Twister Board Game

For those of you who have never heard of this bizarre, twisted, body-contouring game, here is your chance to learn more about a game you must have in your life!

Twister is a fun physical skill game in which body parts are used as playing pieces and demand strong balance. It has been around for more than half a century and was originally called 'Pretzel.' You've come to the right site if you want to learn more about Twister game rules.

How to Play Twister Game

Twister game was created by Charles Foley and Neil Rabens in April of 1966, decades ago. It was one of the earliest games to use pawns or playing pieces made from human body parts. In the first year of its release, the game sold over 3 million copies! The Hasbro/Milton-Bradley label is used to market and sell the twister board game.

This twister game can be played with two to six players, with varied rules depending on the number of players.

Set-Up of How to Play Twister Game:

  1. Indoors or out, lay the mat face up on a level surface.
  2. Players remove their shoes and place them on the table. If you're playing outside, you might want to use your shoes to anchor the mat corners.
  3. Assign another person to serve as the referee. The referee is not a player; during the game, he will spin the spinner, call out the plays, and keep an eye on the game.

The gameplay of how to play twister game

  • Each participant must try to place the called-out body part on a vacant circle of the same colour as the called-out body part.
  • You must try to relocate your called-out hand or foot to another circle of the same colour if it is already on one.
  • On every given circle, there can never be more than one hand or foot. If two or more players approach the same circle at the same time, the referee must determine who arrived first. The opposite player(s) must locate a similar-colored vacant circle.
  • After a spin, only remove your hand or foot from the circle if the referee tells you to. Exception: You may elevate a hand or foot to allow another hand or foot to pass by, as long as you notify the referee in advance and immediately replace it on its circle.
  • If a color's six circles have already been covered, the referee must spin until a new colour may be called out.

Twister Game Rules

Rules are entertaining, especially when they are for a twister board game! Here are some simple guidelines that even a child can obey.

Before you get too caught up in the twister game rules for 2-4 people, you should review the most important twister game rules.

  • Any player who falls or contacts the mat with their elbow or knee is out of the game instantly.
  • In a two-person twister board game, the game finishes when just one player remains. In a three-person game, the remaining two players continue to play until one of them is eliminated, and the surviving player is declared the winner.

Twister game rules: 2 Player

  1. Players must first take off their shoes and stand at opposite ends of the mat, facing each other, near the word twister.
  2. The next step is for each player to place their feet on the yellow and blue circle that is closest to them.
  3. A third person, known as the 'referee,' spins the arrow and reads aloud which limb and colour it is pointing to. (For instance, "Right Hand – Red.")
  4. The players must then move in accordance with the Referee's instructions.
  5. Only ONE limb from ONE player can occupy any one circle at a time - if both players reach for the same circle at the same moment, the Referee will determine who was there first.
  6. After limbs have been placed on the circle, including both feet at the beginning, they cannot be moved or lifted without the Referee's permission. One limb may be lifted to let another limb to pass by, but it must be returned to the circle it was on immediately. Before performing this action, the Referee must be alerted.
  7. If all of one color's circles are filled, the Referee must spin until a different colour appears.
  8. Except for rule 7, the player must move the called limb to a different circle, even if it is already on the same colour as the called limb.
  9. The twister board game ends when a player falls or allows an elbow or knee hit the mat, and the other player is declared the winner.


Twister game rules: 3 Player

  1. Two players must face each other from opposite ends of the twister board mat, and the third player must face the centre from the two middle red circles on the side.
  2. The gameplay is identical to that of the two-player game.


Twister game rules: 4 Players

  1. Each player must form a two-person team.
  2. The four circles at the "Twister" end of the sheet are occupied by players who are on the same team. On the other end, they are confronted by the other team.
  3. The spin is called in the same way as in a two-player game, except that all four players must accept each position called.
  4. The game is played in the same way as the two-player version, except that partners can each occupy the same circle with one limb, which does not have to be the same limb.
  5. The game is over when one of a team's players falls or touches an elbow or knee to the ground, and the other team is declared the winner.

How to play twister game rules with 2 players without Refree:

  1. The twister game rules are the same as in a typical two-player game, except that no spinner is used.
  2. The limb that needs to be moved is designated by one player, while the colour of the circle to which it must be transferred is designated by the other player.
  3. The players take turns calling the limb and the colour.
  4. As in the two-player version, the winner is determined.



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The objective is to be able to outmaneuver your opponent by placing hands and feet oh colored circles as directed by the spinner.

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Twister Game FAQs

1.) Is Twister an inappropriate game?

Are you absolutely crazy!

On second thought, you would probably have to be to play this awesome game. Before you form any opinions about the game, I suggest you read the above article and play the game yourself. After that you can decide.

2.) How do you play Twister game?

The rules are simple and you can follow the steps mentioned above to play the Twister game.

3.) Can Twister be played by adults?

Twister is not just a game. It’s a means to bring humans of all ages, and sometimes even doggos to the same mat and play without any inhibitions.