Bored soldiers invented the game of darts by throwing sharp items at tree stumps back in the day. This was way back in 14th-century England. The game of darts has grown in popularity since then, moving from English pubs to the rest of the world. Below, we shall find out what is darts, how to play the darts game, darts rules, and many more things.

What is Darts Game?

Darts, often known as dart-throwing, is a competitive activity in which two or more players fire small sharp-pointed missiles known as darts at a round target known as a dartboard using just their hands. Darts players are sometimes referred to as "dartists."

The following Equipments are Required to Play Darts:

  1. A great dartboard.
  2. A set of three soft-tipped or steel-tipped darts.
  3. A play area that is both safe and well-lit.


  • Traditionally, each participant throws one dart to determine who throws first.
  • The player who is closest to the target is the first to go.
  • Each participant takes a turn throwing three darts.
  • Any dart that falls, bounces off the board, or misses the board counts as a miss and does not result in a score.
  • The score is not determined by the segment's color.
  • Only the tip of the dart and its location on the board is visible.

Dart Board Games

There are numerous dart board games to choose from. You can even make up your own with a little imagination. 301 Countdown, 501 Countdown, and Cricket are the most popular games. The simplest game is to simply throw the darts and keep track of your score.

Countdowns 301 and 501

  • Each player starts with a score of 301 or 501.
  • The game is playable in X01 variants such as 701 and 901.
  • Each scoring dart's value will be deducted.
  • The player who reaches zero (0) first wins.
  • You must have the exact number with you when you go out.
  • The turn does not count if you go over zero.
  • For example, if your score is 15 and you get a 20, your turn is over, and your score remains 15 until it is successfully reduced to exactly 0.


  • The goal of the game is to hit each scoring part from 15 to 20 times for a total score at least three times This is referred to as "closing" a deal.
  • Segments from 1 to 14 do not count in scoring.
  • A single segment counts as one hit, whereas a double segment counts as two hits, while triple counts as three.
  • The first player to get each number to zero is the winner.
  • The goal is to score three times in each segment.

Other Variants Of Darts

Count Up

  • Count Up is an excellent game for both novice and veteran darters.
  • At the end of each round, players add their total score, counting up from zero.
  • The player with the highest score after a predetermined number of rounds (such as ten rounds) or the first player to earn a predetermined score (such as 1000 points) wins.

Around the Clock

  • Because this game uses the entire dartboard, it is excellent practice for darters looking to improve their accuracy.
  • The goal of the game is to hit all of the numbers on the board in numerical order and finish ahead of the other players.
  • Only darts that land on the target number is counted.

How to Play Dart Online?

The COVID-19 global pandemic has undoubtedly been the primary motivator for increased participation and popularity in online darts. However, even before the pandemic, the popularity of playing steel tip darts online or through devices and apps was growing. It was becoming a fun and new darting experience to be able to play against a scoring app by selecting a level of difficulty or to play against another player in another part of the world.

Thanks to technology, you can now play and download a darts game online on your mobile phone or can play online darts through your internet browser. Since these board games are online, players do not have to worry about standing x number of feet away, but there are a few basic rules sets you should learn if you want to keep it exciting. Let us check out the dart game rules below to get some good information on how to play darts.

Darts Game Rules

The standard form of the game in the competition is 501, and the goal is to "check out" by lowering your score to 50 or less before completing the game by throwing a double or a bullseye with your final dart to achieve zero.

Let us check out the game rules related to the dartboard.

Dart Board Rules

  • The standard dart board has a diameter of 17¾ inches and is divided into 20 radial sections by thin metal wire.
  • The sections are numbered 1-20 and have a thin section at the outer edge (double) and a slightly smaller area halfway towards the center (treble).
  • The bullseye, or "bull," is a small circle, usually red, in the center of the board, surrounded by the larger, green outer bull.
  • The points, barrels, shafts, and fletching of darts are typically made of a combination of metal, nylon, and plastic.
  • The exact style and composition of the dart will vary depending on the player's style and ability or what pub you are in, but they must weigh no more than 50g and be no longer than 300mm in length.

Scoring in Darts

  • Throwing darts at the board earns a player scores.
  • On their turn, each player throws three darts, with a maximum score of 180 achieved by hitting three treble 20s.
  • Unless they are doubled (the outer rim) or trebled, the bull is worth 50 points, the outer bull 25 points, and the different numbers score their value.

Winning the Game

To win, a player must reach zero by hitting a double or a bull after first lowering their score from 501. If they do this, they win the leg, and the set is won by the first player to three legs.

Dart Game Rules At a Glimpse

  • To determine who takes the first turn in a game, each player throws a single dart, with the player closest to the bull throwing first.
  • Unless the game is won in fewer than three throws, a throw consists of throwing three darts.
  • Only darts that are still on the board at the end of the throw are counted, and darts that bounce or fall out cannot be thrown again.
  • If a player scores more than their remaining point total, their throw is over, and they receive a zero (for example if they have 16 remaining and accidentally hit a 20 with their first dart).
  • The center should be exactly 5ft 8in (1.73 meters) tall.
  • Darts are thrown from a marked toe-line, known as the oche, that is at least 7ft 9 ¼ in (measured horizontally) from the board.

Poker Vs Darts

  • Darts, often known as dart-throwing, is a competitive activity in which two or more players fire small sharp-pointed missiles known as darts at a round target known as a dartboard using just their hands.
  • Poker is a card game. Players have to make the best five-card poker hand in poker.
  • Both the games can be played online. However, poker is an online game that is popularly played for real money.

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Darts Game FAQs

1.) What are darts game?

Players throw pointed objects known as darts, on a circular board called the dartboard.

2.) What is in a dart?

Players use darts and a dart board to play the game.

3.) What is the story of darts?

Way back in 14th century England, bored soldiers invented the game of darts by throwing sharp items at tree stumps back in the day.

4.) How do darts work?

Players throw darts on the dartboard from a distance and aim to hit the bullseye, which is the center of the dartboard.