Poker Strategies Defined: Winning a Table in 7 steps

Last updated on : 20 Jan, 2021

Final Table Poker Strategy

Final Table Poker Strategy - Win a Table in 7 Steps

It is easy to make a comparison between test match cricket and online poker. Both can elongate for grueling hours, and they both require extensive strategies to be pulled off to win. The only striking difference is that in poker, you are almost sure to either win or lose in all cases, and there are no in-betweens. Obviously, who wouldn’t want to win the pot and take home the prize it holds. But winning poker tournaments are not as easy as one would assume.


For starters, poker is a game of extreme patience where temperament is vital. The strategies you employ at the start of the game are the ones that will set the toll for the rest of the competition. As you run deeper into the game, each decision you make and every hand you play will either propel you further away from the pot or take you one step close. Knowledge of final table poker strategy you, along with experience, is how you will need to approach the finale. And to help you get by the same; today, we share with you seven steps with which you will up for your game by several folds.


1) Aim for the bullseye


One common mistake most players make once they approach the end is that they aim for lower ways that they can save themselves, leave with some profit, or avoid significant loses. You must bear in mind that the highest prize money is for the first three positions and so you should not even bother about anything less than winning the pot. Most players playing at the final table will have prior experience to help them. They have a winning mindset, and the only way to combat it is to have the same. So, next time, execute the right final table strategy that keeps you high in the game.


2) Don’t Be Blinded


Beginners also get blinded away initially when playing poker. What this means is that you wait for too long to make any moves at the table. This is a very passive final table poker strategy, and it will only cause harm because you will see yourself fold to a lot of marginal cards, and that is never good for your game plan. So, always look to be aggressive early on, and don’t fall for the blinds while playing at the final table. The lowest stack is never the best option to pursue because they’re only looking for a spot to double up.


3) Be Aware of all Players


Be aware of what is happening at the table at all times- a very critical final table strategy. You have to be certain of everyone else’s situation as this leads to better judgmental decisions. Supposedly, if you’re on the bottom and wish to take-over the blinds, then there’s no purpose even to try if the big blind has a quarter in his stack already. Contrary to that, it would be a better move to go for the next biggest stack since when there are some low stacks, they won’t be willing to go out before them. So, you can make a move on them when they raise, and in almost every situation, they will have to pass.


4) Always Go for The Higher Chip Stack


Here is a final poker table strategy that you will have to keep in mind and execute during the game regardless of the stakes, especially when you sit at medium stacks. It is suggested that you attack the chip stacks that are above you and stable, but not go after the chip leader. You can harm these larger stacks quite effectively, and they still won’t want to risk their position. However, you will have to be cautious about your position when it comes to raising. Making loose raises early on could see you suffer later. That being said, if you’re confident, and if you think you have found the right spot, then you can always make a stand if you choose to, and that would be fair enough as well.


5) Go All-In When the Chips Are Low


This game is known to create the toughest of competitions. When you have dozens of players condensed down to one single table after hours of gaming, it is sure to get all the more strategic, and one such situation is the choice of going all in. If you’re short on stacks, know that you are never going to win the game by merely stealing blinds, your only plight is to double up as quickly as you can. Opting for moves like mini raisings using Aces will do no good as you’ll be missing the opportunity of a player calling for all your chips. Not to forget, by doing so, you are also at risk of being called by all of the final three players, which is trouble all along. Therefore, if your stack is low, be aggressive, be bold, and go All-In.


6) Don’t Hesitate When Your Stacks Are Up


We covered in the previous point about the course of action for if you’re straddled on the back foot, but now here’s a final table poker strategy for when your foot is on the peddle. If you are the big stack on the table, you need not be defensive at all. You need to assert your dominance and push the advantage even more. Also, just because you are heads-up, don’t feel that you’re not permitted to pass on the button. Because, in certain situations, by doing so, you send a signal worth appreciation that you’re only playing decent cards. Being the heads-up also gives you the liberty to three-bet and raise as much as you find suitable.  


7) Be Open to Defeat


The recent boom period that poker has undergone due to its tremendous rise in popularity, courtesy of going digital, has attracted millions of players worldwide. While this creates an array of opportunities and opens doors previously locked, it also ups the competition considerably. Playing poker tournaments is not easy at all, as you’ll be competing against the very best of the game of cards. These may include highly experienced and professional players that would want nothing less than a pole position every time. Therefore, you could use the best of strategies, play aggressively, and make all the right decisions, but you might still not make it to the final poker table. This won’t be because you’re a bad player at all, but because of the reasons, we have discussed. So, even if you get a ranking at number seven or eight, you should still take it, be proud of it, and come back later for more.


Playing poker for shorter periods could be all about relaxation, thrill, and added experience. But when you’re playing a full-fledged tournament intending to become a victor, then there are specific points that you must be aware of that will allow you to stand a better chance. We hope that this article has given you all you need to know about performing better. So, head over to Spartan Poker and enroll for the next best tournament that you like and put everything you learned here to practice.

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