Learn How to Play Tight Aggressive Poker

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Learn How to Play Tight Aggressive Poker

There is a high chance that if you are a newbie who loves to play poker online, you tend to lose more than win. This is probably because you haven’t yet learned how to play tight and aggressive poker games online. It is one of the important skills in poker is to learn, and it is a lesson that is better learned sooner than later.

Especially if you find yourself losing online games despite employing different playing styles and tricks. So, we said that you need to learn how to play tight and aggressive.

Let’s first see what this even means.

What do we mean by playing tight aggressive poker?

Playing a tight game means selecting which hands to play and which hands to fold in a smart manner which leads to better starting hand selection and hand odds. Playing an aggressive game related to the style of betting that you adopt during the game.

Usually, if you are playing a tight and aggressive game, you will choose to play only twenty percent of the hands. These are the best hands that you are dealt with. The goal of playing tight and aggressive is simple if you are uncertain about where you stand, you fold, and if you are confident about your hands, then you play.

But why should you play a tight aggressive poker game? This playing style has a lot of advantages over others. Let’s take a quick look at a few of them.

What are the advantages of playing tight aggressive poker?

It is a safe playing style: Since you are only playing the hands about which you feel confident, it is a safe way to approach games and earn consistently. Especially when you aren’t adept at navigating tough situations at the table, a tight and aggressive game is the best way to approach poker. 

Easiest playing style for amateurs: As an amateur, you want to gain much-needed experience at the tables, without burning a hole in your pocket. This playing style ensures just that. You will not be stuck in very tricky spots that require too much decision making, which is ideal for a beginner.

Strategic betting; This style also lets you bet strategically on the flop, turn, and river. This is because you are confident about your hands being strong. This way, you are also in a position to influence your opponents with your aggressive betting.

Last longer: Since you are playing only strong hands, you will be in a better position than other players. This means that you will last longer in the game compared to the loose aggressive players at the table.

You won’t be fooled: Your opponents will be reeling in the pressure of all your bets and will not bluff you often.

Play economically: This style is a sustainable way to play the game. You will be playing very economically and will be able to manage your chip stacks as you will not waste your chips on the weaker hands.

Of course, every style has its disadvantages too.

What are the disadvantages of playing a tight aggressive poker game?

Playing a tight game has only one main disadvantage. You may feel like it is too slow and boring when you play a tight and aggressive game. Since you will be choosing only the strongest and best hands to play, the game will slow down for you, and you will fold more hands than you play. Although this is ultimately for the best, it does require patience that is difficult to maintain.

So, now since you know the advantages and disadvantages of this playing style, you must have realized that it is a very beneficial and level headed approach to poker for you. The bad news is that many other players may also realize this and choose to adopt this style. This is why it is important to be prepared to play against tight and aggressive players too.

How to play against a tight aggressive poker player?

This kind of opponent is the toughest nut to crack. So, here are some tricks to play against such a player.

  • Play against a tight and aggressive player only when you have strong hands like pocket aces.
  • When you are trying to make these tight and aggressive players fold, don’t be afraid of the raises that they make. Instead, you can skip the flop and raise on the turn.
  • Honorably retreat from the table if there are too many tight-aggressive players at a table.

That’s all the tips you need for now, as and when you practice and get better, you will realize that your playing style will change according to situations. Until then, the tight and aggressive play should do you good.

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