Minesweeper is a puzzle video game in which only one person can play at a time. The object of the game is to clear a rectangular board of hidden "mines" or bombs without detonating any of them, aided with hints about the number of mines in each field. The game dates back to the 1960s and has been adapted for a variety of modern computing platforms. It has numerous variants and offshoots.

Minesweeper Online

Minesweeper Online is a massively multiplayer game in which you use hints to search for bombs. The goal is to place a flag on each mine to clear it.

How to Play Minesweeper?

It is easy to learn how to play minesweeper.

  • Some Minesweeper game versions configure the board after the first click. So that the solution does not require guessing.
  • Minesweeper for Windows protects the first square revealed; beginning with Windows Vista, players and replay a board in which the game is played by revealing squares of the grid by clicking or otherwise indicating each square.
  • If a mine is revealed in a square, the player loses the game.
  • If no mine is revealed, a digit is displayed in the square, indicating how many adjacent squares have mines.
  • If no mines are adjacent, the square becomes blank, and all adjacent squares are revealed recursively.
  • The player uses this information to deduce the contents of other squares and may either reveal each square safely or mark it as containing a mine.

In Minesweeper, You can Effectively do 5 Actions:

  1. Open a square. Simply left-click on a square to accomplish this.
  2. Making a minefield out of a square. This is accomplished by right-clicking on a square. There will be a small mining icon there.
  3. Using a question mark to mark a square. This is accomplished by right-clicking twice on a square or right-clicking once on a square that has previously been identified as a mine. Question marks are handy for marking squares that you aren't certain are mines but don't want to open by accident.
  4. Remove any smudges. Right-click on the square once more. When you right-click, you can cycle through the following states: Bomb, Question Mark, and Clear.
  5. All remaining adjacent squares must be opened to a number square.
  • If you have a square with the number 1 and have already marked one mine in one of the neighboring squares, you can left-click on the 1 square and all of the remaining adjacent squares will be unlocked. This can save a lot of time when trying to wipe off squares rapidly.
  • If you press on a number where not all nearby mines have been marked, for example, 3 and you've only marked one adjacent square, the squares will not open to avoid you from accidentally clicking on a number and blowing yourself up!
  • In the previous Windows version of this game, you had to utilize both mouse buttons at the same time to play.

Minesweeper Game Rules

Here are a few minesweeper rules. Learn how to play the game with the help of the rules listed below.

  • Mines are distributed at random across the board, which is separated into cells.
  • To win, you must open all of the cells.
  • The number on a cell represents the number of mines that are adjacent to it.
  • Using this information, you can determine which cells are safe and which contain mines. Using the right mouse button, you can mark cells suspected of containing mines with a flag.
  • To begin a new game, either click on the happy face at the top of the screen or press the space bar.
  • The remaining mines are shown in the left corner, and the game timer is shown in the right corner.


When a number has the appropriate number of flags, you can click on it to open all the cells surrounding it. This is referred to as a chord because in previous versions, pressing two buttons, left and right, at the same time was required and can be changed in settings. Using chords significantly reduces unnecessary clicks and serves as the foundation for efficient gameplay.

There Is No Guessing Mode (NG)

Playing in no-guess mode is one of the best ways to learn how to play. In this mode, you are given a starting position and never have to guess to complete the board. If you get stuck, there is a free hint button at the bottom right of the screen. Higher-level NG boards necessitate the use of more complex logical patterns. Every game on evil difficulty level has at least one advanced situation.

There Are No Warnings (NF)

NF refers to a style of play in which no flags are used. Whether the mines are flagged or not, a game is won when all non-mine cells are revealed. This is used by NF players to reduce the number of clicks required to complete a board.


The minimum number of clicks required to complete a board without using flags is 3BV. 3BV is a measure of the relative difficulty of a board as well as the speed at which you are playing often expressed as 3BV/s, or 3BV per second.

There are 3BV limits for beginner, intermediate, and expert games to prevent super lucky games. These are 5/30/100 and 5/30/100, respectively. Games with 3BV values less than the limits will not be included in the time rankings.

Tips to Play Minesweeper

Whether you make a minesweeper download from the Microsoft app store or play minesweeper online, here are a few tips that will be useful.

  • Don't mark a mine if it won't help you find the clear squares.
  • If you want to go the fastest you can right now, distract yourself by talking to someone or watching TV while you play.
  • To progress past a certain point, you must make no mistakes and know all of the moves.
  • Avoid the walls until you've eaten your way through the map's center.
  • Attempting to find a good opening should be avoided because it is short-sighted.
  • You should play slower until you notice a decrease in the number of errors you make.
  • Breathe out slowly while moving to improve your mouse control.
  • Consider and plan for the states that may result from your current move.
  • Move only to the edge of the square where you want to click, not to its center.
  • Avoid back-and-forth movements by forming a line with three or four clicks.
  • A move that does not open a square or mark a mine is a mistake.
  • An unnecessary mouse movement is a mistake.
  • Set the mouse movement rate to the fastest possible.
  • On mouse-up, clicks are registered, that is when you release the button. So, make your clicks quick.
  • An unnecessary click is a mistake, even if it kills you.
  • Make reducing the number of clicks required to complete a game your first goal. Then set your target speed.
  • Instead of using 7 or 8 clicks to accomplish something, look for 2 or 3 strategic clicks.
  • Always begin in the same place.
  • The bare minimum for marking 99 mines is 40 seconds. As a result, consider that an asymptote.

After reading how to play Minesweeper, now let us have a look at the difference between Poker and Minesweeper.

Poker Vs Minesweeper

  • Minesweeper is a video game where you use hints to search for bombs. The goal is to place a flag on each mine to clear it. Microsoft preinstalled on the older versions of Windows. So, whenever you were using your desktop and wanted a little entertainment, you could play Minesweeper on your desktop or play the minesweeper game online.
  • Poker is a card game that is played in casinos. Poker players aim to use their mental skills to beat other opponents. You need to be smart enough to know how to bet, how to stay calm and composed during the game, and how to bluff.

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Minesweeper FAQs

Q.1) What is the trick of Minesweeper?

Move only to the edge of the square you need to click, not the middle. By grouping three or four clicks into a line, you may avoid back-and-forth movements.

Q.2) Is minesweeper a game of luck?

Minesweeper is a game of skill and luck both.

Q.3) Why was the minesweeper removed?

Minesweeper was removed from Windows 8 and replaced with a free version on the Microsoft Store.

Q.4) What does 123 mean in Minesweeper?

The numbers 123 on the board represent the number of bombs in each square