Poker: It’s Positive Effects

Last updated on : 28 Jan, 2021

Positive Effects of Poker

Positive Effects of Poker


If you’ve played poker, then you know how much fun the game can be. Not only is it a social activity, but it’s engaging and exciting. But you can’t escape all the concerns that are raised about its impact on your health. And while playing too much poker can be harmful, playing it in moderation can actually have several positive effects. So, if you’re worried about your interest in poker, then don’t be. We’ll be giving you the lowdown on poker games positive effects. Read on, and find out.


The following have been found to be the positive effects of poker:


1) Improves your relationship with failure: In real life, failure is difficult to deal with. You find yourself at a loss and tend to get disheartened easily when you fail. However, poker is a game full of ups and downs. Often, even after trying your hardest, you catch a bad beat, or fall for someone’s bluff. When you are forced to deal with failure as often as you do in poker, you develop a thick skin. All the emotion associated with failure fades away, and you approach it in a much more logical way. Poker teaches you to embrace failure and to look beyond it, at the larger picture. This is definitely an important poker games positive effect.


2) Reading minds: No, poker does not bestow you with telepathic superpowers. But, it does teach you to be more observant. To become a successful poker player, you have to develop an ability to keep your eyes and ears open at all times. You are required to notify your opponents’ gestures, their facial expressions and body language. You also have to deduce the poker hands they might be holding and make educated guesses about their moves and tricks. All of this observational work translates into your life, as well. You pay close attention to details, and it almost seems like you’re reading minds. This online poker games positive effect is quite cool, too.


3) Teaches discipline: anyone who wants to become a good poker player will tell you that it requires a lot of discipline and dedication. This discipline acts as a positive effect of poker, for sure. All of the work you put into learning the rules and strategies of the game do hone your organizing skills and also improve your focus. Even when you’re at the poker table, you can’t let your emotions overpower you. You need to remain calm and collected. Thus, poker teaches you how to control your mind and errant thoughts. You require a certain level of discipline to beat all the obstacles that are thrown your way when you play poker. This training definitely comes handy in your life.


4) Managing Finances: when you play poker, you don’t just play with cards. You also use the money to place bets. One online poker games positive effect is to learn how to manage your money. You need to identify when it’s the right time to place a bet, and when you would end up losing money. It teaches you to control your spending habits and effectively spend or invest your money. This kind of management is very useful in life. You learn to apply these financial strategies to your hard earned money, as well. If you’re a spendthrift, it will give you some much needed control. All in all, be it your money for poker, or life, it helps to know how to manage it effectively.


5) Managing time: another asset that you can’t afford to waste is time. Even when you play poker, you have to be aware of the time passing. You cannot take too long to make decisions, and have to learn to think on your feet. Even when you strategize and plan your moves, you need to play them at the right time. When you’re trying to learn poker, you also manage time, and allocate certain hours for certain activities. All this time management can assist you in the real world. You’ll know not only how to manage time, but also how to value it. So, anyone who thinks poker is a pass time can think again.


Poker teaches you about the mother of all virtues; patience. You learn how to wait while other players play their turn. You also learn to be patient when you’re constantly losing while waiting for victory. This quality might be the most important positive effect of poker of them all.


As we reach the end, we can assure you that poker can give you a lot more than just entertainment and easy money. It can have a real impact and greatly improve your life, as we have shown you. So, don’t waste any more time, and come join us at Spartan Poker and play poker online.

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