What Makes a Good Online Poker Player?

Last updated on : 28 Jan, 2021

What separates a bad or decent poker player from a great one? You must've asked this question often, there are a ton of valid answers, but these 5, in particular, stand out on the journey to success in freeroll poker tournaments.

Here's a breakdown of the five most important personality traits that makes a good online poker player.

1. Discipline

Discipline is the most significant trait of a good poker player. It helps you make good fold when you are frustrated, put in more study time, and leave the table when the pot isn't worth playing. You can remain disciplined by regularly self-evaluating your gameplay. All you need to do is ask yourself if what you are doing is maximizing your opportunity for success?

2. Ability to Deal with Adversity

Losing is a big part of online guaranteed poker tournaments. There are going to be times when you make all the right decisions, but the cards are not in your favour. The mark of a great poker player is staying motivated even-kneeled when the cards are not in your favour. It is easy to feel disheartened when your graph is going down, but that's the time you need to stay more focused than ever. This actually presents an opportunity to gain a notable advantage over your opponent.

3. Money Management

This one was the most common giveaway, wasn't it? But, you must manage your money well in order to make it big in freeroll poker tournaments. You have to treat online poker as a business both in terms of bankroll management as well as general lifestyle spending. Unfortunately, online poker players don't have the best reputation for being frugal with their bankroll. Freeroll poker tournaments players are particularly susceptible to this as they can make lifechanging money overnight with a single pot. Too often, these guaranteed poker tournaments players go on an ill-advised spending spree and before they know it, all their winnings are gone.

4. Natural Poker Ability

There are a number of players in the poker industry who have achieved great success mainly through a natural ability to predict their opponent's cards. For the most part, this applies to those who came up before the online poker revolution. However, in today's competitive environment, that is poker today, the best players are constantly up-ing their game. You are likely to fall behind the competition if you don't do the same.

5. Intelligence

Surprised that intelligence is on the list? There is a good reason for it. Given the huge amount of learning resources available online to novice players in today's digital world, it is possible to become a good player without exceptional intelligence. Countless key strategic concepts are explained in detail all over the internet, that makes improving your game as easy as typing in a google search.

That being said, there is certainly a correlation between intelligence and skills required for success in guaranteed poker tournaments. However, like the rest of the list above shows, it takes more than just pure intelligence to rise to the top.

Things have changed quite a bit since the online poker revolution, to be a part of it, and succeed in freeroll poker tournaments, these traits are not the only things you can rely on, you need practice, tons of it!

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