Why Poker Industry Is Booming Up - Get All Details

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Why Poker Industry Is Booming Up

With the internet and augmented reality on the rise, people are shifting to deal with everything online and poker is no exception. Poker, like entrepreneurship, is a game of skill. Keeping an eye on the competition/opponent and developing a winning strategy. Similarly, entrepreneurship is a high stakes game where you are battling to win against the odds. Given the similarities, it should come as no surprise that the online poker industry is booming.


Here are six reasons why.


1. Device Fragmentation


Over the past two decades, the online gaming industry has grown exponentially. The ever-growing numbers of online players among youth and adults alike is a testament to the incredible popularity of this e-sport. The online poker industry has witnessed a boom when affordable and smartphone scene made a break into the Indian market. This trend will likely continue in 2020 with online poker games becoming stronger and bigger.


2. Ageing Customers

The rising number of smartphone users has created a stable marketplace for the online poker industry, as users are constantly on the lookout for new variants of online poker. The ageing population in particular, who grew up playing cards, now have spending power and increased accessibility to online poker games. They are more willing to access Texas Holdem poker online at the tap of a screen.


3. Larger Target Audience

Online poker games attract global customers and are easily accessible to players and sports enthusiasts who do not wish to visit a live poker room or dislike visiting anyplace to play poker. This contributes to the increasing number of the global fan base of online poker.


4. Scalability

Traditional poker games have physical/spatial limitations, online poker websites are more fast-paced and scalable because of their reliance on digital platforms. Mobile gamification has certainly brought a new dawn and this is the ideal time to switch to online poker.


5. Low Infrastructural Cost

It is relatively a lengthy and tedious process to obtain casino licenses in India and the time and costs involved in setting up the requisite infrastructure is high. Online poker cuts off the cost of buying a casino that could be 10 times higher than spending at online poker websites.


6. Social Media

The fundamental shift in the culture and mindset towards online poker is further augmented by social media. Gaming has evolved into a spectator sport with many experienced gamers boasting large audiences logging in to catch the live streams. Online poker offers opportunities to those who are hesitant to play the game physically, while rules and regulations on poker are less enforced and the country sees how profitable the industry can be, these will no doubt continue to be relaxed.


Bottom Line

India is growing to the age where the internet and smartphones are becoming easily available to masses. This, in turn, has created a large market and given impetus to the online poker industry to keep moving ahead. The growth of the online poker industry is likely to grow at an exponential rate in the coming years. So, it’s time to make the switch. Switch to online poker and enjoy the game from the comfort of your own home.

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