Dehla Pakad Game

Dehla Pakad roughly translates to 'collect the tens' in Hindi, and that is exactly what the objective of this card game is. It is a trick-taking game played in partnerships and is hugely popular in India, especially in the northern regions.

Online games are considered as a great pastime activity. Dehla Pakad game is available on the Internet and if it is something that you have not tried, then now may be a good time. The rules of this card game are easy to understand, and once you get the hang of them, this is a game that you will want to play a few times more.

The origin of this game has been said to come to pass in India, Iran and Pakistan. It is similar to another Indian game called Mendicot, or Whist, a game with British origins. Some other names often used to describe this game include Court Piece, Hokm, Chakri and Pees, to name a few.

About Dehla Pakad Game

Dehla Pakad is an Indian game, which has been inspired by the British card game called Whist. This trick-taking game is played in partnerships and requires at least 4 players. The game is played to win as many 10s as possible.

Additionally, winning all four 10s practically guarantees a team victory. It is also called Kot.

With four 10s at stake, the game at times ends in a draw. During such an instance, the team winning the most hands is declared the winner.

The rules of Dehla Pakad game in English are easy to understand. You can play this game with a deck of 52 cards while discarding the Joker. By playing it online, you get the chance to compete against anonymous individuals and put your skills to the test.

Various online platforms host this card game, giving you the chance to try your hand at one of the most popular games in the country.

An Insignt into Dehla Pakad Gameplay

To play Dehla Pakad card game, you need a usual deck of 52 cards, but exclude the Joker, as it does not have any place in the game. Additionally, you will require a minimum of 4 players to play the game since it is played in partnerships.

If you are playing online, you will be seated alongside three random members, with the one sitting opposite to you as the designated partner. The objective of this card game is to capture as many 10s as possible, at the same time, winning hands like in any other trick taking game.

If you and your teammate manage to capture all four 10s, you win a Kot. Kot also indicates that you have claimed that round irrespective of how many hands you or your opposing team has won.

There is a different set of rules for dealing the cards, selecting the dealer and the trumps, the details of which can be found below.

What are the Rules of Dehla Pakad?

One of the distinct features of Dehla Pakad is its rules. There are a defined set of Dehla Pakad rules for every stage in the game.

For instance, this game has its guidelines for selecting the dealer and different rules for selecting the trump cards or for dealing the cards. Although they may seem like too much information to consume in the beginning, gradually, you will get a hang of them making the experience enjoyable.

Before learning about other dehlapakad rules, it is important to understand the ranking of cards.

In Dehla Pakad game online, Ace is the highest card, whereas 2 is the lowest. So, the cards are ranked as follows - A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 from the strongest to the weakest.

Also, this card game is played in partnerships with two players sitting on the opposite sides acting as teammates.

Before the cards are dealt, you need to select the dealer. It can either be picked at random or by distributing one card between all players, and the one with the lowest ranked card is set as the dealer for that round.

The game is played anticlockwise. The dealer first deals five cards to all players, starting with the first participant sitting to their left. The leftover cards are dealt after deciding the trump cards midgame.

As for selecting the trump cards, it can be done in one of the two following ways -

  • As stated, the game begins after the first five cards are dealt among all players. The game continues as per usual rules, until the time comes when one of the players does not have the cards to follow the suit in play. In this case, they can pick a suit from out of their own hand deeming it as the trump card

  • The second method is immediately after looking at their cards, the player sitting to the right of the dealer declares which suit can be used as trump

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Playing the Dehla Pakad Game

To play Dehla Pakad card game, you need a minimum of 4 players, and form partnership with the player sitting opposite to you. In an online game, your partner will be chosen randomly and seated opposite you.

You need a standard deck of 52 cards to play this card game, however, without any printed Jokers. Each player receives 13 cards; as a result, 13 hands are played in a game. This ensures that all the cards held by the four players reach their desired conclusion. The cards are ranked from 2 through Ace, with 2 being the lowest and the highest.

The main objective of Dehla Pakad game online is to collect as many 10s as possible, regardless of the suit. You can achieve this by throwing the high-ranked cards at every opportunity you see to win a hand. Remember that the cards you discard must belong to the same suit that is in play.

At this point in the game, the trump suit is not decided. So, if you do not have a card representing that particular suit, you can play a random card of your choice, and that suit becomes the trump suit and you win the hand.

In such a scenario, make sure that you throw a card belonging to the suit of which you have the maximum number of cards. This enables you to play with more trump cards than other players, in turn winning you multiple hands and possibly 10s.

The winner of the previous suit starts the next hand. The game proceeds in the same way as the initial round with one of the goals being collecting 10s. The game concludes when everyone at the table has played all their cards.

When it comes to scoring after the game, the main preference is given to the number of 10s a team has.

Below highlighted are the three scenarios that can play out at the end of the game -

Scenario 1:

If players 2 & 4 have won three 10s and players 1 & 3 have won one 10, but have fewer hands than the latter, they will still be declared as the winners of the game

Scenario 2:

Here, an in-game terminology comes into play known as Kot. Kot occurs when one of the teams has won all four 10s. By default, that team wins the hand

Scenario 3:

In case of a situation wherein both teams have won two 10s each, the team that has won the most number of hands is declared as the winner

Alternative Card Game of Dehla Pakad Game

Dehla Pakad in itself is a very captivating game, but should you choose to pivot for a moment, there are other interesting alternatives that you can try out.

You can even play money earning games. For instance, a source like Spartan Poker hosts games with exciting rewards on offer.

Below are some alternative to Delha Pakad game that you can play online or in person -


Poker is a global sensation and it did not take long for this card game to make its presence felt in India. Since being invented, Poker has undergone numerous transitions and even has variations to cater to players' diverse gaming preferences.

Texas Holdem poker is the most popular card game, followed by Omaha Poker. There are land casinos worldwide hosting these games, but thanks to Internet, you can play them online real money poker.

The basic rules of Poker are more or less similar regardless of which variation you play. Your objective is to form the best 5-card poker hands amongst all the players at the table using the 'hole' cards and the community cards.

Though people claim that Poker is a game of luck, they couldn't be further from the truth because a lot of strategising goes into it.

Call Break

Call Break is another trick-taking game, which has been inspired from Spades, and can be played using a standard 52-card deck. It is highly strategic, consists of 5 rounds and is played between 4 players.

Once you look at the cards dealt, you must make a bet as to how many tricks you can win. The objective is to win that many number of tricks or more. If you succeed in winning more tricks, you receive 0.1 bonus points for each additional trick.

If you fail to meet the pre decided number of tricks, you are served a penalty of -3 points.


Rummy is one of the traditional Indian games that has maintained its freshness even today. Millions of individuals play this game online and earn cash rewards. The rules are simple.

You are dealt 13 cards, using which you must make sets and sequences and declare quicker than other players at the table. The game requires you to make a valid declaration, meaning one of the sequences must be pure.

A pure sequence consists of consecutive cards belonging to the same suit. An invalid declaration will see you get eliminated from the game.

Online Solitaire

Solitaire is a classic card game. Though it has been played since the 18th century, it gained prominence when it came preinstalled in Microsoft computers. Though that is not the case anymore, Solitaire successfully keeps gamers entertained online today.

Solitaire is strategic in nature, unlike any other card game, with the objective being arranging a deck of cards in a structured sequence and pairing them with other cards to discard them. There are numerous Solitaire variants, Klondike being the most popular one.