Introduction of 5 Card Draw

5 card draw is one of the oldest forms of online poker game India. It is very basic and fairly easy to learn, although, like so many other variants of online poker games, this one take long to master. Unlike some popular versions of online poker, such as Texas Holdem and Omaha, 5 Card Draw does not have any community cards and no one gets to see any of your cards until the showdown.

Basic 5-Card Draw Strategy

5 Card Draw is one of the simplest online poker games as there are not as many betting rounds or cards to choose from as in other forms of online poker. It is recommended to start with free poker games download if you are new to the game until you get used to it and follow these simple steps to become a winning player.

1. Don’t Play Too Many Hands

Like all forms of poker, one of the most common mistakes novice players make is getting involved in too many hands. You need to be able to read your cards and the strength of them when you are first dealt, and then act accordingly, especially if you are one of the first players to act. Tip: Small pairs and drawing hand are not a great hand in 5 Card Draw as there is only one opportunity to improve your hand.

2. Position

As mentioned above, if you are the first player to act, a position can be a distinct disadvantage. If you choose to call when only one or two players have acted, there is a good chance someone else will raise, meaning you have to either add more money or throw your bet away by folding. The earlier position you are in, the fewer hands you should play, this is the same as in any form of online poker games.

3. Drawing Hands

Whilst in some forms of online poker games having three connecting cards of the same suit can be a good starting hand, in 5 Card Draw you only have one chance to improve your hand, therefore this might not be a strong starting hand in this variant. The odds of hitting your hand are therefore much lower and it is recommended you only play these in late position and if you are confident you won't have to pay a lot in the betting round to see if you manage to hit your hand.

4. Pairs

If you have one pair in your hand, discard the other three and go for the three of a kind or better. If you are dealt three of a kind, discard the other two and increase the odds of hitting that fourth card. If you are dealt two pairs, keep them and discard the other one to see if you can improve your hand to a full house.

Play for Fun to Learn the Game…

If you haven't played 5 Card Draw before, find an online poker website that offers free poker games download so you can learn the rules and strategies before risking your hard-earned money for real.