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Last updated on : 28 Jan, 2021

Breaking the stereotype: A platform for women!

 Online poker has opened up various arenas and empowered a large number of people to truly start playing the card game. It is not only considered a man’s game, but also a women’s game now. Poker games for women are no less challenging than for men. This has proven that people needn’t be terrified about playing poker irrespective of their gender. Playing online or on casino tables, women have gotten the hang of the game. They practice it as much as men do.

 â€œPractice makes a man perfect" is rightly said. But when a woman practices, she is no less. Poker is a game that needs practice, experience, stimulation, and mental stability. Since online cards that are overseen are picked by unpredictable gender, be it a male or a female. There are no barriers for a poker player to be a part of the online poker platform. There are poker games for women as well. On occasions, youngsters have started taking it up at home just because they have the benefit of the internet and comfort.

 Poker games for women have a limited technique or an approach to poker. It must be because of lack of experience or lack of push. The idea remains the same. A couple of women show an extreme approach to poker. Some women are rash players. In case they win, they said to leave the game at the stage rather than re-investing to gain more profits. There are avenues which allow women player to practice their skills, which is not really bad and encouraging!

 Women usually have a disciplined approach to everything they do. Poker requires a lot of discipline and rules and regulations to be followed. The only core idea is to play your cards wisely. Some women follow the discipline and carry the legacy forward. These poker games online for women are the most that suit their personality. Facts say that women are far safer and tend to win more bets than men do. Young women also have great social networks, which encourages them to play online poker. They discuss the game amongst their groups. This sort of networking definitely helps them play across various poker platforms.

 Online poker is another story that shows that one-third of online poker players are females. The poker games online for women have become trending. Women are joining online, which provides a convenient and less intimidating way to learn efficiently. On the other hand, women gamble for action to compete. Women play poker to learn how to escape. Main play to win and women play for their social reasons. Women feel online poker gives them a safe environment and not having to get dressed up to face the world. It is a convenient option for them. A female poker player can play poker that fits her busy schedule. They prefer playing games online so that it is more relaxing for them. The main reason being boorish.

Recurring live events

  • Ladies international poker series – LIPS Hosts many Ladies-only events across Florida to Nevada. They have also hosted a battle of the sexes.
  • WSOP ladies event – Most successful female pokers stars signup for WSP competition and end up winning WSOP bracelets. 
  • There are also Women’s Sunday every week. There is a great chance to make some new friends for women during such networking games. 

Women stars in poker

There are a set of women who have skills in poker more than men do. Skilled women are adding their names to the fame in the list of poker stars.

  • Barbara Enright: The first woman to win an open event at World Series of poker. She has won 2 WSOP bracelets. She then became the first to win 3 bracelets.
  • Vanessa Selbst: She has won 3 WSOP bracelets. She has the number one ranking in the world for the global poker index. She is also well known on many online poker tournaments. 
  • Svetlana Gromenkova: A Russian poker star who started playing professional poker in New York is now a really big poker star amongst a set of women. 
  • Vanessa Rousso: She’s one of the wealthiest of the stars. She has added $3.5 million to her account by 2015. She is pretty well known for her poker strategies. 

The verdict

 The only way to close the gender gap in poker and create an atmosphere of comfort. So, ladies, if you’re looking for a safe, convenient, exciting platform to polish your poker skills and strategies, head to Spartan Poker over the typical brick and mortar casinos. It offers poker games for women too. Many women have discovered that online poker has become their platform of rant. Check it out. It is not just meant for boys anymore. Opening arenas to women since we began our journey.

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