Poker Hands : 5 Ways to Review Poker Hands Online

Last updated on : 28 Jan, 2021


5 Ways to Review Poker Hands Online

In every game that you play, it is important to spend some time and analyze for yourself about how you played, where you went wrong, where you went right and what you can improve on. Poker is also a game with skill and variation involved and so if you actively engage in tracking your play, you will see big changes over time because you are fully aware of how you play. It will assist you in spotting a pattern of behaviour that you have developed at the table and also help you with ways to break free of it. Review poker hands online from time to time to create a strategy that works for you. This will help you groom your game, and within a period of time, you will see the rewards. There are various techniques and online tools to help you with reviewing poker hands online, and today we’ll go through them.


Look for The Betterment


While reviewing poker hands online, make sure you aren’t hunting solely for the result of the hands you’ve played. Sometimes you may lose a hand, but it doesn’t mean you didn’t play well. Not every poker hand is your fault; sometimes, it is just a matter of luck. However, with the important hands, the ones that stand out, spend time unpacking them. Don't be looking only for hands that you lost with, although those are important to analyze. Look even more for the hands you win to understand what went right, can it be repeated or could it have been done better.


Use Poker Tools


The added advantage with online poker is that it comes with a ton of helpful tools and software. This aid in technology can help you assess your poker hands in a much smoother manner. Some of these tools are free of cost while others are paid. They help greatly when you’re looking to review your poker hands because they accurately keep track of all the games you have paid. If you are looking to play poker professionally, you ought to invest in these tools. Make sure you check with the platform at which you’re playing regarding which tools are allowed and which ones aren’t. Always use officially licensed and recognized software.


Avoid Falling to The Same Trap


Through the use of tools and software, you can easily review your poker hands and see for yourself what happened at the turning point. Sometimes you will be able to spot a pattern in the way you fail. For instance, if you notice that you regularly get knocked out with a short stack of 10BBs or lower, then you should look particularly for your performance in those tournaments. Try to see if you have passed up good opportunities to build a stack size. See for yourself if you have played too conservatively and feared your opposition despite having a good enough hand? It is better to undertake risk in poker rather than getting cut down so often.


Make Use of Simulators


Simulation software work amazingly well if they are used correctly. This is because you can recreate the exact experience that you feel you need to work on. You can use poker simulators to simulate the equity of your critical hands. You can choose or take note of hands where you had over 30% chip swing and moved to the showdown. Then, run these hands through the simulator at the points where most of your chips went in. Here on, you will be able to simulate the EV of your poker hand and be able to compare it with the pot odds. There are sophisticated simulators that help you analyze poker hands by using opponent ranges. However, you must bear in mind that the results of these simulations are only as good as the data you possess.


Human Interaction


No matter how advanced technology may reach, nothing beats talking to someone from your profession. Make sure you talk to other poker players from time to time and discuss with them the games you played, your errors and your shortcomings. In turn, they may provide you with much needed little tips and tricks to improve your game. You could also join online poker forums and community groups where fans of poker meet and create online threads answering poker queries and clearing FAQs. Getting different perspectives and opinions will give you a wide range of options to add to your own game.


Reviewing your poker hands will help you largely if you’re someone who is looking to make poker a part of your regular routine. You cannot keep playing and not looking back. Experience is important and learning your own game will surely only benefit. If you’re new to Spartan Poker, don’t be shy to sign-up to our website and get started with playing from a range of online poker tournaments. You can also download the official Spartan Poker app to stay tuned with all that happenings of our poker world.

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