Lakadi Game – Rules and How to Play

Both virtual games and games played in person are a way of entertainment for people, but real money-earning virtual games are taking the lead in today’s time, owing to the pandemic and people’s monotonous busy schedules.

With the onset of the pandemic (which doesn’t seem to be subsiding), real money earning online games became more popular. Games like the Lakadi card game, known as the Lakadi wala game, became the household thing again.

Lakadi game is highly appreciated in the Asian parts of the country, and people liking the vibe.

The lockdowns and the social distancing made it difficult for people to socialize and interact with their loved ones and the way left for them to connect was virtual.

People played games with their loved ones and other random people and survived the lockdowns sanely. The lockdowns have thankfully terminated but the craze and love for real money online gaming don’t seem to de-escalate.

And it shouldn’t even die down because people have attained massively from real money online gaming be it in monetary terms or about mindfulness, their interest in playing real money earning games is efficacious.

Some played indoors and others played outdoors. Some games can be played alone and others with your loved ones. But one thing that is certain about playing games is countless fun and entertainment.

While we speak of games, what all games come to your mind? Chess, ludo, carrom, cards, dumb charades, kho-kho, hide and seek, antakshari, and the list might not end. In India, games especially our traditional games are given a lot of importance.

Be it indoor games or outdoor games, games are a major part of any gathering and bring a fun element to them. So, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when are sitting with your friends and getting bored? Cards nikal lete hain? We hope we guessed it right.

Yes, take out the deck of cards and play your best chaals. Card games have the power to refrain us from boredom at any given place and time. Rummy, poker, 29 Card Game, Teen Patti, and a lot of variations, cards bless us with a long list of games that can be played with them.

One such game that we’ll brief you about today is ‘Lakadi Wala Game’. We are sure you must have heard about this term from your grandparents and parents. But do you know how to play the game and what is this game all about?

What is Lakadi Wala Game?

Lakadi wala game is one of the most popular card games played in different parts of India. The game is known by different names like Call break, gochi, locha, call bridge in parts of the world.

Lakadi wala game is played by 4 players with the standard 52-cards deck. While playing with a large group, you can include 8 people but there should be 2 decks of cards used.

The Lakadi game is a skill-based game that also requires strategic actions and plans. The skills are developed with practice and with practice, you can also understand the complexities of the game which makes it easy for you to play your moves to win your favorite lakadi game.

Lakadi Game Rules to play

Lakadi wala card game is simple and interesting but has a few sets of rules that need to be followed like any other game.

  • All four players will get 13 cards each
  • There won’t be any jokers in this game
  • In this game, the highest rank will be ace, and the lowest will be 2
  • If any of the players don’t receive a spade card, the cards can be redistributed
  • Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2- that’s how the cards rank from the highest to the lowest
  • All the cards in the game have points the same as their ranks except for spades. Spades in this game are the trump of all cards. It’s the king of all the cards from the other three suits. No card will be taken above this card.

Gameplay of Lakadi Wala Tash Game

  • The player on the dealer’s right throws first
  • Then follows the player who wins the trick
  • Every player has to throw the higher rank card of the same card suit as the first player did to win the game
  • You can win by throwing the trump card if in case you don’t have the higher lead suit card
  • At the onset of the game, the players must make their bids depending upon the cards they are dealt.
  • The bets showcase the number of rounds and hands they can play to win the game
  • If you are lucky enough to be reaching the same number, then you will be presented with the same points that you had bid for
  • If you win more amounts of bids, then for every additional bid, you get 0.5 points
  • You will get a negative score equivalent to the number of bids you make if you fail to do.

That means if you are not able to break the call or win the earlier claimed offers

How to Win a Hand in Lakadi wala Game?

  • Be confident about your bidding, calculate perfectly before you bid
  • Receiving higher rank cards like Ace or King means that the ball can be in your courts, bid wisely and play them at the right time
  • Pay attention to each card that your opponent tosses in each round and try to memorize it
  • Make use of all your cards wisely, even the smallest ones as they can help you compensate for the lack of cards in the other suits
  • Toss your trump cards tactfully as others will also have their trump cards

Scoring and Deciding the Winner in Lakadi ka Game

Scoring in this game is uncomplicated. If the player wins the same number of bids that he/she did earlier, he scores the same number of points.

If the player fails to do so, then gets scored negatively with the same number. If you can score more hands than your bid, you get 0.5 points for each hand.

Is Lakadi Game the same as Call Break?

Lakadi wali game is known by different names in different parts of the world. One such name given to the game in Nepal is Call Break.

The rules and the gameplay of the game are the same. It is just another name given to the game just like it is also known as Tash Game, gochi, locha, call bridge.

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