Know the top nicknames of different poker hands

If you have ever played poker, you know that for five cards of the same suit, each hand has a tag, like a flush. A royal flush is a top hand in regular poker: having one single suit straight-flush with the royal family (Ace-King-Queen-Jack-Ten). For decades, these poker hand nicknames have been around.

With the absolute poker boom over the last few years and millions of new players flocking the game, poker hand nicknames, have become more prevalent and common than ever. Texas Hold'em has not been around for too long, although those old Texas boys like Sailor Roberts, Doyle Brunson, Amarillo Slim, and the like still seem to have been playing the game for decades, the way they ruled the early WSOP years! And, they tended to have a specific way of communicating, which included several humorous names for the starting hands of the individual two-card Hold'em.

There are a total of 1326 starting hands, and of these, there are 169 distinct starting hands. Of these 169, there are some hole card combinations which have been grouped into 3 categories. Namely, 13 pocket pairs (paired hole card combination), 78 suited hands, and 78 unsuited hands. This brings you to a total of 169.

The first thing any new poker player must learn at the end of a hand is what beats what. Poker uses the hands of 5 cards. Your best hand includes five cards out of the 7 total in the most popular game, Texas Hold'em-your own 2 cards and the 5 community cards. It can be used with any combination. It can be all 5 community cards, 3 community cards with your own 2 cards, or 4 community cards with 1 of your own.

Here are the ranks:

1. Royal Flush: In poker, Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten of the same suits are unbeatable. If you are hitting a royal flush, make sure you 're celebrating-this strong hand is very rare.

2. Straight Flush: It includes any 5 consecutive rank cards, which are likewise the same suit. Essentially, the highest straight flush possible is a royal flush. Aces will count as low, and the lowest straight flush is the same suit as ace to 5.

3. Four of a Kind: Known as 'Quads,' it is a monster hand having 4 cards of the same rank, beating everything except straight flushes.

4. Full House: This hand is two from one card, with three from another—the Ace-Ace-Ace-King-King, for example.

5. Flush: 5 Cards of the same suit are a poker flush; this is a powerful hand. The player with the highest distinctive card wins the hand in case that more than one player has a flush. For instance, a king-high flush beats an ace-high flush.

6. Straight: 5 Consecutive cards. It is regarded as a 'Broadway' straight because these are the best possible 10 to Ace cards. Aces can both count as a low and high card.

7. 3 of a Kind: 3 Cards of identical rank.

8. Two Pair: Two separate pairs, using your own cards and the community cards combined.

9. One Pair: The hand winner where both players have a pair will get the highest ranked pair. If both players have the same set, the jackpot is won by the player with the highest unique side-card.

10. High Card: Should no one make a poker hand, the player with the highest unique card will win the pot.

Poker Hand Nicknames – Made Hands

There are many hands made that have slang terms. Although these Poker hand nicknames are not as prevalent as those given for starting hands, they are still worth learning. These hole card combinations can be used when playing the game.

  • Quads: This slang word or poker hand nickname is used as a good hand for a 4.
  • Boat: If you are hitting a river card (for example) offering you a full home, it's said you're boating up.
  • Wheel: The lowest straight A-2-3-4-5 possible is known as a wheel. This is critical in split pots games-like Omaha Hi-Lo. Here, with your wheel, you can win the low pot-and have a straight that can win the high pot.
  • Trips: If you make 3 of a kind on the board with one of your own hole cards, and two more of that rank.
  • Set: This time, you have a pair in your hand – and hit the board with one of the same levels.
  • Top Pair / Top Kicker: For instance, winning with one pair is holding Ace-King if ace and lower cards are on the board. You beat any ace with a lesser side-card as long as nobody has 2 pairs or better.

Before the flop, a lot of poker hand nicknames are given to the hands. Some of these are widely used, while others are geographical or disadvantageous. Many of these are offensive and should be used in public cardrooms with caution.

1. Pair of Aces: This is generally known as 'American Airlines' or 'Pocket Rockets.' American Airlines is used to match your hand with the 'AA' that the company is using on their planes. You might hear this hand called 'Bullets' as well.

2. Pair of Kings: When you are dealt a pair before the flop, kings are called Cowboys. Some players call them 'Ace Magnets' as well. That is because it always feels like an as hits the flop when you step up and get called King-King.

3. Ace-King: There are several different nicknames to this side. The 'Big Slick' is the most common. 'Anna Kournikova' is another name that caught the imagination. This is used because that famous tennis player shares the initials.

4. Pair of Jacks: Jack-Jack's most common name is 'Fish Hooks.' This is more because novice players get hooked into playing them than their chances at the table to catch fish. Post-flop play can be tricky, with 3 different over-pairs available.

5. Pair of Tens: Some people refer to tens as 'Tension' with the chances of an over-pair shooting up on the flop. That makes sense to be difficult to play in the background of them, but too high a value to fold for one bet.

If you are getting lost watching the World Series of Poker or just want to impress your friends, learning the terminology for the hands of poker will make you feel like an expert. Besides, all these words in slang are extremely funny and have hilarious tales or examples to go along.

There are plenty of variations in poker, each with its own set of rules and strategies. It is pretty easy to learn how to play the games, but it's much harder to master them and know how to win. Becoming a successful poker player takes time and effort, and not everyone is cut out for the job.

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