All you need to know: Quads in Poker

Last updated on : 28 Jan, 2021


No no! This isn't a gym-related page and we are not talking about workouts. Quads in poker refer to the hand ranking that people also commonly recognize as the four of a kind. Beginners and pros alike agree upon the need to have the right poker hand to win the pot. Of those, 10 possible combinations can be made while playing games like Texas Hold’em, which makes use of the 52-card French deck. Out of those 10 possible poker hand ranking combinations, the four of a kind comes in at number three. Quads definition poker’s context is very simple; it talks about a player possessing a five-card poker hand, of which four of them have the same card value such as 6 of diamonds, 6 of hearts, 6 of spades and the 6 of clubs.


Illustration to make your own Four of a Kind


Imagine yourself to be playing a game of Texas Hold’em on the Spartan Poker app. The stars have aligned, it is a day of fortune for you as you get dealt with an ace of clubs along with an ace of spades.


With confidence in what destiny provided you with, you go for the raise. Things go just as you expected with the small blind folding and the big blind calling.


Now the flop rolls out with an ace of hearts and an ace of diamonds along with a 5 of hearts. With the cards already in your hand, this gives you a quad. Until the river comes, all that happens on the table is check, bet and call. In the end, the big blind presents a pocket pair while you put down your aces. And there you go, that is how you successfully make and win with Quads in a game of Texas Hold’em poker.


Ranking Poker Quads


As we have already discussed, the four of a kind ranks at the third position among the nine other potential poker hand rankings. The only rankings above it are the straight flush and the royal flush, which makes the quad a very formidable hand to play and win the pot at the river. In fact, you are sure to hold the nuts in case you form the quad using both of your two-hole cards. It rarely happens in Texas Hold’em that two players hold quads. However, in the rarest of rare occasions, if that does happen, then the quad with the higher rank wins just like how ties are mostly resolved in the final round. Quads are not very common cards to hold in poker. You have no more than a 0.2% chance of gaining a quad if you start with a pocket pair in No-Limit Hold’em. The only hands that can beat the quad are the straight flush and the royal flush, while it easily beats all the ones below it, ranging from the three of a kind down to the high card.


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