure something out without a Scrabble word-finder trick when you have letters on your tray that are difficult to employ, such as X, Z, Q, or only vowels.

Scrabble History

The Scrabble game we know and love was created by a few ingenious people in New York in the 1930s and 1940s. Here’s a brief Scrabble timeline:

1930s: When Scrabble was established during the Great Depression, an unemployed architect called Alfred Mosher Butts from Poughkeepsie, New York, began creating the popular Scrabble game, which he imagined as a combination of a board game, a numerical game, and a crossword puzzle. He chose the frequency of the game's tiles and their values, according to folklore, by counting the letters on the front page of The New York Times. Surprisingly, he was said to dislike spelling.

1948s: Butts gives the Scrabble game to a New Yorker named James Brunot to mass-produce after selling it as "Lexiko" and subsequently as "Criss-Cross Words." Brunot creates a new colour scheme as well as the now-famous "Scrabble" name. This year, the game has been trademarked.

1949s: Brunot and his family hand-produced the Scrabble game at an abandoned schoolhouse in Dodgington, Connecticut. They create 2,400 sets but lose $450.

1950s: Scrabble game surges in popularity after Macy's executive Jack Straus finds the game while on vacation and decides to offer it in his stores.

1952s: The Selchow & Righter Company owns the rights to the game and manufactures it.

1953s: Some regulations, such as parallel words and premium square effects, have been clarified.

1973s: The first tournaments commence, albeit unofficially.

1976s: The rules have been revised to clarify who goes first, whether or not a player can pass their turn, and the ultimate score.

1978s: The North American Invitational, the first national competition, is staged.

1984s: Scrabble is turned into a game show on NBC, which airs until 1990.

1986s: COLECO Industries buys Selchow & Righter.

1989s: Hasbro Inc., today's owner, buys COLECO Industries and its games.

1991s: The World Scrabble Championship (WSC) is about to start.

1999s: Another significant regulation update clarifies some of the rules governing challenges.

2003s: Boston hosts the first National School Scrabble Championship.

2004s: The National Toy Hall of Fame has inducted the game.

2009s: The competing online game Words With Friends is released and is an overnight success.

Scrabble Dictionary

When you're playing Scrabble online or with pals, Scrabble Word Finder's dictionary is a completely online tool that will offer you the competitive edge you need to dominate your family and friends.

This is the most effective approach to impress both your friends and your foes. Scrabble Word Finder was developed from the ground up to serve word players, so if you have any questions, you can always ask us because we will most likely have the answers. You'll improve your game in no time if you simply insert your letter tiles from your current hand in the board game into our Scrabble dictionary tool, read them, and choose which word to play.

Scrabble Cheats

Most people think that a Scrabble game is very clean cut. But if you want to increase your odds of winning you can refer to this Scrabble cheat sheet:

  1. Challenge Words: If someone challenges a scrabble word and the word isn't in the dictionary, the player who played the fraudulent word loses their round and must return their tiles. The player who challenged the word loses their next turn if the word is found in the dictionary.
  2. Bluffing: There is no law that says you can't make up words and get away with it. This could work out well for you if your opponent isn't one to challenge things. However, if they are, be cautious.
  3. Polyglots: Polyglots may have an advantage at scrabble word making games because foreign terms are allowed. The caveat is that they have to be found in English dictionaries. Bonjour, for example, is acceptable, but proper nouns and abbreviations are not.
  4. Scrabble BINGO: Do you need a 50-point boost right away? You can make a Scrabble-style Bingo by simply using all seven of your tiles in one turn.
  5. You Can Always Pass: You don't have to play a word when it's your turn, whether you have one or not. However, if you make too many passes, the game is ended. The scrabble word-making games is over when there are six consecutive zeros, and the player with the most points wins.
  6. Vowels Don’t Make the World Turn: There are more words without vowels than you might imagine, especially since Y isn't a vowel in Scrabble. According to the Scrabble cheat, words like zzz and hm are acceptable targets. But don't tell your opponent.
  7. Triple Crown: Try to cover two triple letter values for some serious points. You'll get nine (count 'em nine!) times the letter count if you do this.
  8. Rules Were Made to be Broken: If you enter a Scrabble games tournament, be aware that the regulations are different from those used in everyday play. The rules differ from one country to the next. Furthermore, many people change the rules to suit their personal preferences. There's no wrong in going your own way as long as everyone is on the same page from the start.

Rules to Play Scrabble Game

When you sit down to play any game, it's important you acclimate yourself to the basic rules. Sure you will find the rules of how to play scrabble on the back of the box, but there are so many more unsaid rules and basic etiquette that everyone needs to follow when playing Scrabble online.

You can refer to this compilation of Scrabble rules and prepare yourself for a game where you can level the playing field as a Scrabble game newbie, or even gain the upper hand in some instances.

Things To Do

  • It is acceptable in scrabble word-making games to simply add one or more letters to a word, either to the front or rear or to both according to the Scrabble cheat sheet.
  • You can just add an S to a word that is already on the board if you like.
  • You have the option of playing at right angles to a word.
  • If neighbouring letters form words horizontally and vertically, you can play parallel to that word.
  • When laying new tiles, you must only place them in one direction and in the same row or column as when you started. In a single round, you can add letters both before and after an existing word, but they must all go in the same direction to form a single word.
  • You can make a right-angle word by utilising one of the letters already on the board or by adding a letter to a word that already exists.
  • If the surrounding letters all form whole words in scrabble word-making games, you can place a complete word parallel to a word already on the board.
  • Two to four players are required for the classic scrabble word-making games.
  • According to the official rules, you can pass your turn and use it to trade "all, some, or none" of your letters. Because using an online Scrabble word-maker tool like ours can slow down games, some people's house rules allow it with a point penalty.

Things to Absolutely Avoid in Scrabble

  • In SCRABBLE, you can't play tiles diagonally across the board.
  • Foreign terms not found in official English-language dictionaries, acronyms, suffixes, prefixes, hyphenated words, any word needing an apostrophe, and proper nouns are all prohibited.

Scrabble Tile Points

  • 10 Points: Q, Z.
  • 8 Points: J, X.
  • 5 Points: K.
  • 4 Points: F, H, V, W, Y.
  • 3 Points: B, C, M, P.
  • 2 Points: D, G..
  • 1 Points: A, E, I, L, N, O, S, T, R, U

How to Play Scrabble Online?

There are various methods to play Scrabble and Words With Friends online, including official sites and unofficial sites where you can play crossword games similar to Scrabble. Because some solutions are no longer available, there are fewer options than in the past. Scrabble can also be played on mobile apps, such as EA's SCRABBLE Free.

Facebook: On Facebook, there are two official versions of Scrabble. To join Facebook, you must first register for free. You must pay a price to play without advertising. If you don't pay for the ad-free edition, an ad will appear after each move. On your smartphone or tablet, you may compete against your friends, track your Scrabble ELO ranking, customise your board and tiles, and resume right where you left off. You can also play against a random opponent or choose to play at a faster pace.

Lexulous: On Lexulous, you can also play scrabble online. You can either join a room and play with other people or choose to play as a robot. There's also the option of watching other people play and learning from their methods. To use, you must first register for free. If you prefer, you can connect using your Facebook account.

Pogo: Electronic Arts' is the official site for playing Scrabble. Scrabble Blast (for two to four players) and regular Scrabble (for two to four players) are the two variations offered (a solo game fairly described as Scrabble meets Boggle). Playing earns you tokens, which you may use to enter drawings for prizes and drawings. Pogo allows you to play alone, with up to three opponents, at five different skill levels, with opponent matching by skill level, and with regular rules, house rules, or a la carte rules.

SCRABBLE: Electronic Arts' SCRABBLE Free is available on iTunes and Google Play. It supports multiplayer, single-player, random opponent, and speed play. Playing on many platforms is also possible.

How to Find Words in Scrabble Game?

Scrabble Word finder is the ideal companion, designed specifically to assist word game fans in their quest to learn while having fun. This is a site where you may find answers to your favourite word games. You use it as a random letter word generator to unscramble letters to create high-scoring words.

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned word solver, even the most seasoned players will get stuck at some point. Scrabble Word finder is the ideal companion, designed specifically to assist word game fans in their quest to learn while having fun.

This is a platform to discover answers for your favourite word games.

  • You use it as a random letter word generator to unscramble letters to create high-scoring words.
  • If you're out of answers and can't progress past your current level, use this as a cheat sheet for word puzzles.

Where Can I Play Scrabble Online Free?

Brush up on your skills by playing Scrabble against the computer or try your hand at a single-player challenge on these websites:

  • ScrabbleGames.Info: However, because this is an unofficial site with an unofficial board layout, it is not identical to the official Scrabble board or Words With Friends. It's close enough, and you can play Scrabble versus computer opponents on five different difficulty levels.
  • Funky Potato: Funky Potato has the same game with the exact same features. Though the site itself has a busier layout, it's the same modified Scrabble game board. If you grow bored with Scrabble, Funky Potato has a selection of other free online games to choose from.
  • Pogo Games: Pogo has been around for a long time as a casual online gaming platform. The good news is that you may play Scrabble for free here against computer-controlled opponents. While you don't need a Pogo account to play, you will be able to save your game progress if you do. For an ad-free experience, you can subscribe to a premium Club Pogo account.

Poker vs Scrabble



Poker is a card game where players concentrate on conning other players into believing you have a better poker hand.

In Scrabble, the goal of players is to score more points than their opponents by using higher valuation tiles.

Poker is a card game and casino game.

Scrabble is a board game played with tiles.

Play Poker Online & Win Real Cash Daily

Scrabble is a game to play online. You can play with your friends as well as play with strangers on any website or Play store apps. Poker is also like Scrabble in the fact that you have to have the skill and strategy in order to win at this game. While you can play Scrabble online with friends you can also play poker online with friends and win real cash daily on websites like Spartan Poker. They offer Freeroll poker tournaments where you can make real cash daily.

When you play poker you:

  • Pick up important bankroll management skills.
  • Learn to analyse and study other poker players.
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  • Learn to poker strategize.

Scrabble Game FAQs

1.) What is Scrabble?

Scrabble is a board game where players build up words with small tiles to rack up points.

2.) Is there still a Scrabble app?

Yes there is! You can download the scrabble App from the Google Play Store or Apple Store if you are an iOS user. But for all the word wizards out there, you know you will find the best games of scrabble on the scrabble Hasbro website.

This is probably one of the best sites online for beginners looking for a foothold in this internationally acclaimed game of words.