How Much Money Can You Make in Online Poker

Last updated on : 28 Jan, 2021

After gaining huge popularity in party circuits and casinos, poker entered the virtual space, revolutionizing the gaming experience for every poker enthusiast. Taking the real world poker elements of thrill, challenge, surprise, character, and rewards to the digital space, the democratization of the game is making it possible for millions of people to earn money playing poker online. The emotional, intellectual, and social engagement of online poker makes it a highly intense, yet fun-filled money-making tool. By design and concept, online poker allows you the much-needed flexibility of schedule, time, space, expertise, and of course the wallet. But, the real question is how much can you win by playing online cash poker games? Let’s learn what affects your earnings and how you can maximize them.

What Affects How Much You Can Win?

Whatever you put in, you play poker online to make money and there is nothing wrong with that. However, the challenge is the amount of money you want to earn. If you are looking for a low base earning, you can play low stakes games with lesser risk and higher chances of winning. Be tight and aggressive in strategy and make sure that you always select the right table. Here are some factors that determine how much you can win if you play poker online for real money.

1. Your Bankroll

It depends, first, on your bankroll. You should never put a single penny on the table that you can't afford to lose. You should also remember not put at risk more than a small fraction of your bankroll. Some may disagree on exactly what fraction that would be, but it is safe to say that nobody would recommend having more than 10% of your bankroll on the table at any point.

2. How Often You Play

Another significant factor is how much time you have to play poker online for real money. Suppose you are playing for an hour or less, then you are probably looking to hit and run, that is, hoping to double up with one big hand, and then walk away. A short stack is more conducive to that online poker strategy. Conversely, a big stack suited to profiting via a long session of small pots, or by patiently waiting for that one big chance to get all of your money into a very large pot when you are on a roll.

3. Your Skill Level

When bankroll and time and not limiting factors, the most crucial consideration is your skillset compared to your opponents. The bigger the skill advantage you have, the more you can utilize a deep stack. On the other hand, if you are at a table of sharks it is probably smarter to buy-in short if you are going to play at all.

Evaluation of Winning Money From Online Poker You have to remember that online poker games are never consistent, so you can expect to win X amount of money each and every month. Some months the amount will be higher than expected and some could be lower, but over the long run, it averages out.

Final Note: If you work hard at your game and play hard, there is no reason why online poker can't be fruitful for you.

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