The Historical King of Poker Games That Everyone Should Know About

Have you ever wondered which game must have ruled the poker world before the rise of the great Texas Hold’em Poker? Of course, you have. We are here today to answer this burning question that poker players everywhere have asked. With our introduction to Seven Card Stud, all your questions are sure to be answered, and you are sure to be headed to a fascinating game of Seven Card Stud.

The Seven Card was the king of all games in the poker world before the current cult favourite, Texas Hold’em boomed and took over the scene. So, what exactly is this Seven Card Stud and what made it so popular? We will get into all the details with a complete introduction to Seven Card Stud.

How is Seven Card Stud Played?

Let’s get all our basics down before we dive into the nitty-gritty of the game. This game can be played by only two to eight players and not surprisingly, it is quite distinct from the Texas Hold’em version of poker.

The gaming stages of this game differentiate it from other poker games as it does not have a flop or the traditional community cards that have become a staple in most poker games. Instead, it has streets that are dealt as up cards, that is, face up to each player the private hole cards are still dealt face down to the players. The other thing that changes in this game are the blinds; instead, the antes take over in Seven Card Stud. The players, however, still aim to make their best five-card hand and snatch up the pot. Some things just don’t change in a game of poker!

Along with the same end goal of the game, the way to win the pot is also the same, that is, the hand ranking system. A Royal Flush will still be the winner, and a High Card still ranks as the least powerful hand. Another thing that remains constant is the significance of the starting hands. The starting hands in 7 Card Stud remain crucial because it is based on this hand that you are supposed to decide between staying in the game or folding and moving on to a better hand at a different table.

Oh, remember how we mentioned the cards that are dealt face up to the players? Yes, keep those in mind throughout the game, because in a game of Seven Card Stud, observation is everything. These cards can hint you in the right direction while making a bet.

Play-by-Play of the game

Now that the basic differences between Texas Hold’em and Seven Card Stud are clear in all of our minds, let us take you through a brief but clear guide of the game stages involved, so you have another game up your sleeve the next time you play.

So, let’s get into it.

  • The game starts with a forced bet that every player must make before receiving any cards. It’s a game of great commitment, so make sure you’re prepared. Considering a game of 20/40, the ante will be placed at a 2, and the bring in at 10. Posting of the ante starts the collection of the pot
  • Post this ante you will be dealt two cards which are the hole cards.
  • The game then progresses to the Third Street, or the first round of betting. Here, the players are dealt their third cards, face up the player who receives the lowest door card, that is the third card dealt face-up, will post the first forced bet called the bring in. This is a predetermined minimum bet that must be posted, and the player is free to raise it to the lower limit of the game. The betting continues clockwise around the table, and players can choose to call raise or fold. At this point, only the players with a good starting hand must proceed to the next round of betting, because the stakes of the game only get higher. The starting hands in 7 card stud that would be considered good in this case are; Three flush cards, three straight cards, high pocket pairs or rolled-up trips.
  • After this round begins the Fourth Street, or the second round of betting. In and after the Fourth Street, the player with the highest card begins the round of betting and the others follow suit, again in a clockwise direction. Options remain the same, i.e. to call, raise or fold.
  • The next round of betting is, of course, the Fifth Street. A similar chain of events takes place in this round too. This round of betting also beckons a change in the betting. The bets are wagered at the higher limit of the game.
  • The subsequent round of betting, the Sixth Street, follows suit at the higher betting limit. The last round of betting is the Seventh Street, this is officially the last chance for players to push the stakes higher and make a fatter pot for themselves.

Other variants of Seven Card Stud

Seven Card Stud is an especially exciting game owing to its fun variants. Once players have mastered the original Seven Card they can progress to Seven Card Hi/Lo and even Razz poker and keep it interesting.

Seven Card Hi/Lo: This game will make you take out your thinking cap on as it allows for not one but two hands to win the game. That’s right the pot is split between the highest hand and the lowest hand at the table and both the winners can walk away with a little something.

Razz Poker: Still not confident enough to blow your opponents out of the water in a Seven Card Stud game? Check out our extensive guide on how to play Seven Card Stud and its variations.

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