The Guide on How to be a Poker Pro Player in India

Last updated on : 20 Jan, 2021

How to be a Poker Pro Player in India

Prop Players: What Are They and How to Be One


Proposition players are not new to the poker scene online or on land. These players have always helped casinos, no matter the format, to fill their tables and keep games going.


Being a proposition player may sound interesting to some so let us take you through what it entails to be a prop poker player in India or anywhere in the world.


In online poker, this is usually. A player that hired by a poker room or portal to help them start-up action at the tables or keep the action going.


A prop player usually receives an hourly fee from the poker room that hires the player to help keep games going. They help make the room look inviting and active enough to have players join in. Online portals need to have games going on all day long so cater to different clientele, and these players help accomplish just that.


Now, being a proposition player may seem like a lucrative job to many, but it is essential to keep in mind that apart from the hourly fee the casino or online poker room will not cover your losses. Of course, your winnings will be yours to keep too.


Players might get lucky if they end up playing against novices, but every so often, they may be faced with pros, and if their game is up to the mark, they can incur heavy losses. This job is one of a grinder’s and staying consistent at it can prove fruitful for some.


This job must not be confused with that of a shill. A shill player is one who is hired by the casino and performs the same function of starting games at tables. The main difference, however, is that any losses or winnings of a shill player are ultimately absorbed by the casino that hires them.


When it comes to prop players, casinos have to be transparent and upfront about using such players at their tables to make sure that their registered players do not feel cheated. They usually put up signs or disclaimers regarding this. Even though every player ultimately has the same chances of winning, this is just a policy that most casinos adopt. If players inquire regarding the proposition player among them, they are pointed out to satisfy the players.


Prop players often have their work cut out for them. On the surface, it may sound like they are getting paid just to play poker. Ah! What a dream it must be! But realistically, they have to wager what they can make for the day into the game and make sure they do not lose it all. It is not guaranteed money.


If you are a poker player who is sure of their game and are looking to make some extra money alongside your wins then being a prop player is surely a good way to go for you.


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