The goal of the Yahtzee game, also known as the Yacht Game, is to score points by rolling five dice and making specific combinations. The dice can be rolled up to three times in a turn to try to make different score combinations, and the dice must remain in the box at all times. A game is made up of thirteen rounds. After each round, the player chooses which scoring category will be used. The goal of Yahtzee is to accumulate as many points as possible by rolling five dice and obtaining specific combinations of dice. You can play the Yahtzee online game with your friends to have some fun.

How to Play Yahtzee?

Let us learn how to play Yahtzee below.

  • A player may throw the dice up to three times per turn.
  • A player is not required to roll all five dice on the second and third throws of a round; instead, he may set aside as many dice as he wants and only throw the ones that do not have the numbers he is attempting to obtain.
  • For example, suppose a player throws and receives 1,3,3,4,6. He opts for the big straight, 1,2,3,4,5. So he tosses 1,3,4 to the side and only throws 3 and 6, hoping for 2 and 5.
  • You keep the dice by clicking on them in this game.
  • They will be pushed to the bottom and will not be thrown the next time you press the 'Roll Dice' button.
  • If you decide after the second throw of a turn that you don't want to keep the same dice for the third throw, you can click them again and they will return to the table and be thrown in the third throw.

Rules to Play Yahtzee

Combinations of the Upper section

Here are the Yahtzee rules are given below.

  • Get as many as you can.
  • Twos: Try to get as many twos as you can.
  • Threes: Try to get as many threes as you can.
  • Fours: Try to get as many fours as you can.
  • Fives: Try to get as many fives as you can.
  • Sixes: Try to get as many sixes as you can.


The scoring of the yahtzee board game is as follows:

  • The score for each of the six combinations above is the sum of dice of the appropriate kind.
  • For example, if you get 1,3,3,3,5 and choose Threes, you will get 3*3 = 9 points.
  • The player receives a 35-point bonus if the sum of all of the aforementioned combinations is 63 or above.
  • A player requires three of each to reach 63 on average, but it is not required to obtain three of each exactly; it is entirely fine to have five sixes and zero ones. For example, the bonus will be granted if the total is 63 or above.

Combinations of the Lower Section

Here are the Yahtzee rules given below.

  • Three of a kind: Collect three dice that have the same number. The total number of dice equals the number of points, and not just the three of a kind.
  • Four of a kind: Collect four dice that have the same number. The total number of dice equals the number of points, and not just the four of a kind.
  • Get three of a kind and a pair, for example, 1,1,3,3,3 or 3,3,3,6,6. It is worth 25 points.
  • Straight small: Obtain four consecutive dice, 1,2,3,4 or 2,3,4,5 or 3,4,5,6. Obtains 30 points.
  • Large and straight: Get five consecutive dice with the numbers 1,2,3,4,5 or 2,3,4,5,6. Obtains 40 points.
  • Chance: You can put anything into chance; it's essentially a garbage can when you don't have anything else to do with the dice. The score is simply the sum of the parts.
  • YAHTZEE: It's a five-of-a-kind. It earns 50 points. You can get multiple Yahtzees if you want, see below for more information.

Yahtzee Game Rules

  • The rules for multiple Yahtzees are a little complicated.
  •  There are a few different scenarios: You already have a Yahtzee: You receive 100 bonus points in the Yahtzee box, but you also have a joker, which allows you to choose another move for the Yahtzee you just received. If the number with which you got yahtzees was not filled out in the upper section, you must choose that.
  • For example, if you get an extra Yahtzee with 2's and you haven't filled out the 2's in the upper section, you must choose that and receive 10 points for it. If the upper section box is already filled, you can choose any of the bottom area boxes to be scored normally. Yahtzee is a superset of three-of-a-kind, four-of-a-kind, full house, and chance, but you can also choose the small or large straight and get the standard 30 and 40 points for those.
  • There is already a 0 in the Yahtzee box: You do not receive a 100-point bonus in this situation, but you do receive a joker and can choose your move according to the rules for jokers stated above.


  • After years of playing only against the computer, you can now begin playing against people from all over the world.
  • To connect, click the "Multiplayer" button next to your avatar and enter a player name. Once connected, you can challenge other players or be challenged by them.
  • All multiplayer games allow multiple Yahtzees to keep things as simple and even as possible.

Advice on Strategy

  • Attempt to obtain the bonus.
  • Concentrate on making good throws with fives and sixes, and it won't matter if you put 0 in the ones and twos.
  • If you don't have a combination, you can always enter 0 for it, even if you have another combination.
  • For example, if you had 2,3,4,5,6 and all you had left were Ones and Sixes, it would be better to put 0 in Ones than only 6 in Sixes.

Poker vs Yahtzee

  1. Yahtzee is a dice game. Poker is a card game.
  2. The goal of the Yahtzee game is to score points by rolling five dice and making specific combinations. The goal of the Poker game is to bet to beat your opponents and make the best five-card poker hand.

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Q.1) How do you play Yahtzee?

In Yahtzee, the dice can be rolled up to three times in a turn to try to make different score combinations, and the dice must remain in the box at all times.

Q.2) What does the saying Yahtzee mean?

Yahtzee is derived from the word yacht.

Q.3) How do you play Yahtzee for beginners?

  • Each player takes turns placing all five dice in the cup, shaking it, and rolling the dice.
  • Each turn is made up of a maximum of three rolls.
  • The first roll must use all five dice. If the player wishes to roll a second and, if wanted, a third time, he may do so by picking up any or all of the dice.

Q.4) What was Yahtzee originally called?

According to Hasbro, the game was created by an unnamed Canadian couple who named it The Yacht Game because they played it with their friends on their yacht.